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Get Rid of Household Bugs

10 Disgusting Household Bugs and Tricks To Get Rid of Them

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As a property owner, or a renter,or a property manager, it is important to know how to easily get rid of household bugs.  


No matter how many Hollywood movies and kiddie shows portray bugs as adorable creatures, there’s no denying that many of them are destructive and pose health risks to humans.  Or, they are just plain creepy to many of us.


Since bugs typically love to hide out in dark places that are hard to reach, they can multiply quickly and wreak havoc without being noticed. In fact, most of the damage that they can do to a property is discovered too late by property owners and managers.


For this reason alone, bugs are considered as Property Enemy # 1 by many homeowners, renters, and property managers.


Here is our list of the 10 most disgusting household bugs that you can encounter and the ways to get rid of them.

Get Rid of Household Bugs - Meal Moths

These food-hungry bugs (also known as pantry moths) stay true to their name since they are fond of dried fruits, flour, and beans. They are even known to help themselves to tasty pet food and Christmas decor! 


While they’re not disease-carriers, they are nonetheless considered as pests that require quick action. Fortunately, meal moths can be discouraged from staying inside the house by using sealed containers to store the food that these bugs are known to enjoy.

Get Rid of Household Bugs - Flies

Get Rid Of Household Bugs Fruit Flies, get rid of household bugs, bugs that torment, how to kill bugs, get rid of pests, bugs in my house, pests in my house

Flies are found practically everywhere, which is why they’re almost always in the top 10 bugs that torment humans. Unlike meal moths, flies do carry and spread disease that put peoples’ health at risk. Flies are known to carry E. coli and salmonella, as well as cause food poisoning. 


A simple and inexpensive way of addressing a fly problem is to create a fly trap made of a jar with an apple cider vinegar and floral dish soap mixture. A fruit trap is also a great deterrent against fruit flies and other types of flies commonly found inside and outside of homes and buildings.

Get Rid of Household Bugs - Centipedes

A sighting of a creeping centipede can be enough to make even grown men and women cower in fear. Who wouldn’t when you can see a hundred feet moving in horrifying unison? 


Centipedes are found both indoors and outdoors, thus making them among the most feared bugs out there. The good news is that it’s easy to ward off these nasty crawlers. 


They love areas with moisture or humidity, so the logical step is to use a dehumidifier to arrest high humidity inside the home or building. It would also be a good idea to seal areas inside with cracks so these pests won’t have a conducive place to lay their eggs.

Get Rid of Household Bugs - Cockroaches

Get Rid Of Household Bugs Cockroach, get rid of household bugs, bugs that torment, how to kill bugs, get rid of pests, bugs in my house, pests in my house

Almost every human walking the face of the earth has an experience or two with creeping or flying cockroaches. These sturdy bugs are known to induce allergies and asthma attacks, not to mention the sheer horror that they pose to people. 


They love dark, damp places like drawers, pipes, and inside walls and ceilings. They are also fond of crawling on food and people, which is why they are easily among the most hated bugs we commonly encounter.  Further, roaches crawl fast,and are hard to kill, which makes them even more dreaded. 


There are, fortunately, a variety of ways of getting rid of them. One is by using commercial pesticides that come in handy whenever one sees cockroaches. Catnip plant is also a known deterrent against cockroaches as these bugs hate its scent. You could alternatively fashion a simple wine bottle trap to catch these nasty bugs.

Get Rid of Household Bugs - Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes far outnumber humans, plus they pose a wide range of health risks that sometimes lead to serious illnesses and deaths.  Among other illnesses, mosquitoes can transmit encephalitis, heartworm, and dengue fever. 


These bugs can multiply quite easily and cause quite an inconvenience and health scare among animals and humans. The good thing is that there are several easy to do tricks to get rid of these ubiquitous pests. 


You can remove standing water inside and outside of your property as mosquitoes find standing water, even very shallow puddles the perfect place to lay their eggs.  Another trick is to trim hedges and bushes to deter mosquitoes from using them as shelter. If you do have an indoor or outdoor pond, it would be a great idea to introduce fish as they’re known to eat mosquito larvae.  


Or buy mosquito dunks, available at home improvement stores and online; they are inexpensive and effective.  And here are tips on how to make mosquito bites more bearable if you do get bitten.

Get Rid of Household Bugs - Spiders

Get Rid Of Household Bugs Spider, get rid of household bugs, bugs that torment, how to kill bugs, get rid of pests, bugs in my house, pests in my house

Most household spiders are harmless, but there are spider species that are proven to be deadly with a single bite.  Spiders can be found in bathrooms, ceilings, and even inside shoes or clothes. A simple trick is to do periodic cleaning of the house to check for areas where these spiders are known to hide. 


Another is to prepare a mixture of peppermint oil (lavender, citronella, or eucalyptus oil would also do the trick), liquid detergent, and water. You can use the concoction to spray the suspected spider hideouts at least once each week and see if these nasty pests abandon the area.

Get Rid of Household Bugs - Fleas/Ticks

These blood-curdling pests can be found in pets like dogs, but they are also known to hide out in sofa sets, pet beddings, drapes, pillows, and carpets, as well as in corners inside the house. 


Fleas and ticks bite humans and animals, which is why they are pests that need to be eradicated quickly. They can be removed by vacuuming, regular washing of fabrics, and application of flea sprays. In particularly nasty infestations, it’s recommended that the fabrics affected be completely discarded and replaced with new ones.

Get Rid of Household Bugs - Termites

Get Rid Of Household Bugs Termites, get rid of household bugs, bugs that torment, how to kill bugs, get rid of pests, bugs in my house, pests in my house

Termites love wood and fabrics. As they can number to several hundred and affect building foundations, furniture pieces, and other items inside the home, they are pests that need to be rid of quickly. 


You can seal cracks and gaps in walls, building foundations, and other areas where termites are found. It’s also ideal to remove debris away from your home to avoid attracting termites. You should consider hiring a professional exterminator if the termite infestation in your property has gone past the point of just a DIY remedy.

Get Rid of Household Bugs - Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are nasty creatures that can cause severe itchiness and rashes when they bite. They are found in mattresses, beddings, carpets, and furniture pieces and can be quite hard to see because of their small size. 


You may try vacuuming and treating your mattresses with a special chemical and then place them in encasement bags to protect against the bed bugs. You can also place your bedding and other bed bug-infested fabrics into a washing machine with hot water to kill the nasty bugs.

Get Rid of Household Bugs - Ants

Ants are another ever-present bug in a lot of properties. They can bite people and cause itching, and they can also frequent food sources like in the kitchen. Some ant species can also damage wood much as termites do. 


Ants can be eliminated by placing special bait that is toxic to them. Keeping your interiors clean and free of food particles are also simple ways of warding off these small pests.

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Tags: get rid of household bugs, bugs that torment, how to kill bugs, get rid of pests, bugs in my house, pests in my house

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get rid of household bugs, bugs that torment, how to kill bugs, get rid of pests, bugs in my house, pests in my house