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Board Up Services

Board Up Services

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Natural and human disasters can occur at any given time, and they necessitate urgent measures like evacuating and/or calling for emergency board up services. 


Such actions are critical to ensure that your property and its occupants will be protected against unauthorized access or outsiders are prevented from entering and are safeguarded from any potential hazards inside the property.


Whether it’s to protect outsiders from accessing the property to protect the property, or to prevent people from entering and getting injured due to dangerous property conditions and damage, board up services work well.  


Here are some of the most common situations requiring board up services and what board up services entails.

When Board Up Services are Necessary

Following or in preparation for a natural calamity 

Storms and flooding are two of the most common natural calamities where an emergency board up service can serve you well.  Whether it is before the onset of the calamity or immediately after, calling a professional to install the barriers prevents damage to your property.

Boarding up can also help you prevent secondary threats to you and your family’s safety and minimize further damage and risks to life. Experienced board up service providers know how to effectively approach specific emergencies to ensure that property and  occupants will be spared from catastrophic damage before or after natural disasters.


To retain your insurance coverage 

It’s not a sure thing, but there’s a possibility that an insurance company can deny an insurance claim if it feels that the property owner failed to protect the property against the damage. 


By boarding up your property right after a disaster, you can safeguard it from further damage, thereby giving the insurance company the impression that you have exercised due diligence on your end.


And sometimes, board up is a necessary precaution to prevent damage, and can also be seen as due diligence or lack thereof.


Right after a human-induced disaster like a fire

Not all disasters are caused by natural events like floods or storms. Some, such as fire, are considered human-induced, which is generally beyond the control of property owners.


Board up services are essential in such circumstances as it limits the probability of anyone entering the property to search for valuables, snoop around, and cause additional damage.


As a barrier against animal intrusions

Rats, raccoons, and other animals can easily access one’s property and cause a mess inside. If you live in a place where animals are known to roam and enter properties, boarding up your premises is a great way to prevent animals from intruding on your property. 


Wild animals are known to urinate and defecate wherever they please and also have the tendency to damage material possessions.


To protect the property and its occupants against unwanted access

Whether it’s an emergency caused by nature or man, boarding up a property is a proven method of preventing unwanted access to one’s property. This technique is to protect the property from looters and to keep people out so they do not get hurt if the property has been deemed dangerous. 


A local board up service contractor can install equipment and facilities that are meant to restrict outsiders from gaining access to the premises, so it’s essential for you to quickly call for one if you feel that your property could be subject to trespassing.


As a precautionary measure in times of unrest

While no one wants to entertain the possibility of civil unrest, it is best to be pragmatic about the matter and err on the side of caution. 


Emergency board up before an outbreak or following a violent protest within the community will go a long way in protecting your home or business against intruders. Such intruders could pose safety threats or cause undue damage to your property.

What To Do after Property Damage Has Happened

No matter how careful or prepared you may be for foreseeable disasters, it’s no guarantee that your property will be spared from costly damage. To be candid about it, no property is safe – even a fortress.


Following a disaster, it’s critical to quickly get back on one’s feet to restore normalcy in daily life. Here are some of the things that you should do right after your property has sustained damage.


Consider evacuating your family/tenants

Your property may have damage or safety risks that the naked eye can’t see, such as exposed wires or weakened foundation. Continuing to stay inside your property can be a huge gamble that can compromise the safety of everyone inside. 


If you have another place to stay in the meantime, consider evacuating your family or building tenants while you sort things out and ascertain whether the building is safe for occupancy or if it needs to undergo repairs.


Contact your insurance provider immediately

Once you have safeguarded everyone, call your insurance provider immediately (if you have one). By informing your insurance provider about the damages incurred by your property, you can kickstart the entire process of repairing the damage and bringing your property into its livable state. 


By immediately calling your insurance provider, you will also create an impression of diligence, which goes a long way in convincing them that you’re doing your part in containing the damages that they have to cover.


Have professionals do emergency board up

Finally, be sure to hire professionals to perform the emergency board up of your property. By doing so, you can prevent further damage, safeguard your property against vandals and intruders, and ensure the safety of everyone inside.

For Fast Board Up Services - Hire the Damage Restoration Experts

Aside from offering value for money board up services, we at Five Star Restoration are also certified for situations such as crime scene and trauma cleanup as well as fire and water damage restoration for homes and businesses. 


We are experts at handling stressful property damage situations.  And we work hand in hand with insurance companies, helping you communicate with your insurance company and filing necesary paperwork.


Our team of specialists possesses the skills and experience to effectively handle complex and challenging property amage and restoration jobs. We have served numerous clients across the Inland Empire and nearby areas and have slowly made the company a go-to service provider for damage and restoration services.


As a licensed restoration company operating in California, we adhere to industry best practices and relevant federal, state, and municipal guidelines concerning our field of service. We also demand excellent service from our in-house personnel to ensure that clients get their money’s worth when they work with us.


Additionally, we maintain competitive pricing for the services that we offer so clients who need our help can afford our professional services. We don’t require any upfront deposit to begin working on our client’s project, especially if it’s an emergency. 


We are available 24/7. You’ll never have to worry about having a reliable company to call when you need something done quickly.


Do you have questions concerning the services we provide? If so, please feel free to call us now at (951) 368-2227. We’d be happy to assist you and send our trusted restoration team to you immediately.

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