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Cleaning Mold From Carpet

Mold spores are one of those small but potentially harmful things. These microscopic spores are released into the air, multiply and float around unseen until they land on a wet or damp spot.  


When conditions are right, meaning there’s moisture, oxygen, a food source and a surface to grow on, then you can find yourself with mold growth. 


Carpets, in particular, are high risk and provide ample breeding ground for mold.  Particularly vulnerable are carpets in basements, those in moist or damp climates, or carpets that may get wet for any period of time (think bathmats or bathroom carpeting, playrooms or family rooms prone to spills, etc)


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Emergency Water Leak Guide

Keep this emergency water leak guide handy.  Waking up to or coming home to a flooded house is a clear-cut definition of a disaster.  In the middle of all that panic, it’s easy to forget the water leak dos and don’ts.


We’ve put together a handy list to help you in case you find yourself in this unfortunate emergency.  Keep it in a safe place.


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Teach Kids To Be Careful With Fire

It is common knowledge that fire is dangerous, but how do you effectively teach kids to be careful with fire?


Often kids realize quickly that a bright, hot flame is dangerous, but they may not understand how dangerous it can really be. 


In this article, we will share some important points you can teach your child regarding fire safety.


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