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Canyon Lake Water Removal Company

Canyon Lake Water Removal Company – Advantages of Working with Five Star Restoration

Five Star Restoration is the Canyon Lake Water Removal Company to quickly get you on the road to recovery. Our expert water removal service offers emergency water removal, mold remediation, sewage cleanup, and structural drying of residential and commercial buildings. 


The first step to water damage restoration is water extraction and removal. As a part of water extraction, our team also thoroughly dries your home or business. At Five Star Restoration, we utilize specialized fans and other methods to control the moisture within the property. 


During extraction, damaged materials are removed for the water damage repair process and your Canyon Lake property gets deodorized. By fully drying your property, the dehumidification service increases the safety of your home or commercial property.


No matter what might have occurred to cause the water to start to accumulate in your home or business, you need to call for help right away. Any emergency water removal service is a great option, but having the right company right from the start can save you some headaches down the line.

First, you want to work with a company that can offer round the clock service. You want a company that uses the latest and best equipment for removing water from your property. Five Star Restoration is an IICRC certified and premier remediation company offering all the above. 


So why not take note of our phone number today? After all, you can’t predict just when this type of damage is going to happen. It could be on a weekend, a holiday, or the middle of the night. When you need emergency water removal, you won’t want to be looking through company reviews. 


When you work with the best, you can also expect great customer service. Get in contact with Five Star Restoration for your emergency water removal. 

Just call (951) 368-2227 to let us know what you need and to get a team to your property to start dealing with the water. We offer a guaranteed one hour response time and will directly bill your insurance company. 

Canyon Lake Water Removal Company – Why Call A Water Removal Company?

It is needless to explain the annoyance water damage can cause. But the consequences of water damage can range from minor to severe, and that determines how to address the situation. 


Apart from the visible damage, wet or damp materials can be an active cause of health risks due to mold and mildew. If you don’t address water damage correctly and get rid of standing water quickly, you are likely to experience worsening conditions. A proper water removal company can prevent this outcome.


Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to hire Five Star Restoration as your Canyon Lake Water removal company.


Professional Flood and Water Removal Company

Rising flood water is usually what people think of when they hear about extensive water damage problems, but it is often the overlooked areas that cause the most problems and headaches. 


Broken or leaky pipes are a common cause of water damage. They could allow gallons of water to infiltrate your home or business. These problems must be addressed right away. Delaying these repairs can become even more expensive as prolonged exposure to water can lead to structural decline and content damage in a residential or commercial property. 


If you need water damage cleanup and repair in any part of your home or business, give the experts at Five Star Restoration a call today!


IICRC Certified Technicians

Every job that we perform is supervised by an IICRC certified project manager or lead technician. They will work swiftly to assess the extent of the damage, detect and locate any hidden moisture, properly clean up the water, and thoroughly dry out all affected areas and structures. 


Call Five Star Restoration for immediate help with your water damage problem.



The two things to consider immediately when addressing water damage is removing standing water and drying the area. Commercial water vacuums and industrial fans can get the job done. These tools are powerful and portable to clean the mess no matter where it happens.


Health Risks

The longer you leave water standing, the more you risk developing mold. Damp walls, floors, and ceilings gather mold at a rapid speed and make the interior air very unhealthy for the household. 


Some mold can lead to serious health issues. If you get the assistance of a Canyon Lake Water removal company and get the water cleaned up immediately, these risks can be significantly reduced.



Water removal companies indeed charge a fee in return for the service they offer. However, what you invest in them can be a considerable saving down the road. Improper clean up by an untrained person can make the situation worse.

A flooded house or commercial property can be caused by many different sources, such as a creek, burst pipes, or backed up drains. Whatever the cause, once the water gets in, it can cause serious structural problems as well as affecting your health. 


There are a few steps you can take to begin the clean-up and minimize the damage before you contact a company that specializes in emergency water removal in the Canyon Lake area. 


Step 1: Stop the Water

It may be difficult to stop the water from a flooding creek, but if the problem is a busted pipe, simply shut the water off to prevent further damage. You should be familiar with the location of your home or commercial property’s main water shut off valve.


Step 2: Turn Off the Power

While you’re getting the water turned off, you should also think about how the water reacts to the electricity in your house. Carefully turn off the main power switch to the house to shut off all the electricity. 


Once the power is off, you can unplug and remove smaller appliances and other electrical devices from the flooded areas. These should be set up in a well-ventilated area so they can completely dry out before you plug them back in later.


Step 3: Think about Your Insurance

Once the water has stopped and the house is safe, you should take lots of pictures to illustrate the extent of the damage. Take multiple pictures from different angles showing how high the water is and what it may damage. Pull out your insurance paperwork or contact your agent to see what other information they will need.


Step 4: Start Cleaning Right Away

Once the house is safe and you’ve talked to your insurance company, you can contact a company to help with your water issue. While you wait for them, begin the cleanup process. 


Smaller pieces of furniture can be moved to a drier area along with small rugs or floor mats. Rent a wet vac from the hardware store to start sucking the water out of the furniture and carpets. 


You can minimize the damage to your house and the cost coming out of your pocket by acting quickly and acting early in the process.

Looking for the Best Water Removal Company? Call Today for Your Free Estimate!

Call Five Star Restoration, your Canyon Lake Water removal company, today to learn about our other cleaning services. Our friendly team of water restoration professionals will assess any damage and recommend an efficient and effective recovery plan.


We’re here to help, so call now at (951) 368-2227. Our experienced team of professionals assures that you will receive comprehensive service promptly that is both efficient and accurate. 


Whether you would like to inquire about employing our services or send us any comments, questions, or suggestions, we would like to hear from you!


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