Canyon Lake Toilet overflow cleanup, steps to prevent toilet overflow, Canyon Lake water damage restoration services, Canyon Lake toilet overflow help

Canyon Lake Toilet Overflow Cleanup

Canyon Lake Toilet Overflow Cleanup - Advantages of Working with Five Star Restoration

Why call Five Star Restoration for your Canyon Lake toilet overflow cleanup? Our trained, professional staff is available 24/7 to provide emergency water extraction services to safely and quickly prevent further damage. We will come equipped with dehumidifiers, extractors, air movers, and dryers to dry out even your biggest water disaster.


Sewage can be more than just a messy situation. The health risks can be extremely dangerous and great care needs to be considered before attempting to clean up any sewage overflow. 


Sewage water can contain bacteria, viruses, and chemicals that may cause serious illness. Gastric diseases, as well as viral infections, are common if you have come in contact with water containing raw sewage. Just because the water is clear doesn't mean that it is safe.

Canyon Lake Toilet overflow cleanup, steps to prevent toilet overflow, Canyon Lake water damage restoration services, Canyon Lake toilet overflow help

With Five Star Restoration, you can expect a quick turnaround with your water damage restoration services so that your Canyon Lake property is safe. Why choose Five Star Restoration for your Canyon Lake toilet overflow cleanup?


  •  24/7 emergency disaster cleanup and restoration services


  • Water & fire cleanup experts


  • IICRC certified 


  • Free estimates


  • Licensed, bonded, insured


  • Licensed public adjuster on staff to work FOR YOU on your claim with your insurance in order to get you the most coverage possible after your loss


  • Family owned and operated


  • Friendly and courteous plumbers who care about you and your home or business

Canyon Lake Toilet Overflow Cleanup - What To Do?

The most common reason a toilet overflows is that it is clogged. Some items are just not intended to be flushed and should never be flushed down the toilet, in particular, those that don’t break down in the water for proper passage through a sanitary or sewer system. 


Typical culprits of clogs include disposable diapers, feminine hygiene products, and an excess amount of kitty litter. Other times, items fall into the toilet by accident, or curious children and toddlers are drawn to the toilet to give their favorite stuffed animal a “bath.” 


Take care to always keep the lid down when the toilet is not in use to avoid accidents.


Not only can Five Star Restoration crews accurately assess and repair the damage, but we can also advise you about the safety of remaining in undamaged parts of your home or business and let you know what your next steps should be. 


Because of the many health hazards, a sewage backup can cause, it’s vitally important to use comprehensive sewage cleanup services to remove it and its many toxins from your home or business. The longer you wait to clean up a sewage backup, the worse the damage can get!

Canyon Lake Toilet Overflow Cleanup - Can You Do It Yourself?

If the overflow is minimal, you might be able to clean up the mess yourself. 


You should always take precautions, however, to avoid contamination and coming into contact with unsanitary water and other matter. Be sure to wear rubber gloves and mop up the water right away with soap and disinfectant. Wash soiled clothing and towels in hot water to thoroughly disinfect them. 


Here are the steps you can take to prevent this issue from becoming a costly home or business repair.


1. Turn Off Your Water Supply

Turn off the valve underneath the toilet to shut off water to it.


2. Rig Your Float

You can also open the tank on your toilet and rig the float so that it stays in a position where additional water will not fill the tank.


3. Remove the Excess Water From the Bowl

This will prevent a future overflow event. Use a wet vacuum or take a cup, bucket, or similar item to transfer the excess water to the sink or bathtub so it can be drained safely away.


4. Dry the Floors Immediately

Use towels to clean up water spills that occur on your floor. If your toilet overflows onto the carpet, you can place a dry, folded towel over the spill. Then place something heavy on the towel and allow it to sit for 30-60 minutes so it can soak up the water.


5. Remove Any Debris Safely

Not every toilet overflow involves only water. Use caution when cleaning up a mess that is left behind. Be sure to dispose of anything you pick up properly. Once the debris and excess water is removed, you will want to disinfect all surfaces that came into contact with the toilet water.


6. Plunge the Toilet

Once you’ve created a safe space to work, you’re ready to address the issue with your toilet. Most toilets overflow because of a blockage that occurs. Take a plunger and attempt to dislodge the blockage. 


You may need to remove a foreign object that has become a blockage, so have a pair of gloves handy so you can reach in and grab the item. Difficult blockages may require a toilet snake instead of a plunger to remove them.


7. Test the Toilet

After you’ve cleared the blockage, test the toilet to ensure it is back to proper working order. Turn the water supply back on and rig the float back into its normal position if necessary. Then flush. Repeat the steps if you encounter another potential overflow incident.


If your toilet continues to overflow after 2-3 attempts to clear it, then it is time to contact a professional plumber. Sometimes, an overflowing toilet is an indication that there is a bigger plumbing issue that may need to be addressed.

Canyon Lake Toilet Overflow Cleanup - When You Need a Professional

If the toilet overflow is more serious, for example, if it occurred as a result of a sewage backup, it requires professional cleanup and treatment. This type of water is highly contaminated and poses a serious health risk. 


If the water has been standing for any amount of time, the damage may extend beyond what is visible on the bathroom floor. The entire area needs to be checked for unsanitary water and moisture that could have seeped through the floor and subfloor or to nearby cabinets. 


A professional water damage cleanup and restoration company knows how to properly treat this type of mess. They have the necessary training and equipment, and follow specific safety and sanitary procedures to fully clean, dry, and sanitize the entire affected area. That includes checking for damage to floors, subfloors, and walls and taking steps to ensure mold does not grow as a result of lingering moisture.


Water from an overflowing toilet may have traveled farther than you think. In these cases, it may be safer to call in a professional to do this part. Check to make sure the water hasn’t soaked into your drywall, through the insulation, and into your exterior wall. 


If the water has soaked into your drywall, chances are it’s affected by the electrical wires located in the wall. If you see drywall seepage, consider turning off the electricity to that bathroom.


The water may have also soaked up into other places such as underneath your bathroom cabinets or your subfloor, causing flooding into the floors below you. If your business is located on an upper floor, you may want to check with the businesses below yours to make sure they don’t have any water.


When you need the professionals, take the following steps:


Hang temporarily closed safety signs

For the safety of your employees and clients, block off access to the flooded bathroom. Hang safety signs so they understand this bathroom is off-limits. Provide signs to guide people to an alternate restroom.


Call your insurance company

The damage may go well beyond the bathroom and may contain sewage water. It’s important to speak with your insurance agent about your options. They will be able to help you decide if it’s in your best interest to file a claim. They may also have recommendations for local plumbers and restoration companies in your area.


Call Five Star Restoration to fix the problem

Getting a professional plumber into your restroom will ensure that the source of the leak is stopped and fixed, and hopefully prevent further leaks and clogs from occurring. Call a water damage restoration company like Five Star Restoration that specializes in sewage backup cleanup services.


Following these steps after a toilet has overflowed will help keep everyone safe from pathogens and water damage to a minimum. The goal is to fix the issue quickly and safely while not interfering with the flow of your business a\nd getting your property back to normal.

Experiencing an Overflowing Toilet? Call Us Today!

Hiring a professional, certified restoration company like Five Star Restoration to safely clean up any toilet water damage is important for the safety of you and your family or employees. Blackwater contains pathogens that can carry parasites, bacteria, and viruses that can make people sick. 


Much of what this black water touches may not be salvageable, as it becomes contaminated. A professional restoration company will not only clean up the sewage water, but they will also sanitize the area before conducting repairs. 


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Tags: Canyon Lake Toilet overflow cleanup, steps to prevent toilet overflow, Canyon Lake water damage restoration services, Canyon Lake toilet overflow help

Canyon Lake Toilet overflow cleanup, steps to prevent toilet overflow, Canyon Lake water damage restoration services, Canyon Lake toilet overflow help