Add Color to Your Kitchen

Add Color to Your Kitchen

Simple Ways to Add Color to Your Kitchen

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Does your kitchen have a case of the drabs? The central gathering spot of many homes, the kitchen should bring a lively, happy vibe to any get-together, so why not take a shot at playing with your kitchen colors? 


It’s no secret that the kitchen is the heart of a modern home, and such a space doesn’t have to be wan and colorless. It needs a splash of inspiring color to look fresh and full of energy.


When you start exploring your options and thinking outside of the box, you’ll find the most drool worthy kitchens are colorful, unexpected, and designed with a range of materials and hues. 


Looking to add color to your kitchen? Try these ideas out during your next kitchen renovation and turn your kitchen design into an alluring one!


Hang Colorful Artwork

Jazz up your kitchen with lively artwork. If a professional painting isn't in your budget, consider vintage posters for a large yet economical splash of color. For a more personal touch, hang a grouping of family photographs, or frame some of your children's more colorful artistic productions for a vibrant and charming display. 


You can also stop by a local art studio and buy some colorful artwork. A bright impressionist painting hung up over your kitchen counter or a colorful mobile dangling near a kitchen window can add a variety of color to an otherwise dull room.


Add a Colorful Rug

Is your white kitchen a little too stark? Throw some colorful rugs on the floor for a cozy, stylish upgrade. A colorful rug is a great way to spice up a kitchen floor. 


You may not think that a rug is a good match for the moisture-prone kitchen environment, but the latest indoor/outdoor area rugs are a great match for anything you dish out in there. Always be sure to choose the correct rug pad for your flooring type, in any room.


Update Your Dinnerware

Add Color to Your Kitchen Assorted Colorful Plates

At any given hour, your dinnerware is probably visible somewhere in your kitchen. If you'd like to refresh the color in your kitchen, updating your dinnerware to a more colorful set is an easy fix. 


Many of us fell for the practical idea of buying neutral dinnerware because it would go with everything. This is a valid reason for purchasing plain dinnerware, but after a while it becomes invisible. Why not choose an accent color from a nearby room, or from a favorite kitchen linen, and buy a colorful new set of dishes? 


Better yet, you can also find new ways to keep your new dinnerware on display, not hidden in a cabinet. 


Paint Cabinetry

Painting your kitchen cabinets is a bold move and a good way to add color to your kitchen and bring results. You can’t help but smile when you enter a kitchen with colorful cabinets. 


If buying colored cabinets is out of the question, try painting existing cabinetry. It's an economical choice that allows you to add a personal element to your kitchen.


Pendant Lights

Colorful light fixtures such as plug-in chandeliers and pendants spread light throughout your kitchen, making the space feel brighter, stylish, and welcoming. The extensive selection of gorgeous lighting fixtures ensures you have just the right color for your kitchen. 


Modern LED bulbs can cast a large amount of light from a tiny source, which means you can now choose functional pendant lights in virtually any size and shape. This is a great way to add some charm without interrupting sightlines or feeling too “in your face.”


Bold Countertops

A sleek countertop in a bright color is modern and unexpected. This trend is ideal for a small kitchen island. 


Consider refurbishing your countertop to incorporate bold colors. The extensive selection of countertop patterns and colors makes it easy for you to match your countertops with the rest of the kitchen décor. 


Adding Decorative Items

Add Color to Your Kitchen Kitchen Counter

Nothing can beat indoor plants! The presence of plants at any given space instantly livens up the space. You may either add ornamental plants or opt for adding herbs right in the kitchen.  


Colorful flowers and plants are a great way to brighten up a kitchen with a more neutral color scheme. Stop by a local greenhouse or department store and select some flowers with a lot of color. You could, for example, hang up a pot of geraniums in the corner of your kitchen or have some bright yellow sunflowers sitting on a kitchen windowsill. 


Make sure the plants you choose can thrive indoors. If you don't have the time to care for real plants, fake flowers can also add some color and charm to your kitchen.


Open Shelving

If you don’t mind a little controlled chaos, open shelves turn your kitchen essentials into part of the decor, putting items like spices, drink bottles and everyday dishware on display. 


Even just a few open shelves can give a space a lot of opportunity to add pops of differing hues, through items such as serving trays, copper mixing bowls or attractive cookbooks mixed without too much thought or fuss.


Pick Colorful Kitchen Appliances

Why not look for appliances, both large and small, that will infuse your kitchen with color? Manufacturers continually add new tints to their appliance palettes. If you're not in the market for new but want an update, numerous companies offer both pre-tinted and custom kits that can transform your boring or beat-up fridge with a blast of saturated color. 


Colorful appliances are not something you see every day, but we’d love to see more of them. They’re a great way to add personality without dominating the kitchen and can be changed out easily should you grow tired of the color.


Display Colorful Dishes

Do you have dishes in your kitchen you use every day? Why not display them, especially if they would add some color. 


Instead of placing your pastel coffee mug in the cupboard after your morning cup of coffee, keep it out on a mantel or shadowbox in your kitchen. Place your brightly colored plates on an open kitchen shelf instead of hiding them in a drawer.


Install a Colorful Tile Backsplash

A tile backsplash has been the mainstay of kitchen design for decades -- and rightfully so. Easy to install and easy to clean, it also provides a highly durable backdrop. There are endless color, pattern, and tile-shape possibilities with backsplashes, so have fun with this element. 


A vibrant kitchen backsplash will energize the whole room. There are numerous possibilities. Install tiles each featuring a different color and make a colorful mosaic or pick a single color you like and go with that. You can even play with patterns.


Photo Ready Fruit

Add Color to Your Kitchen Bowl Of Fruit

Why store vibrant oranges and bright yellow bananas in the fridge and cupboard? Have a fruit bowl out on your counter where you store such items. Using the naturally bright shades of fruit can add zest to your kitchen in a practical way. 


It may seem almost too easy, but there is a reason photo stylists often use fresh fruit or vegetables to add color to a kitchen — it just works. A simple bowl of apples, lemons, bananas or peppers can add a perfect sprinkling of color to your counter. 


Match the hue to one other object in the room (like a toaster or kettle) and you’ve got a color scheme that you can easily switch up in an instant.


Display your Cookbooks

You have countless cookbooks lying around, so make use of them in your kitchen design. Take off a few kitchen cabinets to create open shelving and create a colorful display.


Paint the Ceiling

There’s nowhere else to go but up! Tradition tells us to paint our ceilings white, but there’s no reason it’s necessary. Why not try a color to introduce interest overhead without disrupting the cool, white kitchen scheme? You will be amazed with the result!


Win with Windows

Whether you add a window treatment, colorful flowers and plants in the windowsill, or replace a small window with antique stained glass, windows are an overlooked opportunity to add color. 


Elegant window treatments are an almost expected part of a traditional space, but they can suit a transitional or modern space as well. In-window shades can be a smart option for the kitchen, taking up less space and minimizing the risk of getting caught up in a mess or drifting too close to a heat source.


Dress Up the Dish Towel

Add Color to Your Kitchen Stack Of Dish Towels

Dishtowels are accessible and inexpensive. Change up the colors of your towels every now and then for a bright boost. You might be surprised by how even the smallest touches can make a big impact. 


A set of new dish towels is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to pump some color into an otherwise monotone room.


Knobs and pulls

A fun way to add some subtle color throughout most of your kitchen space is by changing out your drawer pulls and knobs to ones in a single bright color. 


Hit up your local hardware store—or even a thrift store—for crystal, ceramic, or wooden knobs for next to nothing. You can even go wild with hardware shaped like forks and spoons.

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Add Color to Your Kitchen