Fast Water Damage Help In Murrieta

Fast Water Damage Help In Murrieta – Advantages of Working with 5 Star Restoration


With any water damage in Murrieta, it is necessary to analyze and assess the building materials and contents that are being affected by the moisture and then we can develop specific water removal and cleanup process.


At Five Star Restoration, we choose the best trained personnel and high-end equipment that can evaluate flood or water damage and quickl identify all the problem areas that are retaining the moisture.


Most often during a water damage situation, there are more materials that are wet than appear to be.  Even if you feel the water damage is little and isolated, it should be evaluated by a restoration professional.  


Five Star Restoration is ready to help you with all your damage needs.

Fast Water Damage Help In Murrieta – Water Daage Can Lead To Mold


Water damage alone can ruin furniture, cabinets, walls, floorboards and more, but the problem does not end there.  When this damage is not treated immediately it leads to the moist humid conditions that mold thrives in.


Mold contamination is not always visible right away, and can sometimes grow for weeks and months before being detected.  Don’t allow your homes water damage to develop to a much bigger and more expensive problem.

So be proactive and call our professionals at 951-368-2227 for fast help  We will determine if ou need our professional services or if ou can clean thngs up yourself..


Five Star Restoration has a full range of services including:


·         Water extraction

·         Odor Removal

·         Dehumidification

·         Surface Drying

·         Air Cleansing

·         Decontamination

·         Debris Removal

·         Crawl Space Cleanup

·         Sanitation

·         Disinfecting

·         Sewage Cleanup

·         Flooding Cleanup

·         Damaged Carpet Removal

Fast Water Damage Help – Five Star Restoration

Five Star Restoration is water removal and cleanup specialists and we are ready to service your Murrieta home when flooding or water leaks cause water damage.  


We quickly dry your property using state-of-the-art water removal equipment and advanced drying techniques, documenting the drying process to make sure your property is dry and the job is done right.


When your home is being threatened by water from flooding, leaks or sewage, we understand the urgency of getting the flood water extracted as soon as possible. The longer you wait to call, the more damage will be done to your property.


Water left standing in your home and not immediately removed can be the difference between minor damage and extensive damage to your property.


We have the experience and equipment necessary to handle the most challenging water damage and removal situations and we respond immediately.  Whether its water extraction, drying, restoration, mold remediation or treatment, we do it all.


Call us immediately for a free estimate. We will work with all insurance companies so the process is easy. Don’t hesitate to call us @ 951-368-2227.


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Fast Water  Damage Help Murrieta