Menifee Slab Leak Damage Cleanup

Menifee Slab Leak Damage Cleanup

Menifee Slab Leak Damage Cleanup – Advantages of Working with Five Star Restoration


Do you suspect a slab leak? Trust the experts at Five Star Restoration for your Menifee slab leak damage cleanup. The gracious and kind Menifee customers have always been a favorite of Five Star Restoration.


Since slab leaks are not visible to a home or business owner, they can often go undetected for long periods of time. Leaving a potential slab leak unattended can lead to much more significant problems, such as mold damage and termite infestation. 


Our technicians can help you find the leak and repair it without causing more damage. Don’t delay, waiting will only lead to further damage & more expense. 


Our services are available 24/7, and when you make a request for emergency plumbing repairs for your under-the-slab leaks, we will have a plumber to you within 60 minutes. 


We have a range of tools for slab leak detection, no matter the type of flooring you have or the type of pipes or piping material. Our equipment is specially designed to locate all types of slab leaks inside your home. 


Slab leaks are often hidden, so it may not be obvious where they are located.The training, experience, and competency of our plumbers ensure that we can accurately detect the leak  spot, the cause of the leak, and its extent within minimum time. You can trust Five Star Restoration to get your home or business back up and running as quickly as possible after a slab leak.


If you think you may have a slab leak, call Five Star Restoration professionals now for help to avoid the possibility of major damage to your structure.

What is a Slab Leak

A slab leak occurs when a water or sewer pipe leaks beneath the concrete foundation of your home. Such leaks may come from tiny holes in or corroded and broken pieces of the pipes under the slab. 


We use specialized, state-of-the-art equipment to pinpoint your leak. A misdiagnosed slab leak can result in unnecessary damage to your home’s foundation. Your home’s piping is subject to wear, tear, and aging just like anything else.


What causes a slab leak?

Many commercial and residential buildings in Menifee, California, include a concrete floor in the basement called a slab. A slab leak can result from old fractured or cracked pipes buried under the foundation. 


They usually are the result of a water line or sewer line leaking which eventually can warp/bend or even lower portions of a foundation, cause cracks in walls, buckle a floor and even cause shifts in the foundation. Most of the time the cracked pipes are the culprit, resulting in water rising to the surface.


There are 3 types of slab leaks


Water leak - a broken/cracked water line that is under or in your foundation


Sewer leak - a broken/cracked line under your foundation that cause bad odor and stops up your sewer system


Gas Leak - a leak under your foundation coming from your gas line


Read through these signs or symptoms of slab leak problems to find out what you’re dealing with. Read on to learn all about the signs of slab leaks.


  • A rapid rise in the gas or water bill


  • The sound of water flowing through pipes when they are not in use


  • The water heater running non-stop


  • Warm or hot spots on the floor


  • Constant wet spots outside or near the stucco of the home


  • Cracks in walls or floors


  • Mildew or mold beneath carpets


  • Soil expansion or swelling


  • Sinkholes appearing adjacent to your Foundation


If you notice any of these common slab leak signs, be sure to call the experts at Five Star Restoration for Menifee slab leak damage cleanup! We are proud to offer high end leak detection tools. We also provide many plumbing and emergency water damage services. 


If you are looking for a specific repair service, call us today! We will get back to you quickly and help you with any leak repair needs you may have.


Given that plumbing water leaks regularly begin underground, inside of walls, or just under your property’ s footing, it can certainly make a leak challenging to find - and even worse - it could go unnoticed. These are three main circumstances that may lead to slab leaks:


Corrosion: Older homes in this area were often equipped with copper or galvanized piping for the water lines. These materials often corrode more easily than the newer pipes that are used today. 


There is also sometimes a chemical reaction that occurs between the pipe, the water, and the surrounding soil that causes corrosion. However, when corrosion occurs, leaks are sure to follow.


Vibrations: The combination of vibrations caused by the water running through the pipe and the water temperature causing the pipe to contract or expand can cause the pipe to shift. 


This may result in the pipe bumping up against other pipes or hard soil, which can create cracks that begin to leak.


Poor Construction: When a water line is installed incorrectly without proper insulation and good support under the slab, this can create a hazardous environment for your pipes. 


If too much pressure sits directly on the water line, then it causes creases in the pipe that lead to cracks and leaks.


Slab Leak Repair Process


Slab leak detection involves using a leak detector to locate, within three feet, the source of the leak. Slab leak location detection goes beyond visual inspection and is considered a service. 


Once the leak is located, with your approval the repair can begin. The carpeting, flooring, cabinets, etc. are removed from the area and a jackhammer is used to break through the concrete slab. 


After discovering the source of your leak our water leak detection professionals will examine a number of choices for repair - from small to large repairs. 


Our trucks are filled with the latest water leak detection devices to prevent costly travels to our plumbing storage facility. As well, our work has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


If you have seen, felt, or heard or even suspected any of these slab leak signs are occurring, call our experts at Five Star Restoration for Menifee slab leak damage cleanup to get a free visual inspection and estimate. 


As a matter of prevention, we offer early slab leak detection as a preventative maintenance measure to potentially save you thousands of dollars in foundation repairs.


Remember, not every plumber can do this type of plumbing job right! Imperfect or cheap materials can allow slab leaks to happen again and quickly. Your expert plumbers of Five Star Restoration use only high quality materials and state of the art tools to ensure this problem won’t recur in the future.

Does Insurance Cover Leak Detection?

Your homeowners insurance may cover the cost of damage caused by the slab leak. The moment a slab leak is discovered, our technicians offer you a free consultation about solutions and estimates. Worry not! We will work directly with your insurance company so you don't have to.

Don’t Wait, Call Now for Professional Slab Leak Detection and Repair

Are you searching for a water leak detection service near Menifee? Then make sure to call the specialists at Five Star Restoration. 


Everyone wants to be comfortable and confident when working with a plumber, someone that they can rely on. Here at Five Star Restoration, we assure you that you are receiving high-quality workmanship for a realistic price, and expect that you're getting honest feedback.


We are proud to offer expertise in the field of plumbing, water damage, and leak detection. If you think you may have a leak in Menifee and are not sure if it's an in wall pinhole leak or a slab leak, give us a call. 


Call Five Star Restoration specialists now for help! If we are unable to find the leak, we promise you will not pay us anything! Not only are we experts in finding slab leaks and pinhole leaks, but we also know how to fix them quickly and affordably.


Don’t wait for the leak to progress, call now at (951) 368-2227 for professional slab leak detection and repair. 


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Menifee Slab Leak Damage Cleanup