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Best Mold Removal

Best Mold Removal

Best Mold Removal  – Advantages of Working with Five Star Restoration

Here at Five Star Restoration, we strive to be the best mold removal company by providing you nothing but the best service. 


One of the most common and worst contaminants known is the silent, but ultimately dangerous growth of mold. 


Mold can grow indoors on damp surfaces like wallpaper, ceiling tiles, insulation materials, carpets, woods, and even on drywalls. It can start to grow within 48 hours if left unchecked, and it can have severe impacts on your house’s physical structure.

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Mold can not only damage your home or business but can also cause health hazards, such as allergic reactions, throat irritation, skin irritation, and eye infections. 


If mold has damaged your property – don’t wait. Hiring a mold remediation contractor will be necessary to remove the mold, minimize the risk of the mold spreading to other parts of the home or commercial property, and reconstruct the infected area. We don't just remediate mold, we make sure that it won't come back.


Our professional mold removal company will not only deal with the mold cleanup, but we can determine how and where the initial mold outbreak started, addressing the root cause. 


Because if you agitate the area of the mold growth in your home or business by doing it yourself, you can accidentally send microscopic spores into the air and spread mold to other areas of the home or business. 


No matter how hard you may try, no one can eliminate mold in your home or business better than our experienced and highly-skilled mold remediation experts. Don’t waste time and energy or put yourself at risk of falling ill. Instead, leave the dirty work to the Five Star Restoration professionals.

The good news is, mold removal experts can take care of the problem before it gets worse. Although there are various things you can do to remove and prevent further growth of mold in your property, always remember that cleaning mold is not a DIY project. It is often advisable to call in professionals for the best mold removal.


That is why we created a list of the top features you get when you work with Five Star Restoration, the best mold removal company to help you with your mold problems.


1. We have the expertise and years of relevant experience


With years of experience, Five Star Restoration is experts in mold remediation, cleanup, and removal. 


We get to work immediately and get the mold remediation and mold removal process started promptly while also performing preventative methods, so mold does not have the chance to grow and spread at your home or property.


2. We have the right tools 

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As a professional mold remediation service, we have the right tools to get the job done correctly and to investigate where the mold damage started and where it’s coming from. 


Here at Five Star Restoration, we have state-of-the-art equipment that a regular person won’t have access to. That's why we can distinguish the different discolorations that can occur in a mold infestation, what it means, and where mold could be hiding.  


Not only do we have the tools but also the right safety gear to carry out the hazardous tasks at hand.


 3. We are Licensed and Insured


Some mold removal companies offer their services without having taken an insurance cover. 


Five Star Restoration is a reputed licensed mold removal company, insured with all certificates and requirements. As a trustworthy mold removal company, our contractors are trained, experienced, and carry cleaning and restoration certification and similar professional certificates. 


We do offer provisions to start the whole procedure again if the first attempt does not deliver the required results. We are willing to cover all damages and liabilities that occur due to our direct involvement and contact with your property.


4. Our Technicians are Certified and Trained 


As an IICRC certified firm, all of our staff and service technicians follow the guidelines and protocols for mold remediation services put out by the state, federal government, and IICRC. 


Five Star Restoration has dedicated the time, effort, and resources needed to make sure that we are always prepared for any mold damage emergency with the correct equipment and training necessary to do a thorough job.


 5. We respond quickly 


In situations of emergency, our mold removal restoration team will arrive on-site as soon as possible. We assure you that Five Star Restoration will address all your questions as quickly as we receive a word from you. 


We understand that a good restoration company will always offer 24/7 restoration services, and that’s what we do! So that you can easily avail of our mold removal services whenever required.


 6. We Provide Free Estimates 


We know it is always a good idea to get free quotes from several services so you can compare prices and service packages. This will also allow you to get the best mold removal company to work on your property, for the best value for your money.


Choose Five Star Restoration! Why? Because we’ll be happy to provide you a quote without any hesitation. This is part of what we call excellent customer service. 


We understand that price should indeed be an essential concern whenever choosing a service, and with that being said, you should always go with companies that offer transparency with all their work like we do. 


 7. We offer a wide range of services

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This is one of the easiest ways to determine general expertise. Five Star Restoration companies offer a wide range of restoration services, and with that, we assure you that our contractors are trained and efficient staff. 


Before choosing a mold removal company, it is also essential to streamline the range of services you are looking for.


 8. We offer expert advice on future prevention of mold growth


As experienced mold removal professionals, we not only identify the source or cause but also will explain to you the best course of action that will act as a remedy for the problem. This will help the recurrence of mold growth in the future at your home or business. 

Want to learn more about the benefits of working with our professional mold removal team? Schedule a Consultation Today

The above tips will help you choose the right mold removal company. With a trained and certified mold removal company, you have a partner who understands how to remove mold and inject life back into your property.


Whether you notice mold in your home or business and you want a reliable mold inspection, mold odor treatment, or mold removal and cleanup, contact Five Star Restoration to get the highest standard of service and professionalism. 


Give us a call today to schedule a consultation at 951-368-2227

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