Appliance Leak Damage Repair

Appliance Leak Damage Repair – Advantages of Working with Five Star Restoration


We at Five Star Restoration are experts at appliance leak damage repair. Water damage is stressful.  We offer affordable, fast water damage cleanup and restoration for homes and businesses.


Leak damage caused by appliances can be difficult to resolve if you are untrained or do not have the right equipment.  The gol is to clean up the water without damaging the applince if at all possible. We at Five Star Restoration are well equipped and trained to handle appliance leak water damage.

Why Trust Five Star Water Damage  Restoration?

●  We Treat Your Property Respectfully and With Care


We know how stressful a water damage situation is.  We understand you want your property restored to normal as quickly and easily as possible.  And we also understand the unwelcome potential expense is difficult.


Our goal is to minimize your discomfort, work directly with your insurance company to ease the financial burden, and to restore your property to bring you peace of mind,


  • Fully Equipped and Trained Technicians


To provide you with the best possible service, we at Five Star Restoration only provide you with certified, bonded, and well trained technicians.


Our technicians are knowledgeable and experienced in all kinds and causes of home water damage. They are able to come up with an efficient plan on the spot to restore your home back to its perfect state. If you have any doubts or questions about our process we can also walk you through it. Because during our restoration process we also take into account your assets that might affected.


In terms of duration, we make every attempt to minimize the time your restoration will take, while still doing a thorough job. we have specialized equipment, including equipment used specifically for drying, air purification, decontamination, odor removal and other several necessary processes to achieve a perfectly safe and restored home.


●    Full Restoration


Home water damage can include several different damage factors. These include air toxins, chemical residues, bad odors, and prhaps even mold growth that might be dangerous to you and to your home.


To make sure that these issues do not affect you in the future, we at Five Star Restoration conduct a complete cleanup process. In the case of water damage here are the series of steps we do:


Water damage restoration services include:


  • Water extraction

  • Odor Removal

  • Dehumidification

  • Surface Drying

  • Air Cleansing

  • Decontamination

  • Debris Removal

  • Crawl Space Cleanup

  • Sanitation

  • Disinfecting

  • Sewage Cleanup

  • Flooding Cleanup

  • Damaged Carpet Removal


These various services may or may not be necessary in your specific situation. However, we will use all necessary to achieve a perfectly restored property, whether home or business.


●    Payment and Billing


Do not worry about the payment or the billing process.  We at Five Star Restoration do not require any payment upfront! We always ensure first your safety resolving the water damage problem at hand.


We also work directly with your insurance company.   We are experts at filing water damage claims, and have relationships with many insurance companies


Insurance providers are typically able to compensate you for the loss of assets as well payment for our service.  If it’s your first time filing an insurance claim an insurance adjuster is assigned to you within 48 hours.


We at Five Star Restoration have dealt countless times with insurance adjusters. During the repair and restoration process, we can walk them through to help with complete coverage for the scope of the damage. Of course we will explain everything and guide you so that you will understand the process as well.


●    Emergency Response 24/7

We at Five Star Restoration are able to provide assistance to you even in the middle of the night. Home damage could happen anytime to anyone so be sure to give us a call quick call and we will be there help you.

Appliance Leak Damage Repair – Appliance Water Damage


Water damage can be caused by several factors like rainstorms, snow melting and plumbing leaks.  But damage due to applicance leak is one of the most common causes of water damage in the home specifically.


Appliances like water heaters, dishwashers, or garbage disposal units can suddenly malfunction and create leaks.


Garbage disposal units for example create messy water damage.  If it starts leaking then it will typically leak water mixed with broken solid foods along with unknown microorganisms.


If this happens you must quickly contact a professional like us at Five Star Restoration. Since it leaks unclean water it would need proper treatment as well as the right equipment to remove it completely.  Cleaning and drying the water is not enough as you will also have to decontaminate the affected area as well as clean its residue.


So, even though your disposal’s leaking is fixed, not resolving water damage caused by the appliance is risky to you, your home and the appliance.  It could be the start of mold growth, corrosion of the appliance or cause fragility to the surrounding walls and ceilings.

For Appliance Leak Damage Repir - Contact Us

Be sure to contact Five Star Restoration if you are experiencing water damage. Large quantities of water caused by appliance leaks, when handled without proper equipment could lead to dangers like electrocution.  Give us a call when you observe such a water problem.


We are open 24/7 to answer your calls or your questions regarding our service.


Call: 951-368-2227


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Appliance Leak Damage Repair