Canyon Lake Pipe Leak Cleanup, What To Do Before A Restoration Professionals Arrive, Canyon Lake pipe leak restoration, Canyon Lake water damage cleanup

Canyon Lake Pipe Leak Cleanup

Canyon Lake Pipe Leak Cleanup - Perks of Working with Five Star Restoration

Are you experiencing leaking water and are in need of Canyon Lake pipe leak cleanup? 


Our water damage professionals at Five Star Restoration understand that a leak can ruin your drywall, damage flooring, and cause dormant mold spores to blossom throughout the entire area of your house or business, so we guarantee a quick response every time. 


Not attending to leaks predisposes your family to health issues that arise due to development of mold and mildew which thrives on the moisture. If your home or business has experienced water damage from a pipe leak, plumbing leak, or a hidden leak behind a wall, contact Five Star Restoration. 

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Canyon Lake Pipe Leak Cleanup, What To Do Before A Restoration Professionals Arrive, Canyon Lake pipe leak restoration, Canyon Lake water damage cleanup

We Have the Necessary Experience

At Five Star Restoration, we have been offering water damage repair services for years during which time we have gained experience in handling even the toughest water damage issues. 


We know that time is of essence, so we are available round the clock to help you preserve your property and avoid mold growth. We assess and evaluate the damage caused and will let you know what needs to be replaced. 


Wall panels or the ceiling might need to be removed and replaced depending on the extent of the damage. We have all that it takes to do this as fast as possible.


We Have the Necessary Equipment

Water damage repair often requires using specialized equipment and products that will help in removing moisture not only from the floor but also hidden moisture from upholstery efficiently and swiftly. 


Dehumidifiers are then used in the drying process, and finally, the affected room is cleaned and sanitized.


Our Staff are Highly Trained

As industry leaders, we emphasize continuous training of each member of our staff, not to mention the hands-on experience they have gained over time. They will help find the source of the leak and perform the necessary water pipe leak repair at your Canyon Lake home or business.

Canyon Lake Pipe Leak Cleanup - What To Do Before Restoration Professionals Arrive

Time is of the essence when it comes to water damage. As soon as you suspect a broken pipe, turn off the water at the stop tap. This is usually located near the water meter or where the main pipe connects with your house. Drain the pipes by turning on all the faucets and flushing the toilet, and wait for us to arrive. 


In the meantime, here’s what you can do to help:


1. Disconnect your electrical

To prevent electrocution, make sure the electrical systems in your home or business are turned off. Do not wade into standing water with the power on. If water is blocking your path to your breaker box, look for a main shutoff on the exterior of your home or business or call an electrician.


2. Stop the source of the flooding

If your flooding is caused by a burst pipe or valve rather than an act of nature, it should be fairly easy to stop at its source. Just turn off the main water shutoff valve. 


Some homes and businesses have a valve located near where the main water line enters your property, while other homes and establishments have a valve attached or adjacent to a water meter, which is sometimes buried near the street.


3. Salvage anything you can from the flood zone

Water damage occurs almost instantly, but you still may be able to remove some items from the floor. For instance, if you keep any boxes or papers on your basement floor, try to remove any items toward the top that may not be soaked through yet.


4. Call your insurance company

Your water damage will most likely be covered under your homeowners or business owners insurance policy. The first step to start the claims process is to call your insurer to let them know about the situation. 


To make sure that your claim is successful, ask your insurer whether a claims adjuster needs to visit your property to document the damage before you begin the cleanup and repair process, or if your photos of the damage will suffice.


5. Document everything

No matter what your insurer says, it's always a good idea to carefully document all the water damage to your home or business establishments to assist with your insurance claim. 


Simply take photos and videos with your phone and make note of everything the water touched, including your possessions and the structure of your establishment itself.


6. Remove standing water

If the water is primarily in your basement and you have a floor drain, you may be able to use a squeegee mounted on a handle to push water to the drain, or use a mop and bucket. 


With most of the standing water removed, use a wet-dry vacuum to start removing water from harder-to-reach areas.


7. Call a water damage restoration company

At this point, enlist the help of a water cleanup specialist to address the mess. Look for a company that can respond quickly like Five Star Restoration and begin cleaning before mold starts to grow. Your insurance company may be able to guide you to an approved contractor, but always check the reviews.


8. Start drying out your property yourself

While you are waiting for your contractor to get started, one thing you can do is begin the process of drying out your home or business by opening your windows to let moist air escape.


9. Prevent mold and mildew caused by water damage

The damage to your home and business property is only half the battle. If not properly dealt with, water damage can have farther-reaching effects on your property and health in the form of toxic mold and mildew. 


In fact, these secondary effects are often worse than the initial property damage, so it's important to take them seriously and dry out the affected areas as quickly as possible. If a surface can't be dried quickly, it should be removed and discarded. 


10. Prevent future damage

While most water damage isn't a disaster, it's still something you want to avoid in the future. Keep paper and other porous materials off the floor. If your basement carpet gets ruined by water, consider replacing it with a hard-surface flooring that can stand up to any future leaks. 


If your flooding was caused by a pipe that froze and burst, try to add insulation or reroute the pipe to avoid that problem in the future. Replace cheap plastic or rubber appliance and toilet water supply hoses with higher-quality metal hoses.

We Will Be in Direct Contact with Your Insurance Provider

Throughout the entire process, we will remain in direct contact with your insurance provider. We will document all damages, issues, repairs, and ensure that you are receiving the maximum out of your coverage. At Five Star Restoration it is our job to help you and your family or your business get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Call Us Today for Canyon Lake Pipe Leak Cleanup

We provide premium plumbing services and water restoration throughout Canyon Lake, CA. Give us a call at (951) 368-2227 as quickly as possible so that we can reduce the amount of damage to your home or business today. 


Don’t let a burst pipe burst your bubble. Call the experts at Five Star Restoration today!

Tags: Canyon Lake Pipe Leak Cleanup, What To Do Before A Restoration Professionals Arrive, Canyon Lake pipe leak restoration, Canyon Lake water damage cleanup

Canyon Lake Pipe Leak Cleanup, What To Do Before A Restoration Professionals Arrive, Canyon Lake pipe leak restoration, Canyon Lake water damage cleanup