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Why Any Sewage Cleanup Should be Left to the Pros


A sewage backup is one of the most troublesome and foul incidents that can occur in a home.  It can cause extensive property damage and potentially severe health problems and, on top of that, dealing with it can be extremely difficult and unpleasant.


Any kind of plumbing problem around the house can turn into a homeowner’s headache, but sewage water dripping behind a wall or flooding across the floor should be treated without delay. It can threaten your health, leave behind unseen damage and greatly increase the cost of final restoration.


Dealing with cleaning up sewage should be left to sewage professionals.  Cleaning up sewer backup requires a lot of time and effort, as well as specialized disinfecting products and sanitization techniques.

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Home sewage cleanup pros

Raw sewage cleanup, in particular, is especially laborious and risky as it not only causes a lot of hassle and inconveniences but also presents a variety of health hazards and sanitation concerns.  Sewage spills contain contaminants that can cause serious diseases.


When sewage backs up in your home, you’re exposed to contaminants ranging from parasites and viruses to bacteria and fungi.  More than a dozen serious diseases can result from contact with sewage water including hepatitis A and encephalitis. It’s important to address the situation as quickly as possible, but you have to be very careful.

Home Sewage Cleanup - The Main Causes Of Sewage Backup

Raw sewage intrusions are primarily caused by plumbing disasters like a pipe burst and drain line back ups, or bad rain floods that can cause roof leaks or flood your home’s foundation.  Most sewage backups occur when the lateral line between your home and the main sewer becomes blocked.


Tree roots are often the problem, but aging pipes can split and crack. Rains that soak the yard cause soil to shift and that can buckle the lateral line.

Home sewage cleanup tree roots

There are a lot of reasons why you should let an expert handle it. Many people now know about the dangers that come with mold problems, but raw sewage cleanup is an even riskier problem.


Getting professional help can be vital to protecting your family’s health.  By trying to handle it on your own, you expose yourself to serious health risks. Soaked floors and sheetrock often sustain structural damage that you can’t see, and materials become a breeding ground for toxic black mold.

It all adds up to additional repair and restoration expenses later on that complicate dealing with your insurance company.  Sewage cleanup is a job for certified professionals who get the work done quickly and safely.

Call a professional water damage restoration company. The quick and efficient intervention of the experienced technicians will save you a lot of time and effort and will provide the most appropriate, safest, and cost-effective solution to the problem.

In addition, restoration companies that handle sewage cleanup offer not only water extraction, but also quality odor removal, and content cleanup, so you will have all the aspects of the restoration process taken care of when using a professional sewage cleanup service.

Professional help is your best option in such situations, but you can do a few things to limit the extent of the damage before the experts arrive.

Home Sewage CleanUp - Things You Can Do

Always be extremely cautious around water leaking or flooding in your home.  Turn off the electricity, and shut down the water lines. Don’t run the AC or heater because these can circulate contaminated dust and moist air throughout the house.

Before you attempt any cleanup, make two phone calls. First, check with your municipality to make sure that the problem isn’t system-wide. The city sewer workers are able to help you with your sewage needs as well if you live within the boundaries of the city sewer system.


If there is an issue between the city sewer system and your personal property, sometimes it can be due to a clog in the sewer line.  A drain clearing specialist or plumber can come in to fix the issue.

Next, call a water damage restoration professional that specializes in sewage cleanup.  Often, your insurance will cover this expense, so it is best to find a company that will work with directly with your insurance provider on your behalf.


Have the name and number of your insurance carrier handy so that the water damage restoration company can help you with the claims process.  This specialized service often results in a better outcome than you might reach by negotiating with the insurance company on your own, due to knowledge and experience.

Cleanup and restoration workers will provide you with the highest degree of black water cleanup services, such as:

Raw sewage sanitization
Black water cleanup
Odor control services
Overall comprehensive damage repair
Toilet overflow remediation

When Dealing With Sewage Cleanup You Can Trust Our Team

We at Five Star Restoration recognize the value of excellent customer service.  As we help home and business owners through this process, we not only clean up your property according to the highest standards, but also coordinate all the additional details on your behalf, offering you peace of mind in the midst of a very stressful situation.


With our many years of experience eliminating black water in the property restoration industry, we know exactly how to go into a sewage cleanup or pipe burst situation without wasting any time.  


Our clean up team has the expertise to ensure structural integrity, and to get your property cleaned and ready to inhabit safely again efficiently and professionally using industry-proven water extraction, sewage removal, sanitizing and drying techniques along with the latest equipment.


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