January 2020 Business Of The Month

Illectric Inc- Our January 2020 Business Of The Month


This month, Five Star Restoration is featuring illectric Inc, a provider of residential electrician services, as our January 2020 Business Of The Month.  Why?  Because Illectric is committed to serving the community and strives daily to help people out. If they can help, they will.

Website: https://illectricinc.net/

Phone: 562-243-2579  - Call for Free Estimate


Here is a bit about Illectric - in their own words:

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january business of the month about


My name is Joe Ramirez.  I am a licensed C-10 electrical contractor.  I am a third generation electrician with over 20 years experience in the industry.  Although I have experience with commercial/industrial electrical, my real passion is with residential electrical- new construction/remodel homes. 


My wife and I started our company illectric Inc. in January of 2016.  The story is bittersweet. For the first 16 years I had worked alongside my uncle and his electrical company. 


I gave my uncle the nickname, “Guy” because he was THE GUY.  Guy taught me everything in the electrical trade and some! It had seemed as though there was nothing Guy didn’t know, he was able to figure out the unthinkable.


Our family had plans to slowly wean from Guy & his company and start our own business after receiving my electrical contractors license in November of 2015.  I figured it was time to gain my own set of wings and venture off on my own. Since the electrical trade is a big world out there, I wanted to soak up everything I could from the man who knew it all, before I took that leap of faith and ventured off on my own. 


Unfortunately, On January 2, 2016, Guy unexpectedly passed away.  Our idea of a slow wean, turned into an immediate plan of action. 


With not being able to take over his business due to legality reasons, my wife and I were then led to start a new chapter of our life.  We rolled all the knowledge, skill, and craftsmanship I gained over the last 16 years working side by side with Guy, into illectric.  


We became an official company as of January 15, 2016, in the beautiful city of Menifee, CA.  My wife and I knew that the road ahead would not be easy with starting a new business with no actual, “business plan” in place, but by the grace of our Lord, he has paved the path perfectly for us.  We have trusted Him with everything we have, and He has delivered us from the darkest & slowest days and showed us He is ultimately our provider. Each day we rejoice and are glad in it, because JOY comes in the Morning!

january business of the month electrician

Together, Samantha and I have 4 children with one recently born in November 2019! 

Final Score: 2 Girls & 2 Boys.  We have been married since 2010 & love being able to spend time together as a family.


We hope to help serve each and every one of you with your electrical needs.  Please feel free to reach out to us via email or by phone.

Our estimates are FREE, do not hesitate to pick up the phone to schedule a job walk through with us to discuss your electrical needs!  We look forward to doing business with you!


Yours Truly,

Joe Ramirez Owner/Electrical Contractor

& Samantha Ramirez Owner/Secretary

January 2020 business of the month owners

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