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Menifee Water Mitigation Company – Advantages of Working with Five Star Restoration


Five Star Restoration, a Menifee water mitigation company, uses specialized equipment to expertly and efficiently extract water from damaged areas of your residential and commercial property. 


Our vacuum systems can pull water up through your carpeting and the padding that lies beneath, pump water out of your basement, and drain standing puddles from around cabinets, fixtures and furnishings. Following the removal process, powerful fans can be brought in to dry things up as fast as possible. 


When water is the problem, time is of the essence. It’s understandable how stressful it can be when disaster strikes, thus we realize how important it is to respond quickly and sensibly to a client's situation in order to move forward towards restoring damage to the pre-loss condition and help the client to overcome disruption caused by a disaster. 


Not only that, but throughout the process, you will enjoy the convenience and confidence that comes with our fair and reasonable estimates, and outstanding customer service. Should anything more unexpectedly go wrong, Five Star Restoration will be there from the start to finish. 


We provide 24/7 water damage restoration, and our team of experts is here to respond to your emergency request within 1 hour. Our certified technicians are highly trained and are equipped with the latest industry tools to accomplish the best results as quickly as possible in an affordable way. 


In addition to the quality guarantee, Five Star Restoration is fully licensed, insured, and bonded in California. 


We work with all insurance companies and do direct insurance billing. We make our best effort to provide our clients with the required solutions to deal with damage caused by water, flood, storm, leakage, backed up sewage, fire, and smoke. Call Five Star Restoration at (951) 368-2227 and let us help.

What is Water Mitigation?

Water mitigation is the process by which mitigation companies reduce the loss of property and negative impact due to a water-related disaster.


When you first notice water damage in your home, it’s critical that you act fast, as water and mold go hand-in-hand. You don’t want to delay the water cleanup because the longer you wait, the bigger the damage will be, as water tends to have destructive qualities to anything that absorbs it.


Water mitigation companies like Five Star Restoration will attempt to minimize the amount of loss as much as possible. By removing damaged goods, including flooring or drywall, cleaning and disinfecting remaining materials, assessing your home’s structural stability and extracting the water from surfaces and materials while drying your home. 


Depending on the severity of the water damage, you’ll probably have to have certain repairs done to protect the integrity of your home and prevent mold.

Water Mitigation vs. Water Restoration: What’s the Difference?

For many people, the difference between water mitigation and water damage restoration isn’t obvious. They notice a leak or, in the worst case, have a flooded home and call a water damage company to fix it. Overall, water mitigation is part of the water damage restoration process. 


At Five Star Restoration, water mitigation and water restoration are services that go hand-in-hand. The terms are often confused as the process can be perceived as one even though both services can be performed separately. 


Water mitigation is always the first step of restoring a home after water damage which is then followed by water damage restoration if required. Since we all know that you first have to resolve an issue before you start on the repairs, make sense right?


After the water removal, disinfecting, and drying, our water mitigation contractors here at Five Star Restoration will provide safety precautions by boarding up broken windows or stabilizing floors through the tarp. That’s where our duties in mitigation come to an end and water damage repair comes in to help return the home to its original condition.

Menifee Water Mitigation Company – Common Misconceptions


#1: Replacement is cheaper than restoration

The first thing is many people think it may be more cost-effective to replace damaged items rather than to restore them. If you hire a licensed restoration contractor or company that cleans and salvage materials, it’s typically cheaper than replacing everything. 


We here at Five Star Restoration can identify which materials need replacing and which are salvageable.


#2: It will dry on its own

The second misbelief is that carpets and walls dry on their own. That may be true over time; however, the invisible consequences should be feared. The primary issue with letting your carpet and/or walls dry on their own is the moisture that sinks into the foundation. 


Mold is a serious health hazard and not a matter to take lightly. While you may want to save some bucks initially by not hiring a water damage restoration company, mold removal can be very costly. Consider your options wisely! Nothing is more important than you and your family’s health.


#3: You can do it on your own

Lastly, many homeowners think it’s more cost-effective to perform the water mitigation and restoration process themselves. However, if you have to deal with flood water damage, or you don’t know where the water damage is coming from, we strongly advise against attempting to fix it yourself. 


Don’t put your life on the line and let us help you restore your home in a safe manner.

When to Hire a Water Mitigation Company?


The decision on whether to call a Menifee water mitigation company is very much dependent on the type of water damage you’re dealing with. 


If you’ve detected a small leak and know the source it’s coming from, chances are you can fix and clean up the problem yourself. However, if a pipe in your wall is leaking or your entire floors are flooded and the source of the water leak is not easily accessible, call Five Star Restoration right away to prevent further damage.


We know that the initial cost of water remediation services may be off-putting to many homeowners. Nevertheless, the damage that can occur from ignoring the problem or trying to fix it yourself can be much worse and costlier in the long-run. There are several reasons why hiring a water mitigation company is a good idea. 


Firstly, professionally trained contractors have a better eye for what can be salvaged from the water damage and what needs to be replaced. This alone can save you hundreds of dollars. 


Furthermore, to the untrained eye, affected areas may appear to be fully dried even though they most likely still have some moisture at lower levels. That’s because most people underestimate the power of water and how far it can seep into the underlying materials. 


Assuming that the water damaged areas are dry isn’t good because the moisture will just remain in the lower levels of the material leaving room for mold and mildew to grow freely.


Another solid reason for having professionals help you with water mitigation is the potential danger of submerged electric cables. Our water mitigation experts at Five Star Restoration know how to handle those safely, do you? 


Save yourself stress, time, and money and let our water mitigation contractor fix your water damage once and for all. Another convenience factor is that we can also help you with your insurance claim.

Call the Experts at Five Star Restoration Today!

Water mitigation is always the first step to fixing the problem. Nothing can be repaired before the area is fully dried, so the water restoration follows water mitigation. It’s crucial to make sure that all of the moisture is sucked out of the materials to avoid the growth of mold. 


Because water mitigation is considered an emergency service, we’re standing by 24/7 to help you get your home back to normal as soon as possible. 


Contact us today at (951) 368-2227 to learn more about our water mitigation services and how we can help you rebuild after the worst. We’re just one call away!

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