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Menifee Restoration Service

Menifee Restoration Service - Advantages of Working with Five Star Restoration


Has your home or business been hit by severe weather? Is your roof leaking? Or perhaps a pipe has burst or an appliance supply line has broken? Call Five Star Restoration for all your Menifee Restoration Service needs. We’re equipped to handle water damage in your home or business no matter the cause.


When it comes to flood damage, water extraction, and the restoration process, nobody cares more than we do. From the initial dryout to final restoration, we are able to take care of you the entire way. 


As a full-service residential and commercial restoration company, it is our pleasure to offer 24/7 emergency restoration services to homes and businesses throughout the Menifee, CA area. We guarantee a 45-minute response time for urgent restoration jobs.


We not only have the equipment and space to handle the largest flood situations but the staff and commitment to quality that will let us provide a personal touch to the restoration process. When we work with you, you can rest assured that we will strive to make the process as painless as possible. 


In the event of a water damage emergency, our experienced residential and commercial restoration specialist will be deployed right away. We employ full-time project managers to oversee each restoration job, guaranteeing only the highest-quality services available in the business.


We take personal pride in each job that we do, no matter how big or small. Here at Five Star Restoration, we’re unlike any of the other commercial or residential restoration companies around. How? We are motivated by core values, not revenue. These values include professionalism, high quality workmanship, and punctuality and excellent customer service.


Why do our customers love us so much?


Simply because…


  • We exceed expectations at a price you can afford


  • We’re extremely professional


  • We call you when we say we will


  • We arrive at your home or business exactly on time


Worried about the restoration cost? Worry not!


When disaster strikes and you discover water damage, you may find yourself worried about expenses. Just know that the water damage will be more costly the longer you wait to address it. 


In some cases, as little as 48 hours is enough to make property unsalvageable. Do yourself a favor, and call the experts at Five Star Restoration right away! We aim to keep our fees as low as possible for our valued customers.

Menifee Water Damage Restoration

Water is vital to life, but ironically, it can also be one of the most damaging elements there is. If your home or business property has been damaged by water from a flood, leak, or other disaster, it’s important to act fast. Water damage that is neglected can lead to more hazardous and expensive problems such as mold buildup, among others.


As soon as you find your residential or commercial property damaged by water, call in the professionals at Five Star Restoration for immediate help. We waste no time in assessing the situation and taking the appropriate water damage restoration steps to salvage the affected area. 


This includes efforts to eliminate the water entirely, decontaminate the vicinity, and extensively dry the area. These are techniques that can only be applied with the proper water damage restoration equipment in order to be successful. 


In many cases, water damage restoration is not a do-it-yourself job. Failing to adequately remedy the water damage can lead to harmful and even toxic conditions caused by the growth of bacteria and mold.


Calling a professional Menifee restoration service company should be your first step if you suspect your Menifee home has been damaged by water. Proper assessment of damage, from slab leak to broken piping, and removing the water are the first actions steps before drying and cleaning or the affected area can take place. All of this must occur before restoration work can begin.


Five Star Restoration is a full-service restoration company. We provide a wide range of commercial and residential Menifee restoration services, including household cleaning and restoration, residential water damage restoration, commercial cleaning and restoration, and more.


Five Star Restoration offers a variety of water damage repair and restoration services for homes and businesses. You can call us anytime,l as our emergency services are available 24/7.


We offer the following services to restore your property:


  • Assess water damage


  • Ensure complete water extraction


  • Dry affected areas, including carpet, walls, furniture, and padding


  • Clean and restore possession such as books, documents, clothes, and linens


  • Locate and repair water leaks


  • Complete storm damage repairs


  • Provide reconstruction services


You can count on us to:


  • Respond quickly: We know timing is critical. Expect a quick and thorough assessment. Once we come up with the most efficient solution and get your approval, we get right down to it.


  • Help with your insurance claims: Dealing with property damage is hard. You don’t need the stress of dealing with insurance and claims. This process is routine for us, so we can work to settle claims as quickly as possible.


  • Rely on our experience in restoring your property: We have years of experience helping homeowners and business owners with water repair and restoration. We’ve worked with every scenario.


  • Use professional-grade water restoration equipment: The hardware store rental equipment won’t get the job done properly. Our equipment extracts water quickly and thoroughly. And we verify the affected areas are completely clean and dry.


Call Five Star Restoration for All Your Menifee Restoration Service Needs

Five Star Restoration has been working with the nation’s top insurance companies for many years and are here to help you expedite the claims process. Additionally, we are an IICRC-certified company and are fully licensed, bonded and insured to guarantee the highest level of quality for our clients.


While each water damage job is different, there are some basic steps that are common to all. We can handle the complete job from start to finish – one professional company providing the full service, saving you time and money.


We can walk you through the entire process, from start to finish, so that you feel comfortable that your home or office restoration services meet your needs!  


If you find your home or business has been damaged by the elements or has weathered a natural disaster, we are here for you. These unpleasant situations require a professional cleaning and restoration service in order to salvage your valuable property. Do not worry - we’re just one call away.


So if you are in Menifee or nearby areas, call the best water removal company today at (951) 368-2227, for a free estimate and a rapid response! 

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Menifee Water Restoration Services