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Freshening up your home for spring

Freshening Up Your Home For Spring

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As the weather gets warmer and the days get brighter, it’s the perfect time for freshening up your home for spring.


From doing some renovations to adding some vibrant decor to your home to jump-starting your garden, there's plenty to do in and around the house this season that can make a huge difference.

Not sure where to begin? Our water damage and fire damage experts at Five Star Restoration has got you covered! 


Below is a quick todo list that will surely help you in freshening up your home for spring.

Freshening Up Your Home For Spring - Organize Your Home



Spring is about newness, so before you do any enhancing or cleaning, tuck away the winter accessories. 


Cozy blankets, heavy throw pillows, and plush rugs are wonderful for warming up a room on chilly winter days, but once spring rolls around, it’s time to put them away to keep clutter at bay. 


In their place, consider adding a brightly colored throw pillow or two to give the room a fresh look.


Likewise, rearrange things in the kitchen cabinets and storeroom and sort through toiletries and cosmetics in the restroom drawers if it pleases you and you have the time.

As you clean up and organize, ask yourself if an item is worth keeping. If not, take photographs and sell through online sites to make some additional money.


Reinvent and Rearrange the Furniture

Are you burnt out seeing the same layout at home and thinking about how to freshen up your home for spring? Not a problem! Use what you already have to recreate it. 


Another lovely way to spruce up the house is to rearrange the furniture. Your creativity skills will show off. 


You can put the bed against an alternate wall. On the off chance that there isn't a chimney or windows to contend with, turn the living room’s seating area around, moving the couch, armchairs, and tales to give it new life. 


You can also have a go at working on the space by removing area rugs or taking out furniture that doesn't fill a need or messes the room. 


Thus, you can also get yourself new furniture to take its previously assigned space.


Rearrange or Swap Out Photos


Another simple and low cost solution to making your home feel new is to update the photos you currently have in picture frames or simply move them around to different tables and walls around the house. Getting a new colorful frame is fun, too!

Freshening Up Your Home For Spring - Update Your Colors

Let the Sun In


Over the years, long winters followed by thawing seasons can take a toll on your windows and distract from the natural light flow.  Pull back the drapes, open up the shades, let the natural light shine through, and breathe in the fresh air. 


It's an instant mood booster for your home and probably one of the simplest things you can do to brighten up any space. 


Give attention to those places you've ignored like the dingy baseboards, scuffed walls, and dirty windows so the sun can shine through them even brighter, and the gentle breeze from the open windows will allow them to air dry thoroughly. 


More natural light in a home can not only make it appear larger but also add an element of openness to even the most closed-off of floor plans. 


Update Fabrics


Another approach to switch to another season is to update your tones all through the house, including clothes, cotton, and silks, which have a much lighter look than velvets and furs. 

On the off chance that you like to change it up regularly, you could consider building up a selection of pillows and throws that you can swap around for the seasons. 

Only a couple of little touches can have a major difference, so don't believe that you need to purchase a new lounge chair or all-new toss cushions for spring. Regardless of whether you simply change a couple of things, you'll be surprised at how much it can light up the whole room.




You would be amazed to see what difference a layer of paint can do in your home. It gives your surroundings a fresh pop of color.

Regardless of whether you're not interested in painting all the walls, perhaps paint a few cabinets in the washroom or kitchen or even the front door.


 You could take it a step further and change out the cabinet and cabinet hardware for a new fresh look.

Freshening Up Your Home For Spring - Create A Thriving Garden

Update Landscaping


Since spring has sprung, it's the ideal chance to put new plants into your garden beds. You can also add some literal life to your home with fresh, green spring plants. 


They’ll bring vibrant green color and cleansing energy throughout your home – in the living room, kitchen, and even the bathroom. 


Above all, make sure to check your sprinklers and determine if no breaks happened in the lines during winter, so your plants are prepared to withstand more blazing temperatures this summer. 


If you notice that numerous branches from trees or bushes fall near your home, they should be trimmed back or taken out. 


On the off chance that the melting snow and ice soften toward your home and foundation, it very well might be an ideal opportunity to regrade your yard. 


Get Into the Weeds


With more sunny hours in the day, this season also brings weeds. You might want to eliminate any old stems from a year ago with a quick clip, scissors, or hand pruners. Cut back ornamental grasses that die with winter before new growing grasses show up.


Make sure your garden is ready for prime time by clearing out overgrowth so that your blossoms can stand out.


To prevent wildfire damage later this summer, now is a great time to clear out tree branches and overgrown bushes too close to the house.

Freshening Up Your Home For Spring - Update Your Outdoor Spaces

Don’t Forget the Patio


In case you're fortunate enough to have a back porch or deck, don't disregard it this spring! Since you'll certainly need to appreciate it during the hotter months this year, take some time to transform it into a calming outside retreat area for you and your family.


Clean porch furniture with warm, foamy water and drag it into the sun to dry.

Freshen Up The Front Door


Light your walkways and other high-traffic areas outside your home to help improve visibility around evening time. You can turn them on or off, change the brilliance, and modify the movement affectability. 


You can easily add solar lighting.  Solar lights easily stake into soft ground and recharge in direct sunlight.

Get A Head Start On Cleaning And Routine Maintenance

Do Some Spring Cleaning


Of course, springtime wouldn't be springtime without some major cleaning. It sometimes feels like an overwhelming task—but once you get started, you'll feel inspired by the fresh and clean look and feel of your home, which will be worth every minute of effort.

The payoff is much larger than the effort, and you will be able to enjoy the pleasures of warmer weather with a newfound sense of satisfaction. 


Inspect for Winter Damage


First of all, review your home for any signs of winter damage. Most especially your plumbing. While this past season was rather mild, it’s always a good idea to perform a simple inspection of your home.  


The most common type of water damage to homes isn't caused by hurricanes or floods. It's caused by the dishwasher, water heater, and other appliances or plumbing.


Spring is a good reminder to give toilets, sinks, and connecting pipes and hoses a good once-over for signs of cracks, leaks, or dampness.  Call Five Star Restoration for a free inspection and assessment if you do suspect water damage.


Replace anything that appears worn or loose

Check the Crawl Space.


This is likewise a great opportunity to crawl under the house and into the attic, to make sure nothing occupies those spaces throughout the colder time of year. 


Search for creature droppings, scratches, or openings. If you discover any indications of water damage, mold, pest infestation, damage to the windows and vents, worn-out insulation, and humidity levels, hire an expert to make the necessary fixes. 

Change the Air Conditioner Filter 


Change your air conditioner filter at least once a month. This puts less stress on the unit and allows it to work at maximum efficiency. Choose a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter which traps microscopic particles like mold, pollen, and dust. 


Uncover the unit, clean out any debris and dust that may have settled, and have the proper maintenance done before you start running it this summer.

Is Your Home Ready for Spring? Call Five Star Restoration For Water Damage And Mold Remediation Help

So now that you’ve seen all the simple ways to freshen up your home for spring, what are you going to do to add a dose of spring to your own house? 


The ways are countless! 


Some situations, however, call for more extensive cleaning where you need to let professionals do all the work so that it is done correctly because there’s more rainfall in the spring and summer than in any other season. 


It’s important to resolve any drainage issues with the grading or gutters because there is more rainfall to expect. 


If you experience water damage in your home, you should immediately call Five Star Restoration, a fully certified restoration company for professional water damage restoration. 


Ignoring water damage can lead to much more serious problems, such as severe structural damage or mold growth.


Our crew is on call 24/7, and we will come to assess the situation, document the damage, and then we will work with your insurance adjuster to provide you the fastest and best water restoration possible. 


With our help, you can focus on your family and relationships, while you let us worry about restoring your physical property to its pre-damage state. When we are done, all traces of the damage will be gone, and you will be left with a safe and comfortable home.


To know more about our water damage and fire damage restoration services, call us today at (951) 368-2227 or visit us online for more information.


Happy Spring!

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