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Appliance Leak Damage Repair in Murrieta – Advantages of Working with 5 Star Restoration


Numerous home appliances make use of water, and wherever there is water, there is the potential for leaks and floods.  These types of household floods can cause major headaches for homeowners and can create serious property damage if not recognized and responded to in time.

What Appliances Can Create Leak Damage?

1.    Washing Machine


Since Washing Machines use so much water, a clean-up due to a washing machine flood or even a clean-up due to a washing machine leak can be a highly involved and stressful process.


The parts of the washing machine that are subject to wear and tear over time are usually the culprits of washing machine leaks.  The wear and tear allows for the development of small leaks that seep into the surrounding structure over a period of time rather than in a single dramatic flood.


In other cases, a washing machine can cause a flood not because of anything wrong with the machine itself, but because the drain has become clogged.


Regardless of why it is needed, overflow clean-up on a washing machine needs to be done quickly and correctly to prevent lingering damage.


2.    Air Conditioning


Air conditioning can’t cause a flood in the same way a washing machine can.  Instead, AC units tend to cause slower, more hidden leaks that seep into the walls and go unnoticed for a long time.


What you can’t see can hurt you, especially if structural elements get compromised or mold starts to grow.  That’s why a total cleanup of the house is highly recommended.


3.    Water Heaters


Water heaters can experience slow leaks similar to air conditioning units, but water heater flooding may require more severe cleanup.  This type of cleanup usually happens due to water heater failure.


When there is a malfunction in the temperature and pressure relief valves, it causes them to either open prematurely or fail to close.


4.    Dishwashers


Similar to a washing machine, dishwashers can be damaged due to malfunctions or due to clogs in the drain.  Also like a washing machine, dishwashers damage can be rather dramatic since they use so much water.


Using too much detergent can sometimes cause damage leaks as well, so be mindful of what you’re putting in.


5.    Refrigerators


This is also a common appliance that can cause water damage to your home.  Any refrigerator with an icemaker will have a supply line for water. This line can burst or crack if damaged or defective and flood your kitchen.


Alternatively, refrigerators can sometimes develop slow leaks around the base due to condensation.

Murrieta Appliance Leak Damage Repair – Five Star Restoration

It doesn’t matter if the leaks are caused by a water heater failure, a washing machine overflow, or a slow-building leak that requires a cleanup.  When appliance water damage restoration is needed, Five Star Restoration highly trained technicians will drain, dry, and save your property.


Reach out to us at 951-368-2227 for more information about household leaks, or an water damage problems you have


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Murrieta Appliance Leak Damage Repair