Menifee Water Heater Damage Repair

Menifee Water Heater Damage Repair - Advantages of Working with Five Star Restoration


Problems with your water heater? We can help! Five Star Restoration is the one to call for premium Menifee water heater damage repair service. 


Like any household appliance, water heaters need regular maintenance to operate safely and efficiently. Regular water heater maintenance can also increase the life of the appliance and help avoid unexpected leaks or other problems. Turn to our experienced plumber to establish a water heater maintenance schedule that will maximize the life of your appliance.


Leaking water heater? Our plumbers can either repair or replace your device. Replacement entails removing and disposing of your old water heater as well as installing your new water heater together with all required accessories. 


If you have water damage as an outcome of a leaking heater, we’ve got you covered by working with an insurance company approved restoration services to remediate the damage.  


Our reputable and experienced technicians will help you with your Menifee water heater damage repair when it comes to replacing, repairing, and installing electric and gas hot water heaters in Menifee. 


For fast response and excellent service, call Five Star Restoration today at (951) 368-2227 to take care of your broken water heater problem! Our water repair services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our emergency technicians.


Menifee Water Heater Damage Repair - Our Services


Five Star Restoration is devoted to providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction, and that is why we make sure that our commitment to our work is seen every time we assist a client. Here are some reasons why we are known as the best water heater service in Menifee… 


At Five Star Restoration, we are your water heater experts, no need to look any further. We work on all brands of water heaters and tankless water heaters, and on any job from replacing just a thermocouple to changing out the tank due to rust or a leak. 


All products are American-made to ensure the highest quality and best warranties for our customers. Give us a call today and get a free estimate or quote for either a repair or a new installation. We can be there in an hour!




  • We do repairs and installations for natural gas water heaters, electric water heaters,  commercial heaters, propane water heaters, industrial heaters, install hot heaters, tankless water heaters, thermal expansion tanks, solar water heaters, and re-circulation pumps.


  • Licensed & insured plumbers. No obligation for you and peace of mind that you have certified professionals working for you.


  • We DIRECTLY bill insurance! With years of outstanding jobs and the trust of major insurance companies local to Menifee, we can bill them directly for work on your home or offices.


  • Looking for a plumber that comes out for emergency situations? We are the right person to call! We ensure that our plumbing has an on-call alternative in case of an emergency.

Here are the services we offer: 


  • 24-Hour Plumber


  • Emergency Plumber


  • Water Leak Detection


  • Slab Leak Repair


  • Flood Damage Restoration


  • Water Damage Repair


  • Water Heater Repair


Menifee Water Heater Damage Repair - Why is My Water Heater Not Working?


Water heaters can break down for many reasons, leaving you without hot water at the most inconvenient times. It can lead to cold showers, or worse, a water leak. That is why this type of appliance leak should not be taken for granted. 


We have listed some of the more common problems to help you determine if you need to call an expert plumbing company in Menifee to repair or change your heater.


Not Enough Hot Water

A thermostat that is set too low or too small of a tank are two reasons you never have enough hot water. 


The diameter of your property will determine what size tank you should have. Five Star Restoration can fix and diagnose the issues such as a water heater leak or internal malfunction.


Water is Too Hot

Water coming out too hot can be a hint that the thermostat is set too high for your water heater. Lower the thermostat and check in a couple of hours. If the water is still hot it is likely the thermostat is defective. 


Five Star Restoration expert plumbers can fix the problem right away.


Water Takes Too Long to Warm

If you notice that it's taking longer than normal for the water to reheat, this could be a hint that the power supply or heating element is about to go out. Other causes can be sediment or rust that has built up around the elements causing problems. 


Five Star Restoration can quickly diagnose and fix these problems, by either repairing or replacing the water heater.


Smelly or Rusty Water

If the water from your faucet has changed to a rusty-brown color, or if it has started to smell or taste strange, then you have a plumbing problem. First, find out if it affects the water from both the hot and the cold faucets. If the cold water is fine then the issue is with your water heater. This could be caused by sediment or mineral build-up. 


Five Star Restoration plumbers will advise if it is the water heater and what the best course of action is.


Water Tank is Leaking

A water heater leaking is mostly a reason for corrosion. The corrosion is on the inside of the tank and means you should replace your leaking hot water heater at once. 


If the leak is coming from the valve beneath the tank, then you may be able to have the valve replaced - although this is usually the first sign of a more serious problem.

Need Menifee Water Heater Damage Repair? Call Us Today


Finding a water heater expert can be stressful, with so many options to choose from. Make sure to choose a plumber that delivers all of the services you need, along with the proper licenses & certifications in their field.


There is no better alternative to keeping your system operating the way it’s supposed to. Let one of our skilled heating maintenance technicians at Five Star Restoration thoroughly inspect and tune-up your heating system.


Here at Five Star Restoration plumbers are licensed experts at identifying & fixing all types of hot water heater leaks. The expert plumbing team at Five Star Restoration is ready to respond to your hot water heater repair in Menifee. 


Call us today at (951) 368-2227 for more information about the heating repair and maintenance services we offer in Menifee and find out why we've always been a customer favorite! We will be happy to answer any questions you may still have.

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Menifee Water Heater Damage Repair