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Biohazard Cleanup After a Death

Biohazard Cleanup After a Death: 10 Things You Should Know

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Handling cleanup after a death in your rental property is easily among the toughest tasks that you’ll deal with as a property owner or manager.


Unlike weekly or monthly cleanups that can be handled by regular janitorial companies, deaths or crime scene cleanups require special skills, PPEs, and cleaning equipment and supplies.

There is also the question of protocol since deaths where foul play is suspected present a specific set of challenges for the company doing the cleanup after crime scene investigators have done their job.


For these reasons, it’s critical for you to hire only qualified people to take care of such a delicate task. But before you make that call, you should first learn some essential facts about biohazard cleanups so you’ll know which company to hire.


Here are 10 things that you must know about biohazard cleanup:

#1 - Biohazard Cleanup Doesn’t Necessarily Involve Hazardous Materials

One of the common misconceptions about biohazard cleanup is that it has something to do with hazardous materials like chemicals and gases. 


The fact is, biohazard cleanup, as iindictaed by the name itself, involves the removal of bodily fluids like blood as well as fecal matter and blood-borne diseases like HIV/AIDS and MRSA or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a bacteria that could cause infections. 


The task could also require mold and junk removal in some instances, both of which are considered hazardous to humans.

#2 - Biohazard Cleanup is Essential in Various Kinds of Deaths

Biohazard cleanup is technically a necessary step in ensuring that a property is rid of bodily fluids and other substances that come out of a dead body. Suicides, homicides, murder, and unattended deaths – these are just some of the cases of deaths in which hiring a professional biohazard cleanup company is the best course of action for the property owner.  


A skilled biohazard cleanup team can effectively sanitize any property and guarantee that succeeding occupants won’t catch any disease that may have been left by the decedent. 


Most biohazard cleanup companies are so good at the job that the place of the incident appears as if nothing happened, which is good if you don’t want the next occupants to get creeped out by the incident.

#3 - Biohazard Cleanup Requires Special Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

Biohazard cleanup requires special supplies and equipment to achieve a thorough cleaning. Part of a cleanup team’s arsenal are personal protective equipment like shoe covers, eye protection, gloves, Tyvek, and full HazMat suits that protect the body against bodily fluids and harsh chemicals used in the cleanup. 


Speaking of harsh chemicals, every biohazard cleanup task involves the use of special bioremediation chemicals and solvents that sanitize and deodorize the area.

#4 - Biohazard Cleanup May or May Not Be Covered by Your Insurance

Easily among the top concerns of property owners when ordering a biohazard cleanup is whether or not this pricey affair is covered by their insurance policy. Well, it all depends on what is written in your policy. 


Some insurance companies are willing to shoulder most of the cleanup costs while others are only open to covering a part of the biohazard cleanup bill. The key is to check the fine print of your insurance policy to get a clear idea of what is covered and what is not.

#5 -Biohazard Cleanup is a Delicate Job That is Best Left to Professionals

Some property owners make the mistake of scrimping on the cleanup to save a few hundred dollars. While it’s tempting to think that it’s the wise move to do, it’s not. 


Biohazard cleanup should be done by qualified professionals who know the applicable EPA regulations, as well as CDC, NIOSH, OSHA, and DOT guidelines. 


While not formally regulated as an industry in the U.S., biohazard cleanup companies are expected to adhere to safety protocols in handling cleanup services, particularly when it comes to crime scenes and areas with materials that are deemed hazardous to building occupants’ health and safety.

#6 -Biohazard Cleanup Can Be Quick, Depending on the Mess Severity

Biohazard cleanups, particularly in declared crime scenes, could take as long as 48 hours (or longer) depending on how messy the area is and the specific biohazards present. In suicides where there’s hardly any blood or bodily fluids present, the entire cleanup process can be done in as fast as 4-10 hours.

#7 - Your Insurance Company Can’t Dictate Which Cleanup Company to Hire

me insurance companies insist on hiring a biohazard cleanup company of their choice. Legally speaking, they don’t have such a luxury to do so. The property owner has the sole right to choose the contractor that he or she is most comfortable with to do the cleanup job.


However, it’s always easier if you choose a cleanup company that specialiazes not only in biohazard cleanup, but also works very closely with insurance companes, understanding their expectations and how best to communicate with them.   


Having a close relationship with insurance companies and knowng what they require can make it easier on you because your restoration company can communiacte directly on your behalf, reducing your stress and helping to ensure you receive the maximum coverage allowed under your policy.

#8 - Biohazard Cleanup Cost Depends on the Extent of the Damage and the Work

There is no hard and fast rule concerning the pricing of biohazard cleanup jobs. When handling cleanup after a death in your rental property, the cleanup company quotes based on its assessment of actual damage to the property and the various remedies that must be done. 


Things like replacing the carpeted floors due to stubborn blood stains or removing the nasty odors that have permeated into the walls and curtains factor into the total cost of the biohazard cleanup.

#9 - You Can Pay in Cash or Choose an Installment Plan

So, what if you don’t have an insurance policy to cover the cleanup? Well, some cleanup companies are willing to accept cash payments and even staggered payments (installments) if the client can’t shell out hard cash on the spot.

#10 - The Biohazard Cleanup Company Should Be Certified

Since the task requires skilled handling, you should only hire a company whose clean-up team only includes certified professionals. The specifics of crime scene cleanups and other cleanup tasks that involve dealing with biohazards evolve over time and so the cleanup contractor’s employees should have updated skills and training, too.

Biohazard Cleanup After a Death - Choose a Company You Can Trust

At Five Star Restoration, we take pride in being certified for crime scene and biohazard cleanups that involve removing blood and bodily fluids, potential bacterial and virus contaminants  as well as nasty odors in homes and businesses.


When it comes to handling cleanup after a death in your rental property, you should consider none other than a company with proven expertise in such a delicate task. 


Fortunately, Five Star Restoration has certified cleanup professionals with extensive experience dealing with all kinds of biohazard cleanup jobs. We are available 24X7, so just give us a call when you need an immediate cleanup on your property.


Call us now at (951) 368-2227 to take advantage of our professional biohazard cleanup services. We look forward to serving you soon.

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