Affordable Water Damage Repair

Affordable Water Damage Repair


We provide the best affordable water damage repair.  That means you have come to the right place for quick and efficient water damage removal and cleanup.  We provide 24/7 service so we can get started quickly before damage spreads.

And  work directly with your insurance company to make things easy for you.  Call us now - we are always happy to answer any questions - 951-368-2227.

Depending on the scale, water damage is stressful and can be very costly if you do not have insurance coverage.  It can also pose a dangerous threat to your health if not resolved quickly.

Though some types of water damage can be fixed yourself, it is still best to seek a professional to avoid escalating the problem.

Most water damage repair is covered by insurance and we work directly with your insurance company in filing your claim quickly and following up with them as well.  

However, if you are not covered, looking for an affordable water damage repair company is hard as you also need to consider the quality of service they offer.  We at Five Star Restoration offer cost effective and high-quality service while considering your budget.

Affordable Water Damage Repair – Why Choose Five Star Restoration

●    High Integrity

Before you say to yourself, oh yes, everyone says they are honest, etc.,,, I want to say that we are different.  We are a Christian company. We value our employees and our customers and treat both like close family. High integrity is a way of life at Five Star Restoration.


●    Communication is Key

When working with Five Star, one of the first differences you will sense Is the open communication.  As we make our initial analysis we tell you exactly what we find. We immediately start working directly with your insurance company to get your claim filed quickly.  And we keep you informed on progress as we work through your project.


●    Quick 24/7 Response


Even in the middle of the night, water damage can occur.   Five Star Restoration provides 24/7 emergency service and responds quickly to your call.  We know time is of the essence to minimize water damage, and ensure your safety.


●    Professionals and Highly Skilled Technicians


We at Five Star Restoration are professionals and experienced when it comes to damage restoration.  Be it be water damage, fire damage, or mold removal our services are top notch. All Five Star technicians are fully certified.


●    Full Range of Services


As we work through your water damage repair, we employ the most efficient techniques in restoring your space, which may include:


  • Water extraction

  • Odor Removal

  • Dehumidification

  • Surface Drying

  • Air Cleansing

  • Decontamination

  • Debris Removal

  • Crawl Space Cleanup

  • Sanitation

  • Disinfecting

  • Sewage Cleanup

  • Flooding Cleanup

  • Damaged Carpet Removal


●    Advanced Tools, Equipment and Technique


Any damage problems are dealt with careful planning and procedures. To avoid escalating the problem, we use only the most advanced equipment and tools to resolve the damage problem quickly and efficiently.

Water Damage Common Causes

There are a lot of factors that cause water damage. The most common ones are due to floods or heavy rains, the melting of snow, or a plumbing leak.  But there are other factors that can cause water damage including:

  • Slab leaks

  • Supply Line Bursts

  • Roof Leaks

  • Toilet Backups and Overflows

  • Appliance Leaks

  • Hot Water Heater Leaks

Affordable Water Damage Repair – Scale of the Damage

Water damage is classified by class and category.


The first set of classifications is based on how the damage affects its residents:


Category 1 – Clean Water Damage


This type of water damage is mostly harmless due to the type of water it involves.  The water damage is mostly caused by leaking or plumbing problems from your faucets or sinks. This also includes several appliances that use water to function like dishwashers, washing machines and water heaters.


Though it is safe to be dealt with by you alone, the process of resolving this water damage without the proper equipment and knowledge may take a lot of time.  Not resolving this water damage within the day may cause molds to grow which pose a dangerous threat to your health.


Category 2 – Dirty or Gray Water Damage


This type of water damage is a bit risky to be dealt with without proper equipment. The water causing this damage has a different color compared to category 1 due to the pathogens or chemicals that has mixed into it.


Direct contact with the water or breathing the air around it is dangerous so it is best to wear proper protective gear like boots, goggles or face mask. This type of water damage is mostly due to broken toilets, sump pumps or seepage.


It is best to stay out of the area until a professional arrives as drying or mitigating the water is not enough as residue of chemicals or pathogens will still be left.


Category 3 – Black Water Damage


This category is the most dangerous type of water damage evident by its murky black color compared to normal water.  Harmful chemicals, pathogens and other unknown substances are already mixed with this water. Any direct form of contact including touching the water or breathing the air poses a great threat to your health.


Proper safety procedure would be to immediately vacate the area and contact a professional.  Also wear protective gear to ensure maximum safety.


We at Five Star Restoration know how to deal with this type of water damage.  Our staff is highly skilled and knowledgeable on what chemicals or substances might have mixed with the water. We also have the proper equipment to resolve the problem efficiently without elevating the problem.


The next set of classifications is based on the size of the area of water damage.


Class 1: This is the minimum damage class when a part of the room or an area has absorbed a small amount water.


Class 2: When the entire room is affected by the water damage including the floors and walls excluding the ceiling.


Class 3: When water comes down from the ceiling constantly affecting the entire room.


Class 4: The entire room as well as the materials of the building is affected by this scale of water damage.  This means that water is continuously absorbed by concrete or wood. This could cause instability of our building as metals start corroding and concrete starts softening.


It is best to contact a professional if this class of water damage is observed.


We at Five Star Restoration are the best when it comes to water damage repair. We are knowledgeable and look forward to helping you restore things to perfect condition.


Feel free to call us today – we are happy to answer any questions you might have and help in any way we can.


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Affordable Water Damage Repair