Causes of Water Damage

Causes of Water Damage

Unpredictable Causes Of Water Damage

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Finding out that your kitchen has flooded is enough to make you panic and feel stressed about the hassle and cost implications it entails. To make it worse, you discover that the source came from one of the most unpredictable causes of water damage, something you didn’t even know to be on the lookout for!


That’s the thing about being a homeowner; you can never be too complacent and just hope that nothing serious happens in your household. The last thing you need is to be caught off guard when something as serious as water damage occurs in your home.

That’s why it is important to be one step ahead to avoid unexpected destruction in your household. The way to be prepared is to know which causes can become a source of water damage in your home – especially the ones that you would never expect to trigger any problem.

Seven Unpredictable Causes of Water Damage

Water damage happens when excessive amounts of water start to create a pool in a specific area of your household where it shouldn’t be present. When not addressed quickly, this pool of water can lead to damage that can put your health and property at risk.


Reasons for how water may begin to collect in areas where it shouldn’t vary, with some causes more common than others. Usual reasons may come from plumbing problems, roof damage, or basement leaks.


The unpredictable causes are the ones you should be more concerned about, as these can leave you scratching your head in disbelief. Some of the unexpected reasons for water damage include:


1. Changes in temperature

When the temperature gets very hot or cold, this may cause pipes to contract or expand, and repetitively, these extreme temperature changes may eventually cause the pipes to crack and burst.


2. Uneven water pressure

Pipes can get strained when subjected to excessive or uneven pressure. So, be extra cautious when using extra pressure when running water from your faucet. While most faucets and pipes are built to endure high water pressure, any additional pressure may cause pipes to leak.


3. Flash floods

There are some areas where storms are commonplace, but what may cause unexpected water damage are the flash floods that may happen instantly and without warning.


When extreme flooding occurs, this can last for hours on end, leading to water damage that affects residential and commercial establishments.  On top of water damage, flash floods also bring destructive debris like trees or vehicles, which can also cause property destruction.


4. Burst dishwasher or washing machine pipes

Since dishwashers and washing machines are household appliances that people use every day, it’s easy to be dependent on them without thinking that these may also be exposed to potential problems due to excessive use. 


Hoses on these appliances may burst due to wear and tear, which leads to flooding.    


5. Roof leaks

Leaky roofs are a common cause of water damage, but what can catch you off guard is when your roof gets damaged instantly due to rainstorms. 


Or a tree branch that is rubbing and loosening roof tiles that you are not aware of. 


6. Air conditioners

Just like any other appliances you use in your home, air conditioners are not spared from wear and tear. When your A/C isn’t properly maintained, moisture can easily build up, causing mold to grow in the ducts and accumulate. This may then lead to blocked air conditioning ducts, which eventually cause water damage.


7. Blockage in your plumbing system

External factors may also cause water damage in your home. For instance, tree roots may intrude on your plumbing system, causing it to get blocked and for pipes to break and be easily damaged.


A heads-up on all these unpredictable causes of water damage can save you a lot of trouble in the future. Remember that when left unattended, water damage may cause mold and mildew to grow in your home, potentially leading to health problems. 


In addition, water damage may ruin the structural foundation of your home, as water may cause wood to weaken and eventually deteriorate.


Furthermore, water damage, when not addressed quickly, may cause a fire hazard in your home. This could easily be the case when there’s a leaky roof that has been undetected for years.  It can cause wires to short circuit, which eventually leads to a fire.

What To Do at the First Sign of Water Damage

Time is of the essence when your home experiences water damage. When faced with such disaster, be sure to:


1. Find out where the water is coming from. Any one of these unexpected sources may be the culprit, and it’s important to stop the water at the source before it can cause further damage. For example, when water comes from burst pipes, it is a must to shut off the main water valve.


In addition, make sure to turn off any other sources that may cause more damage to your home. For instance, if the cause of water damage is from a leaky roof, turn off the power source in the part of your home where the leakage occurs. This will avoid injuries related to electric shock and more importantly, prevents fire.    


2. Clean up and wipe out any excess water in the areas affected. This will prevent moisture and mildew growth and avoid potential health problems associated with it.

3. Let your insurance company know about the water damage to cover repair and restoration costs.

4. Call a professional immediately. It is important to have your home checked by a water damage restoration company to properly assess the damage and provide expert repair and restoration recommendations.

Call Five Star Restoration to address your water damage problem immediately.  As a top water damage restoration company, you can rely on Five Star’s experienced and certified specialists who have years of experience repairing and restoring homes damaged by water.

Don’t Let Unpredictable Causes of Water Damage Scare You, Call Five Star Today

It is important that you consult an expert when faced with unpredictable causes of water damage in order to give your home a proper diagnosis. Five Star Restoration can expertly detect leaks and give assessment and repair procedures to restore your home to its original state.


Moreover, you can trust Five Star Restoration to provide preventive measures to avoid future water damage to your home. When in doubt, have your whole house checked for any other possible and unexpected sources of water damage.


Call Five Star Restoration today at (951) 368-2227 or send an email to to get expert help on all your water damage problems in the North County San Diego and Inland Empire.

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