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Canyon Lake Water Damage Pros

Canyon Lake Water Damage Pros - Benefits of Working with Five Star Restoration


Water damage can happen quickly, and when it does, it’s important you call Canyon Lake water damage pros from Five Star Restoration as soon as possible.Our experience and systematic approach to water removal and water cleanup allow us to properly dry and restore your property to its pre-damage condition.


Water is essential to all living things, and has so many other great uses as well. It can be used as a helping tool in the work area or for recreational fun. However there are times that it can be devastating, or at the very least, inconvenient, when your home or commercial property has water damage from fire, flooding, or leaks from frozen or broken pipes. 


Your local water damage pros at Five Star Restoration have the expertise and equipment to properly restore your property to its pre-damage state.

An experienced, certified water damage restoration team is important to handle the crisis properly to minimize the damages. Five Star Restoration team members understand that speed and a quick response is imperative to the restoration of your home or business. Our 24-hour hotline and our response team are here for you when you need us most.


Only reliable certified water damage repair professionals are experts in using the right procedures, the latest techniques, and high-tech equipment to save you from permanent property damage. Immediate contact with our team can help reduce restoration costs and increase the possibility to repair the damaged items. 

Your Canyon Lake water damage pros use high-tech water sensing equipment, which enables us to make accurate inspections and assess the safety risks. Call us today for a free estimate at (951) 368-2227

Canyon Lake Water Damage Pros - When Should You Hire a Pro?

You should only try and solve your water and flooding issues if it is confined to a small, isolated area. Oftentimes, homeowners or business owners try to take on large-scale, difficult restoration projects on their own. This can result in frustration, extended time commitments, improper repairs, promote mold growth, and potentially cause further damage to your home. 


It makes sense to handle small puddles and leaks on your own, but trying to solve flooded rooms and extensive water damage issues are usually problems that are beyond typical expertise. That’s why we suggest hiring experienced professionals. Water damage repair contractors and restoration specialists know what to do beyond extracting standing water. 


We can tell you what can be fixed and what needs replacement. We will advise if your flooring needs to be swapped out and which are the best new options for you to choose from. 


In addition, Canyon Lake water damage pros at Five Star Restoration know when/where mold is likely to develop and how to stop fungi growth in its tracks. 


The water damage contractors that we employ can handle a wide array of emergency services and remediation tasks that will make it look like nothing ever happened! Contacting Canyon Lake water damage pros like those at Five Star Restoration really is important. Here are a few reasons why: 


We Provide Peace of Mind

While you may think that you can clean up your own water mess, doing it yourself can be a hassle and cause you more stress. 


Not only that, but it also may cost you more for repairs by dealing with it by yourself. Because you may not have the experience or eye for these types of damages, it is important to contact specialists who can come in and do it for you! 


We Prevent Damage

Five Star professionals are trained to know how to best handle these types of situations. We are able to go into your home or business and assess what the damage is. We are then able to clean-up the water that is present and use special equipment that will prevent further damage. 


Some water damage is not easily visible, so it really is important to contact us for help! 


Top of the Line Equipment

To ensure that you get the most professional service in the market, we always stay up to date with the trends in the industry. We constantly update our equipment, purchase new solutions, and send our technicians to seminars. 


The results speak for themselves! See our image gallery for results provided by the water damage pros of Five Star Restoration. 


Service People Talk About

Your satisfaction is our priority. Much emphasis is put into choosing our technicians so that we can provide you with the most professional service. Most of our new customers hear about us from recommendations. Once you have experienced our service, we are sure you will be using us again and again in the future!


By understanding these elements when hiring water damage pros, you will be able to have peace of mind and go back to enjoying the water in whatever form you love most. So what are you waiting for! Call us today for immediate help.

Services We Offer

  • Storm Water Restoration


  • Recovery Services


  • Fire Restoration


  • Mold Remediation


  • Water Extraction


  • Water Removal


  • Emergency Assistance

Canyon Lake Water Damage Pros - Causes of Water Damage

We have a proven track record of success. We are proud of saving each of our client’s thousands of dollars in property damage, and even more proud of minimizing the health risks for our customers. Our choice of water removal methods and repair procedures depends on the category and class of the water damage. 


Detection of concealed moisture is crucial for successful water damage remediation and prevention of mold. We provide prompt water removal from impacted areas and provide proper ventilation and dehumidification of the impacted area. 


High-tech professional equipment makes it possible to detect where the moisture is hidden, thus preventing secondary water damage. 


When the water removal and damage restoration is completed our team of water damage professionals will monitor the damaged area for any signs of moisture to guarantee that dehumidification is completed.


Water damage in home and businesses can be caused by a great number of factors:


  • Broken and leaking plumbing


  • Spring and summer storms


  • Building a foundation with cracks and leaks


  • Broken, frozen, and/or leaking water pipes


  • Clogged and overflowing toilets


  • Sump pump failure


  • Leaking or overflowing dishwasher


  • Refrigerator water line leaking


  • Leaking or overflowing washing machine


  • Sewer main backup from collapsed pipes or tree roots


  • Roof leaking caused by quick snow melting, heavy rains, or damp walls

Water damage can result in significant damages, such as:


  • Flaking and peeling of paint or plaster on interior and exterior of walls


  • Bowing of walls


  • The damaged foundation of the building


  • Risk of electrocution when the water comes into contact with electrical devices


  • Damage to electrical connections and appliances

Have Questions for the Canyon Lake Water Damage Pros? Call Us Today!

The team of experts at Five Star Restoration are your one-call damage pros for water damage, flood damage, mold remediation, and fire damage problems. We are proud to deliver excellent cleaning results over the years. 


We offer environmentally friendly services to take care of any damage at your home or office. Call (951) 368-2227.

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