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Make Mosquito Bites Go Away

That sound!  You know the one. The high-pitched, buzzing sound sure to be followed by itchy and uncomfortable bites.  A sure sign the mosquito season has started. 


It seems inevitable that mosquitoes will be a part of all your backyard barbecues and party picnics.  We all know first hand how uncomfortable it is to find those itchy, red welts on your skin.

Take a look at these seven mosquito bite remedies to help you through these mosquito-filled  months.

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Finding out that your kitchen has flooded is enough to make you panic and feel stressed about the hassle and cost implications it entails. To make it worse, you discover that the source came from one of the most unpredictable causes of water damage, something you didn’t even know to be on the lookout for!

That’s why it is important to be one step ahead to avoid unexpected destruction in your household. The way to be prepared is to know which causes can become a source of water damage in your home – especially the ones that you would never expect to trigger any problem.

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Backyard Safety Tips

We are all spending more time at home and people are finding creative ways to turn their backyards into the perfect vacation spot not only for the kids but for the adults as well. However, there are dangers that lurk in backyards that can take the fun out of your stay-at-home vacation. 


To keep your “staycation” oasis enjoyable and free of danger, read on for our 8 useful backyard safety tips.

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Simple Kitchen Remodel Upgrades

Flooding and the ensuing water damage can be caused by different things - heavy rains or storms, sewage backup, a burst pipe, or leaking appliance.


When water damage happens to your kitchen, you can approach it two ways:


  • If the damage is not extensive, you can do some DIY cleanup. (Fair warning - it can get overwhelming)


  • Call in the professionals to handle the job quickly and expertly. Five Star Restoration offers fast and affordable water damage help, stress free!


If your kitchen has sustained extensive water damage, you may want to consider not only a restoration but a remodel.

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Things Every Homeowner Should Know

Here are some basic maintenance and repair tasks, things every homeowner should know how to do to make their homes safe, livable, and attractive. These tasks do not require highly technical know-how or fancy tools and equipment to perform, and they can even serve as family bonding moments.


Some of the tasks should be done weekly, while others require seasonal flexing of muscles. You might need to spend money on a few household supplies and maintenance equipment but your investment will be worth it.  Plus, knowing how to do these things on your own saves you significant money on service costs.

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Water Damage Resistant Materials

You may not be aware there are water damage-resistant materials you can use in building and restoring your home.  Such materials can help you preserve the quality and beauty of your space.  After all, water is a powerful force that can wreak havoc on anything it touches. 


The Grand Canyon in Arizona is an excellent example of just how powerful and catalytic water can be. On a personal note, water can cause irreparable damage to homes and businesses. It doesn’t take rocket science to know how costly such damage can be, on building foundations as well as on all your personal belongings inside.


With this in mind, it’s only wise to make sure that the best materials are used in any construction project, big or small.

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Add Color to Your Kitchen

Does your kitchen have a case of the drabs? The central gathering spot of many homes, the kitchen should bring a lively, happy vibe to any get-together, so why not take a shot at playing with your kitchen colors? 


It’s no secret that the kitchen is the heart of a modern home, and such a space doesn’t have to be wan and colorless. It needs a splash of inspiring color to look fresh and full of energy.


When you start exploring your options and thinking outside of the box, you’ll find the most drool worthy kitchens are colorful, unexpected, and designed with a range of materials and hues.

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Protect Your Family From Coronavirus

COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), continues to spread around the world, greatly affecting us here in the United States.


We know that individual risk for the disease is dependent upon individual exposure.  So what are the best actions for you to take to keep you and your family safe from COVID-19?

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CDC Approved Cleaning Products

The alarming rate at which COVID-19 has spread across the U.S. and other countries has many Americans grabbing whatever CDC-approved cleaning products they can find.  In supermarkets and neighborhood convenience stores as well as big box stores, cleaning products like bleach and disinfectant sprays are selling like hotcakes, and sometimes not available. 


Before we delve into the specific cleaning products recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), let’s first discuss why disinfecting our homes is important, to begin with.


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Home Reconstruction After Water Damage

Good quality home reconstruction after water damage is key to returning your life to normal. One of the most damaging and devastating things you can experience as a homeowner is water damage.  


Whether it is due to flooding, burst pipes, sewer backups, roof damage due to severe storms or a leaky toilet when you are out of town – all can cause major water damage to your home. 


Most homeowners are worried about getting their house back to normal and looking good. They think more about redecorating the space than restoring the damage.  But it’s not just a matter of cleaning up the water, re-painting and replacing some carpet. 


As expert in water damage and reconstruction, we understand the desire to restore to normal a quickly as possible. We also understand the importance of doing things properly to keep costs down and keep long-term effects, both as far as further damage, as well as health risks, to a minimum.


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