clothes dryer vent cleaning, clogged dryer vents, dryer vent fire hazards

March 2021 Business Of The Month

Southern California Dryer Vent Cleaning: Our March Business Of The Month



Five Star Restoration has chosen Southern California Dryer Vent Cleaning as our March Business of The Month.  Why?  


So Cal Dryer Vent Cleaning is dedicated to the safety of the people in the community. Their entire business focuses on keeping people safe by avoiding a potential fire hazard and saving them money by ensuring their clothes dryer works efficiently.  


Further, their customer service and responsiveness is amazing.

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Phone: (951) 290-3105


Here is a little about Southern California Dryer Vent Cleaning in their own words:

We have made it a personal mission to keep your home safe by keeping your dryer vent clean and unclogged. Keeping your clothes dryer venting system clean is a key component in improving fire safety for you and your family.

Companies that also repair washing machines or service air conditioners, as an example, will try to sell you on these services once they get in to your home.   We guarantee that we do not do this and will never do this. The reason that we can boast of this? Dryer vent cleaning is our expertise and the only thing we do. 


We unclog and clean dryer vents day in and day out, and are fast, efficient, and experienced. We use professional-grade equipment that eliminates lint build-up in your dryer vent, eliminating the leading cause of house fires.

We know exactly what we are looking for. We also are familiar with all of the variations in dryer vent layouts, whether your vent goes through the attic, the basement, the walls, etc.


The price we quote you is the price you get.


We are a family-owned local business located here in Riverside.  Southern California Dryer Vent ​Cleaning has been around since 2013.

Tags: clothes dryer vent cleaning, clogged dryer vents, dryer vent fire hazards

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