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3 Common Home Problems and Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Them



Keeping your home in great condition while ensuring the safety of everyone inside it is a tough order.  Owning a house doesn’t end with having it under your name and doing a few light clean-ups – it’s a full time job.  It requires vigilance, proactiveness, and a dedicated budget for periodic maintenance and repairs.

To help, we have compiled a list of some of the most common issues that homeowners often overlook.  Knowing the warning signs of such issues can possibly help save you thousands of dollars by catching these problems early. 

And money isn’t even the worst of it.  Overlooking home issues can be a potential health risk to you and your family.  But not to worry, a little proactiveness goes a long way!

To find out more about the three home problems you shouldn’t ignore, read on.


Three Common Home Problems and How to Fix Them


While you may actually have a case of rotting eggs in the house, it’s important to make sure that it is not a gas leak causing the smell.  


If you notice the smell coming from the kitchen or from appliances that use gas, make sure that no burner valve was left open or check if the pilot light was accidentally put out.

There are hundreds (some may say thousands!) of possible setbacks that a homeowner might encounter.  

Home troubles come in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of severity.  To help narrow down your learning process, we’ve picked three of the most common home problems we think you should be aware of.


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Common Home Problems Water Damage On Ceiling

Water damage can affect anyone in any home at any time.  Water damage can be an unexpected emergency, but it can also be a preventable problem.


Some common causes of water damage include flooding, broken pipes, clogged gutters, bad ventilation, and the like. 


Not only can water affect your furniture and building foundation, it can also short-circuit your electrical wiring and lead to accidental electrocution or fire.  In short, it’s a problem that you really should address outright.


Step one is to be aware of potential troubles.  Here are some recommended preventative steps:


  • be aware of the age and past misuse of your pipes - old pipes are more likely to leak


  • watch the weather for heavy rains or floods and take the correct safety precautions for your property


  • hire a professional to provide regular maintenance to keep you up to date about the condition of your property


  • watch for water damage warning signs such as a wet floor, wall and ceiling discoloration, and changes in water pressure, temperature, or color





Some water damage can be fixed DIY-style by using marine epoxy or changing some components of leaking pipes.  Other remedies are best left in the hands of professionals, like doing a permanent seal on foundation leaks or de-clogging gutters and drainage systems. 


Use your best judgment on whether a DIY fix is appropriate.  If you are unsure whether your leak can be repaired by a home remedy, always call for a professional opinion. When it comes to water damage, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


If you have property damage due to a water leak, this can also be repaired or fully replaced to restore the original condition and appearance. 


Pro Tip: Our most important tip regarding water damage is that TIME IS CRITICAL. Once you discover any sign of water damage inside or even outside of your home, you should act immediately to prevent an exponential increase in damage.



Common Home Problems Mold In Corner

Mold doesn’t just look nasty, it can also cause some serious health concerns when not addressed immediately. 


Not all mold types are harmful, but those that are can lead to asthma attacks, skin rashes, sneezing/runny nose, shortness of breath, and other allergic reactions. 


Mold growth is normally found in attics, floors, ceilings, wallpaper, bathrooms, sinks, vents, and other interior spaces where there are leaks, high humidity levels, flooding, and wet clothes.


Mold prevention includes the following:


  • dry significantly wet areas of your house - this is especially necessary after water damage


  • monitor the humidity inside your property and take necessary steps to prevent humid environments such as dehumidifiers and proper ventilation 


  • watch for signs of water damage - where there is water, there is a higher chance of mold


  • be aware of any combination of the following: a musty smell, a chronic cough, trouble focusing, fatigue, skin rash, discolored or stained walls - these are signs that you have toxic mold in your home




If you do find mold, there are several great remedies to mold growth that you can try. You can improve ventilation, fix leaks inside and outside of your home, lower the level of humidity, and paint the walls, ceilings, and other spots with special paint that resists mold. 


If you’re unsure about the size of the mold growth, or the effectiveness of your fix, you should immediately contact professionals who specialize in mold removal since they have the skills and equipment required to perform proper and thorough cleanup.


Pro Tip: All mold, not just black, is potentially dangerous for your health, and the growths are often not fully visible. The best course of action is to call a professional so you can be sure your home is safe and dry again.


Common Home Problems Outlet On Fire

Of our top 3 common home problems you shouldn’t ignore, this one should make the top spot. 


Faulty or damaged electrical connections have the potential not only to render your home appliances and fixtures without a power source, they can also ramp up your monthly electricity bills, permanently damage your appliances, and even cause a fire. 


And since your home isn’t cheap, plus the fact that your family’s safety could be put in danger, faulty wiring is a problem that deserves your undivided attention should you discover it at any point.


Here are some preventative steps to ensure your wiring is as safe as possible:


  • make sure your wiring follows code


  • replace outdated or broken circuit breakers and fuses


  • use a stud finder when making holes in the wall - you don’t know where your wires might be running


  • don’t run cords under flammable materials such as bedding and carpeting


  • don’t use broken or spliced cords


  • follow the correct safety precautions on all your electric appliances - this even includes lamps!


  • watch for warning signs such as dim or flickering lights, discolored cords or outlets, fuses that repeatedly blow and circuit breakers that repeatedly trip, or switches and outlets that are hot or smell strange



The obvious remedy in such a situation is to call a licensed electrician to fix any damaged or faulty wiring or electrical connection in your home. Unless you have the skills, knowledge, and proper equipment to do it on your own, it is never a good idea to do a DIY fix on your electrical system.

Pro Tip: Accidents happen. Keep a working fire extinguisher in an accessible place in your home, just in case.


Perks of Getting Help from the Experts

Common Home Problems Professional Mold Removal

Letting the experts handle these common home problems is the best solution should you encounter any of them.  While it may seem costly to hire professionals to fix these issues, the benefits that you get from doing so far outweigh the amount of money that you will spend.

First, you won’t have to do the job yourself and so will have more time to focus your energy on things that are important to you. 

You could also actually save money in the process, since calling a professional increases the chance the job will be done correctly and completely the first time. And you reduce the risk of causing a bigger problem than the one you already have. 

Second, you can be sure that they can complete the job fully and correctly while following the accepted best practices and applicable laws to ensure the safety of your family – which should be your most important consideration.

California’s Most Reliable Damage and Restoration Company

Five Star Restoration is among California’s most reliable damage restoration companies, serving homes and businesses in Murrieta and nearby California locations.  In addition to water damage, we also handle fire and smoke damage concerns, as well as mold remediation – basically the 3 common home problems that we discussed.

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We value you and your family and home as we would our own.  We are certified experts working o protect you, our neighbors.

Moreover, our expert personnel can serve you at a moment’s notice any time of day,  24/7. 


We can take care of arranging all necessary details with your insurance provider to facilitate everything needed to get the project up and running.  It’s something that we’re proud of and always excited to offer every client.

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Common Home Problems