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home safety checklist

Your home is a place you hope provides a safe haven for you and your family.  


And when things crop up that threaten that safety, we all naturally do what we can to fix the problem.  


Some threats can easily be seen because they are obvious, like a broken window for example.


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Home sewage cleanup

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A sewage backup is one of the most troublesome and foul incidents that can occur in a home.  


It can cause extensive property damage and potentially severe health problems and, on top of that, dealing with it can be extremely difficult and unpleasant.


Any kind of plumbing problem around the house can turn into a homeowner’s headache, but...

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prevent storm water damage

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Weather can affect us wherever we live with very little warning.  Severe storms can occur in any season. It pays to take heed and prepare for the worst, even if your home isn’t in the direct path of a storm.


Stormwater runoff can quickly overwhelm natural and human-made systems, leading to flooding and property damage. 

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Why and how to prevent home water damage are questions we often get asked. Water damage is considered to be one of the most common and expensive disasters your home can go through.  


Water damage is one of the most commonly occurring and expensive disasters homeowners experience. The presence of a small leak can mean your home is at risk.

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flooring water damage tips
Water damage causes

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Why have we written an article about how to protect your home against mold?


Many homeowners are unaware of one potential element that wreaks havoc on many homes and that is MOLD.


Mold damage is a commonly undetected problem and could be growing in your home now!

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Have you ever experienced flooding in your home? 


Whether it’s caused by severe weather, burst pipes, an overflowing toilet or appliance leaks, dealing with it and the subsequent damage water causes can be a nightmare.  


When disaster strikes, one of people’s first concerns usually is their floors.  

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No one wants to think about water damage occurring in our homes.  


And, one of the largest problems with water damage is that small leaks can cause big damage without out us even noticing at first.  


Water that sits and builds up in out of sight places can slowly ruin our ceiling, walls, or cabinets, etc.


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Minimize Business Water damage

No doubt about it - water can cause serious damage to property.  What are the things you have to contend with when water damage occurs?


  • Furniture, electronics and expensive machinery damage

  • Important office and client file damage

  • Structural damage - water damage to floors and walls

  • Mold growth

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Prevent Water Damage While Traveling Away From Home, prevent home water damage, vacation water damage,

Plane tickets booked and hotel accommodations confirmed? Check ….


All laundry done?  Check …

Doggies booked at the dog sitter? Check …


Before going on that much awaited vacation, or going away for the holidays, make sure...

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smart home innovations

Unfortunately, residential flooding and fires are disasters that may occur in all regions, at any time.  


But the good news is, today's technology has made protecting your home easier than ever.


The best smart home devices can minimize your risk of costly water and fire disasters, allowing you to...

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insurance damage claim terms

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Why is it important to know these two terms when filing an insurance claim for damages to your home?  


It is because these insurance damage claim terms usually appear on the property claim estimate sheet, and they do have different meanings.

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