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ceiling leaking, ceiling water damage, roof leak

Your roof weakens over time, and you may eventually find yourself in the unfortunate situation of water leaking through the ceiling.  Protecting your roof from extreme temperatures, elements, debris, and even air can be a challenge for any homeowner. 


No ceiling material is completely waterproof, so regular checks, maintenance, and enhancements can go a long way in preventing leaks and water damage. But even the best intentions can fail. So what do you do when you end up with a leak anyway?

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Creosote and Fireplace Safety, fireplace safety, creosote buildup, fireplace maintenance, chimney maintenance

If you’re concerned about keeping your home and family safe, creosote and fireplace safety is something to become familiar with and understand how it can pose risks to you and your home.

In this article, we discuss creosote and what you must do to ensure fireplace safety in your home.

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water damage from heavy rain, storm home water damage, home rain water damage, prevent rain water damage

There are eventualities that every homeowner has to deal with and be prepared for, and home water damage from heavy rain is one of them.

Water damage can be quite costly and cause unbearable inconvenience to you and your family

In cases of water damage, prevention is certainly the best solution. To plan effective preventative measures, it’s best to know all you can about how and why your home can become a victim of heavy rains. With any luck, this knowledge will help you avoid the inconvenience and cost of repairs.

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biohazard cleanup after a death, how to clean a property after a death, death in a rental property, crime scene cleanup

Handling cleanup after a death in your rental property is easily among the toughest tasks that you’ll deal with as a property owner or manager.


Unlike weekly or monthly cleanups that can be handled by regular janitorial companies, deaths or crime scene cleanups require special skills, PPEs, and cleaning equipment and supplies.

There is also the question of protocol since deaths where foul play is suspected present a specific set of challenges for the company doing the cleanup after crime scene investigators have done their job.

Here are 10 things that you must know about biohazard cleanup.

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repair water damaged stucco, stucco water damage causes, how to fix stucco, signs of water damage in stucco

Stucco is an ideal building material for those who prefer durability and variety in colors. While it boasts great resistance to various environmental threats, it can still fall victim to unchecked water damage.

Knowing the causes of stucco water damage can help you and prevent significant stucco restoration projects. There are four main causes of stucco water damage.

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painting over mold, causes of mold growth, fix mold in the house, is mold dangerous

As homeowners, many of us have at one time or another, found a small spot of mold, maybe on a bathroom wall, and wondered, “Can I just paint over that mold?”

It’s a very legitimate question, knowing how unsightly mold is. But, we’re also confronted with the issue of whether or not we can simply paint over mold and call it a day. Is it really that simple, or are there things we must first carefully consider before channeling our inner DIY painter?

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what to do after a house fire, common causes of house fires, steps after a house fire, how to recover from a house fire

In all the confusion, it’s easy to be unsure about what to do after a house fire.  An accidental fire in the house can strike at any time, and it is frightening and potentially devastating.

Even if a fire is put out quickly, the resulting damage can cost thousands of dollars to the homeowner.

A house fire, even a minor one, can affect you profoundly. It can be an emotional time and you may find yourself overwhelmed by what to do after a house fire. However, during this critical time, it’s important to keep calm so you can take care of your family and begin the process of fire damage cleanup. 

Here, Five Star Restoration gives you this useful “To Do” checklist after a house fire.

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costly home myths, home maintenance mistakes, home maintenance costing you money, costly home mistakes, save money on home maintenance

Maintaining your home can be a huge burden on your budget. Believing these 10 costly home maintenance myths can make it even worse.  Everyone has something to say about home care. 


Although a lot of what we hear is well-meant, taking unfounded pieces of advice from your well-meaning friends can result in unnecessary home-care costs.


While not all advice from friends is solid, advice from experts is much better trusted. So with that, let’s take a look at 10 costly home myths that are stealing your time and money.

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repairing water damage yourself, cleaning up water damage yourself, should I hire a water damage restoration company, fix home water damage myself

When you experience flooding in your home, should you consider repairing water damage yourself? 


If you spot a leak on the wall or ceiling or notice a suspicious water puddle on the floor, your DIY instincts may want to try to address the problem yourself. If the source of the leak is small and damage is significantly minimal, you can attempt to make a repair yourself.

You should act fast though because water damage can quickly spread and become more serious if not addressed immediately. 

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restoring water-damaged furniture, water damaged furniture help, fix wet furniture

Worried About restoring water damaged furniture? You can never prepare for a flood, whether it’s from a leaky roof, an overflowing river, or even a burst pipe in your home. The mess and damage to your home and belongings can be devastating. In the aftermath of the flood, determining what can be saved can be a disheartening task.


Among the items you may want to rescue is furniture, especially if it has sentimental value or is considerably valuable like antiques.  Here, we give you useful tips on salvaging and restoring water-damaged furniture.

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