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Halloween Safety Myths

Debunking 5 Halloween Safety Myths

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With Halloween fast approaching, you’ve probably seen some of the standard Halloween safety myths that go around every year.  But just how true are these “Halloween truths”? 


Ever heard of the razor inside the apple? Or poisoned candy treats? You’re probably wondering how many of them are true, common, or ever happened at all. With that, let’s get to debunking these myths one by one. 

Halloween Safety Myth # 1: Halloween Treats are Dangerous

Halloween Safety Myths Halloween Candy Bucket, halloween safety myths, halloween truths, trick-or-treat safety, trick-or-treat myths

Rumors and documentaries started circulating sometime in the 80s and 90s about how some strangers inserted a razor or blade in an apple or put poison on the halloween candy. 


There have been no definite claims to this myth, although there was one incident about a child’s death due to poisoning after eating a Halloween candy in Pasadena, Texas.  According to the reports, the candy turned out positive for cyanide, and the victim’s father was to blame.  He was sentenced to death after being found guilty of the crime. 


Debunking the Myth:


As a precaution, you may tell your kids to refrain from eating the treats right away and wait until they get home. Once they’re home, inspect the treats to see if any of them are opened already, homemade, or already expired. 


Apples or other homemade goodies are generally not popular treats for most of the kids anyway, so it’s a good bet your kid won’t touch it until you have a chance to check it. 


This is a good tip for you, too, as to the kind of treats you should never hand out if you wish to give to treats.

Halloween Safety Myth #2: Wearing Masks is Not Safe for Your Kids

Halloween Safety Myths Halloween Masks, halloween safety myths, halloween truths, trick-or-treat safety, trick-or-treat myths

The reasoning behind this Halloween safety myth is the idea that kids will be more prone to accidents as they can barely see their surroundings. The masks that they’re wearing will limit the scope of their vision. 


Consequently, parents are advised to supervise their children at all times to be sure they stay safe or to regulate their costumes and choose ones without masks. 


Debunking the Myth:


Scary and horrible masks are one of the highlights of Halloween and your child might not agree to your plan of choosing another costume. 


Luckily, masks aren’t as difficult to wear as we all imagine. Kids can simply pull it above their face while going around the neighborhood and pull it down when asking for trick or treats. 


You can also give them bigger loot bags for their candy treats so one hand is free to do this while they hold the bag in their other hand. 

Halloween Safety Myth #3: Cover Your Child’s Costume with Reflective Tape To Avoid Road Accidents

Many Halloween safety guides suggest attaching reflective tape to several locations on your kids’ costumes so they don’t get into any pedestrian-vehicle accidents. The logic behind this is that most of the costumes are black or other dark colors and they’re hard to see at night. 


Debunking the Myth:


While it is true that any dark color will be hardly noticeable at night, covering your child in reflective tape might be a bit overboard. 


You can ask your child to bring a flashlight or buy one that comes with a neck strap to keep it secure. 


A simple reminder of checking both lanes before crossing the street will also do. For smaller children, you might want to make sure they’re home before sundown. 


Vehicular accidents due to alcohol intoxication usually happen late at night until the wee hours of the morning. For older kids, you can make 9:00 pm the curfew. And after all, you don’t cover your kids in reflective tape every day, do you?

Halloween Safety Myth #4: The Neighborhood is Safe for Your Child

Halloween Safety Myths Trick Or Treating, halloween safety myths, halloween truths, trick-or-treat safety, trick-or-treat myths

You have lived in the neighborhood for how many years already and so far, it has been a safe environment for you and your family. There’s no need to worry about anything bad that could happen to your children. They’re safe in their own neighborhood, right?


While you may not need to go as far as covering your child in reflective tape or dissecting every piece of candy, it is important to help your child understand and follow normal stranger danger precautions.


Debunking the Myth:


While it is true that you know the people around in the neighborhood, Halloween is a holiday. This means you can expect for more people to be out on the streets trick-or-treating, and that can include strangers. 


If you have small children, make sure they have an adult who will accompany them. You can also offer to drop the kids off to their meeting place, use your home as a meetup point, or suggest carpooling to the friends’ parents.

Halloween Safety Myth #5: As Long as You’re Home, Your Place and Car Will Be Safe

Halloween Safety Myths Halloween Candy Bowl, halloween safety myths, halloween truths, trick-or-treat safety, trick-or-treat myths

Not everyone is a fan of Halloween. If you opt to not participate in the holiday’s activities, you will most likely be at home quietly keeping it safe and secure. 


You might think it’s an ideal time for a relaxing movie marathon, catching up on chores, or a soak in the tub. It’s all just a matter of switching the outside lights off so nobody will disturb you.


Don’t forget, however, that your outside lights are not just a candy beacon but also a home security measure. 


Debunking the Myth:


Giving the impression that you’re not at home might leave your home or car vulnerable to being vandalized by rowdy teens or someone looking to take advantage of a dark and busy environment. 


If you prefer not to be disturbed, it might serve you better to leave the lights on and put a basket of treats on your porch and refill them when they’re empty. 


If you’re worried about your car, look for an open parking space in view of neighbors who will be handing out candy. The threat of being seen should be enough to keep your vehicle safe.

Happy Halloween From Five Star Restoration

We at Five Star Restoration wish you all a safe and happy Halloween. We hope this list of Halloween safety myths helps both you and your children have a fun-filled and worry-free holiday.


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halloween safety myths, halloween truths, trick-or-treat safety, trick-or-treat myths