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Canyon Lake Water Damage Service

Best Canyon Lake Water Damage Service - Advantages of Working with Five Star Restoration


Five Star Restoration offers the Best Canyon Lake water damage service, providing targeted solutions that address every aspect of the problem and help stop it from getting worse. 


A quick response means fewer repairs are needed and your home or business can be back to normal all the sooner. We can even rescue many personal belongings, including some that you might have thought were hopeless.


We’re family-owned, licensed, bonded, insured, full-service water, mold, and fire damage restoration company with a focus on restoration. Our highly-trained and certified cleaning and restoration technicians as well as our customer care staff are ready 24/7 to meet your emergency needs.

Canyon Lake Water Damage Service, best Canyon Lake restoration company, Canyon Lake water damage cleanup, best Canyon Lake home restoration

Combined with state-of-the-art technology and a highly-skilled construction crew, we’re ready for just about any cleaning, restoration, and disaster reconstruction project.


Our company is a member of CRA (Cleaning and Restoration Association) and the world-class IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. We more than meet the standards of leading insurance companies, and, furthermore, you have a comprehensive warranty. 


We’ll work closely with your insurance company to provide all the estimates, restoration measures, and documentation they need for a smooth and quick claims process. We’ll also bill them directly so that you won’t have any out-of-pocket expenses to get your all-important recovery work started right away.

Best Canyon Lake Water Damage Service - Health Dangers of Water Damage

Before we get into the solutions provided by water damage services, let’s discuss why it’s so important that you take these issues seriously. 


While of course, water damage poses countless threats to the structural integrity of your home or office, most people aren’t quite as aware of the very real threats to your health untreated water damage can cause. 


First of all, excessive humidity is the perfect environment for mold growth and rapid breeding of dust mites. This means that if you have any type of allergy, you’ll be at a disadvantage. The same goes if you suffer from asthma — mold can only make your symptoms worse.


You need to get water damage under control as soon as possible, as it only takes about 48 hours for mold to begin rapidly growing. Mold, if left untreated, can also cause respiratory infections, fungal infections, and in severe cases, may even lead to cancer and infertility. 


In short, you need to rely on professional water damage services to get yourself, and your family out of harm’s way before the mold has a chance to grow even more.

Best Canyon Lake Water Damage Service - The Different Types of Water Damage Services

Now that you’re aware of the health risks surrounding water damage, let’s examine some of the main causes. 


The Common Causes of Water Damage 


  • Broken Pipes 


  • Flooded Appliances 


  • Natural Disasters 


  • Sewer Issues


  • Humidity 


Now, let’s talk about solutions.

Canyon Lake Water Damage Service, best Canyon Lake restoration company, Canyon Lake water damage cleanup, best Canyon Lake home restoration

Mold Prevention and Cleanup 

The first step of the mold cleanup process is to locate any pipes and plumbing that’s leaking, which could potentially allow more mold to grow. 


Five Star Restoration experts will also identify the areas that aren’t properly ventilated, as this can quickly lead to condensation, another cause of mold. We’ll examine the areas around your doors and windows to ensure that proper ventilation can take place. 



Dehumidification is all about getting rid of mold-causing moisture in your home or business. 


First, we work to locate the source of the water damage, often by creating a “moisture map” to help us follow its path. Then, we create a tailor-made drying strategy to maximize the efficiency of our results. 


Some rent reports tell us that running an air conditioning system can help with this, but bigger areas require much more to dehumidify. We act fast and use high-volume dehumidifiers alongside fans to control the airflow. 


This ensures that your property and affected items dry out as quickly as possible to minimize the damage. 


Residential Restoration

When water damage wreaks havoc on your home, it’s easy to feel helpless. However, the most important thing you can do is to take immediate action.


After we assess the situation and walk you through our specific recovery plan, we first focus on making your property safe again. This means we look for electrical areas that have been damaged by water and usually handle these areas first. Our next step will be eliminating any standing water and drying out your belongings and flooring. 


We do this using the equipment mentioned above, as it will help prevent further damage. Then, we focus on ensuring that the humidity level in your building is back to a level that won’t promote the growth of mold and other contaminants. 


Finally, we disinfect the areas of your home that have been contaminated by mold and mildew. We do this using products that have been registered by the EPA, and that has been proven to stop the continued growth of microbes and other dangerous bacteria. 


Commercial Restoration

When water damage comes to your business, it’s an especially stressful time. In addition to the costs of repair, you’re also anxious about the loss of revenue if you’ve had to close down. That’s why tackling the damage as soon as possible, and taking preventative steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again, is crucial. 


If you don’t act quickly, you risk losing your property entirely. This is especially true if you’re dealing with standing water, which can destroy furniture, electronics, your records, and even your metal countertops.


The first step in this kind of damage control is to assess and survey the property. While some forms of water damage are visible, the reality is that often, what you can see is only the tip of the iceberg. 


To eliminate the standing water after we find its source, we use specialized refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifiers to blast warm dry air into the affected areas. It’s highly likely that the water has caused you to lose valuable documents or damaged your furniture/other property. We’ll work to get your property to its pre-damage condition.


Storm Damage Repair

Water damage caused by a storm or other natural disaster is incredibly intimidating to homeowners or business owners. Our services begin with boarding up your home to prevent further damage and, as a result, to keep your costs down.


Next, we’ll begin the water extraction process, which helps us to tackle even large amounts of standing water as quickly as possible. From there, we’ll assess whether or not your flooring (including any carpeting) can be saved. If so, we’ll work to begin the drying process using high-powered equipment. 


We even offer temporary storage for smaller items that can be saved, as we work to undo the water damage on them. Finally, we handle the disinfection process, which uses EPA-approved products to eliminate mold, fungus, and other contaminants.

If the Damage Is Especially Severe? Rely On Our Water Damage Services

Hopefully, now that you have read this article, you’re not only aware of the causes, but also the potential consequences of water damage. To ensure you fully understand the restoration process and all that it entails, call one of our water restoration consultants today.


When it comes to water damage services, rely on people with a proven track record of getting things done right the first time and being a trusted partner along each step of the way and you’ll experience that kind of service when you work with us.


Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment, or to inquire about our emergency services at (951) 368-2227.

Tags: Canyon Lake Water Damage Service, best Canyon Lake restoration company, Canyon Lake water damage cleanup, best Canyon Lake home restoration

Canyon Lake Water Damage Service, best Canyon Lake restoration company, Canyon Lake water damage cleanup, best Canyon Lake home restoration