Best Water Damage Service

Best Water Damage Service – Advantages of Working with Five Star Restoration


There are a lot of factors that sets apart the best water damage service company from a bad one.  Certifications and a variety of services offered are not enough to label us as professional, reliable one, and the best.   

Our customer testimonials are a good indication that we treat your home or business as if it were our own and that we treat our customers like close family.  It is our values and the way we do business that truly makes us the best.  And we require no upfront payment to get started.

So What Else Sets Us Apart From Other Companies?

●    Communication Is Key


We tell you from the very beginning what our assessment of the damage is, and what we think it will take to repair it, and how long it will take.  Then we further update you continually on progress we are making, and what we are currently doing.


You’d be surprised how many companies do not do this.  We also directly work with your insurance company to get your claim filed quickly.  This makes things easier for you. The goal - to let you get back as quickly as possible to your life, in spite of disaster striking.


●    We Offer Full Water Damage Services


We at Five Star Restoration have considered all the types and causes of home damage. Thus we are continuously training are staff in new techniques while providing them with the latest equipment.


Services we specifically offer, which may be needed in your water damage repair include:


  • Total Water Damage Restoration

  • Remediation of Mold

  • Cleaning of All Affected Areas

  • Restoration/Removal/Cleaning of Carpet and Flooring

  • Repairs and Restoration for Damage

  • Odor Treatment and Removal


●    Billing and Insurance


Insurance provides you a guaranteed compensation for what you’ve lost through water damage. But filing an insurance claim can be a bit tricky.  We work directly with your insurance company for you.


We at Five Star Restoration are experienced in dealing with insurance adjusters.  We walk them through the damage we have surveyed to ensure that they will compensate you to the fullest extent.  This reduces stress on you in an already stressful situation.


●    24/7 Hotline


Just like hospitals or fire departments, our hotline at Five Star Restoration is open 24/7 to respond to calls immediately.  Not only does this make things easier for you, but it also can reduce the spread of further damage. Water wicks from wet areas to dry areas, so by getting on a problem immediately, we can keep damage from spreading.

Best Water Damage Service – Principles in Drying

In doing home restoration our company actually follows simple steps and principles in drying. This is because while working within the residence we always consider the contents around your home.  This is how we reduce any damage to minimum while restoring your home.


Some of the things we consider include furniture, electronics, books, chemicals, fabrics and any other materials that have been affected by the water damage.  We call this “content manipulation” the act of moving contents around your home during water damage.

Some of these materials or contents may also require treatment due to the effects of water damage. This includes sterilization, sanitization, deodorization, drying and storing of said contents.


This is important since materials like fabrics, when wet, can culture fungi or molds. Further, your furniture may need attention as well, to reduce damage due to moisture which can make furniture more fragile if not handled properly.



After a complete survey, extraction and salvaging of materials in the damaged area we then proceed to drying.  We place and leave drying equipment in the affected areas for 2-3 days typically.

Based on the industry standards we constantly visit and monitor the equipment and the drying process every 24 hours.  We monitor factors like the humidity, temperature, the equipment, and the moisture contents of the affected walls, ceilings and other affected areas.


We may also move equipment around the damaged area as drying occurs to other wetter areas to maximize drying and minimize total time.



Once temperature, humidity, and moisture content are deemed acceptable to every affected area based on the industry standards, drying equipment is then removed and the drying process is complete.

Are You Experiencing Water Damage But Worried About Using A Restoration Service?

Call us now.  Five Star Restoration is open 24/7 and responds quickly to any distress call regarding water damage.  We are open to any questions regarding our service as well as questions on cost and our billing process.  

The goal is to get started quickly to minimize damage - so we get started without any upfront payment.  Contact our 24/7 hotline now. 951-368-2227

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Best Water Damage Service