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Fire Damage Repair and Restoration

Fire Damage Repair and Restoration

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According to the National Fire Protection Association, firefighters in the US respond to a fire every 24 seconds, resulting in hundreds of billions of dollars of expenditures each year. 


The devastation of a house fire can be one of the most traumatizing and frightening experiences a family can have. Seeing your prized possessions and the roof over our heads destroyed can leave a family lost, hurt and confused.

To make matters worse, the damage caused by fires doesn’t end when the flames have been extinguished. The acidic soot and smoke damage that is often produced in fires accelerates the deterioration and corrosion of building components and vital assets. 


Prompt fire damage restoration can hold the key to limiting the emotional and financial struggles caused by a fire.


There are three types of property damage that happen after a fire:


Water Damage

Fires are most frequently extinguished with dry chemicals or water. Once the fire is out, water damage can lead to mold, mildew, and even wood rot. 


Smoke Damage

Smoke and soot damage cause discoloration, harmful odors, and contamination in the home. Toxic smoke odor left behind must be neutralized and deodorized.


Fire Damage

While water damage and smoke damage are secondary effects of fire, fire damage is the term used when fire or heat is the primary source of the damage.


You should never try to remediate your property on your own after a fire. Only fire damage restoration professionals have the experience needed to observe the proper fire restoration process to make your home safe again. 


Knowing the processes fire damage professionals use to clean and repair your home can help both you and your professional team restore your home as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Fire damage restoration includes mitigating damage as well as providing smoke damage cleanup and water damage restoration as quickly as possible after the damage first occurs.


What else does fire damage repair and restoration entail?

Assess the Extent of the Property and Contents Damage

The first step of a fire remediation professional is to confirm that the property is safe to enter. They’ll check for signs of structural damage that compromises the home and carefully inspect the property from the outside before opening the door.  


Following this, they will assess how much of your home might have smoke or fire damage. How deep did the fire penetrate the structure of the home? How much smoke and soot covered your surfaces? Do your walls, furniture, and fixtures show signs of heat damage? Everything should be recorded and documented for insurance purposes.

Securing the Foundation

After assessment, the next step in the restoration process is to prevent any more damage from occurring. That means plugging up any holes or supporting weakened structures. If the walls, floors, or roof got singed, they will be inspected for repairs or replacement. 


Beyond the visible structural damage, contents inside the structure must be evaluated for recovery based on replacement cost vs. restoration cost. For example, removing or restoring the HVAC system to ensure no harmful particles will spread through the air and cause future health problems. 


It’s important to consider what items should be deep cleaned and restored and what items are too damaged and should instead be replaced.

Cleaning and Removal

To properly clean your property following a fire, it must be decontaminated from smoke, dust, and soot. 


Fire causes more damage than just burns. To thoroughly clean your property after a fire, our professionals must address all damage both from the fire and from putting out the fire. These problem areas include soot, smoke, rust, physical damage, odors, and even water damage.

Soot and other debris

Smoke and soot can cause damage even after the fire has been extinguished. Before any water damage or fire damage restoration processes can begin, all debris and soot must be removed from the home. 


Soot in the air adheres to surfaces and causes discoloration. Metals, plastics, grout, carpeting, textiles, and wood are particularly sensitive to this type of damage. The soot can cause more damage the longer it remains on a surface, and debris can get in the way of the restoration process. 


Removing the soot and debris will also help improve air quality and reduce airborne odors. A vacuum can help remove some of the remaining soot — it can be swept up or wiped away.


Air quality

Air quality is a major concern after a fire and is not to be ignored. Cleaning up smoke damage begins by using an air scrubber and air mover to clean the air. Smoke-damage cleaning products are used on any surfaces that have absorbed the smoke. 


Water damage

If your home has also been affected by water damage, then the cleanup process will include pumping and airing out all the moisture. Special heaters and fans will then be used to dry out all the contents before sanitization. It’s important to take care of water damage as soon as possible to prevent mold growth from causing future health problems.


Rust and corrosion

Rust and corrosion are risks for any metals that become oxidized. Water interacting with metal can cause the metal to corrode or rust. This is true for any metal, but it’s especially important to be aware of for small electronics that contain metal. 


If the components and conductors in the electronics corrode, the item is often irreparable, and the risk of electrical shock is increased.


Dangerous components

Remove all damaged components. If there are any unsafe components that cannot be restored, they should be removed from the home or property. To prevent the collection of soot, dust, and other harmful elements, remove any floor coverings that could promote an unhealthy or unsafe environment.



In order to remove the odors that linger after a fire, it might be necessary to clean all the carpet and upholstery throughout the home. This is where you should be considering tossing out any upholstered furniture that isn’t expensive to replace. It might cost more to try to clean it. 


All untouched furniture needs to be removed from the home as soon as possible as smoke lingers and embeds itself into fibers long after a fire. The sooner that you can air out these pieces, the better. A professional can clean these items and prepare them for re-entry once the home is restored.

Restore the Contents and Property to Their Pre-fire State

For the priceless pieces, family heirlooms, and furniture that is hard or impossible to replace, a good restoration specialist can make all the difference. 


Carpets, curtains, and other fabrics usually need special attention because they are easily ruined. In some cases, carpets can be shampooed and restored, while fabrics can be washed or cleaned. You should be able to tell if an item is far too damaged to be restored.


If the damage is so extensive that you can’t restore the affected parts of your home, why not start over?  We offer renovation services along with repair and restoration. 


Experienced contractors know how to get the most value out of the restoration process, even if that means throwing away and rebuilding a large portion of it. Our in-house contractors evaluate the structural framing and ensure that framing and subfloor materials are up to safety standards.

Treat for Odor and Contamination

Professionals will choose the appropriate cleaning product and method depending on the item being cleaned or deodorized as well as how much mold, mildew or smoke has penetrated the surface. 


If the structure’s framing can be saved, it will be treated with odor counteractants that ensure no microbial contamination is present.

Fire Damage Restoration Consultation

Fire damage restoration is much more than simply cleaning and repairing places that fire has touched. It’s also important to consider how the fire, smoke, and gases have transformed the home’s foundation as well as the contents inside. 


Don’t trust such an important job to just anyone. Five Star Restoration has the knowledge, tools, and track record to get your family back on your feet and into your safely restored home as quickly as possible.


Our team of specialists will minimize the loss and inconvenience caused by fire damage. We will take care of the entire home environment, restoring the safety that your home provides. 


Contact us today at (951) 368-2227 for a free consultation and learn why homeowners and big businesses trust us during natural disasters and emergencies.

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