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Prevent christmas fires

The holidays are fast approaching.  It’s the time for festive cooking and get togethers with family and friends.


We’re pretty sure you’re ready to bring out holiday decorations from storage and dust them off. 


After all, the holidays will not be complete without the ...


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fall home maintenance tasks

The warm months are coming to an end, and we are beginning to enjoy a change of season when leaves start to fall and temperatures become cooler. 


Yes, fall is upon us which signals a great time to be feeling comfier and more relaxed in our homes.


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mudslide damage

With the weather patterns this summer ushering in hotter, drier and windier conditions and drying out vegetation, brush fires have been and continue to be a constant threat.


With the recent fires, residents in several areas in Riverside County have been ordered to evacuate due to the closeness of fires to their homes.


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household mold prevention

Mention mold and it’s likely to cause shudders from anyone hearing the word.  What is mold and what causes mold to multiply in your home?


Molds are a type of fungus. Outdoors, they are beneficial and break down dead organic matter.  Indoors, it’s an entirely different story. 


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hoarders and property management

When managed properly, a rental property is a good addition to an investment portfolio. 


It is a good source of passive income for owners. On the flipside, landlords and property managers often encounter a variety of challenges when renting out to tenants.



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toxic mold survivors story

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We are all aware that mold in the house is bad and can potentially cause serious health problems.  Just how bad can it get? Read on to find out.


There’s an interesting article we recently read telling the story of Charlotte Ryan, a toxic mold survivor, and her family.



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protecting your home against wildfires

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The 2018 wildfire season was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire season to date in California. Consider these figures:


  • 8,527 fires burned an area covering 1,893,913 acres


  • $3.5 billion in damages, including $1.79 billion in fire control costs


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home and condo insurance

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As a responsible homeowner, buying insurance for your home is the best thing you can do.  It is also probably one purchase that you hope you will never, ever use.


So, why bother?


Your home is most likely the largest asset you own.  It certainly is a major investment.

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asbestos testing

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Mention asbestos and it is likely to elicit a reaction of dread from people.  


But what is it really and why does it receive such a bad rap.


Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral silicate material that can be formed into a fibrous and fluffy consistency.

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garage water damage

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Any storage space, whether it’s an attic, a basement or a garage is vulnerable to water damage.  


Most of the time, you won’t even be aware of any damage until it’s too late.


Let’s face it, you rarely ever check on your storage space unless you need to put in more stuff or pull something out.

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