Minimize Business Water Damage

Plan for Emergencies: Minimize Effects of Water Damage in Your Business

Water Damage is No Joke




No doubt about it - water can cause serious damage to property.  What are the things you have to contend with when water damage occurs?


  • Furniture, electronics and expensive machinery damage

  • Important office and client file damage

  • Structural damage - water damage to floors and walls

  • Mold growth


Fixing water damage is perhaps one of the most expensive reparation projects your business can undertake.  Not only do you have to deal with making your workplace operational again by removing damaged equipment and repairing the structure; you also have to live through decreased employee productivity while repairs are ongoing.  


With things in disarray, it’s impossible to expect 100% output from people.


We say prevention is still the best defense. Being proactive minimizes the chances of flooding and water damage.


However, what do you do when your business has been inundated with water?  In this article, we discuss ways, not only on how you can minimize the chances of flooding and water damage, but also how you can prevent further damage and minimize the harmful effects of flooding in your business space.

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An Ounce of Prevention Helps Minimize Business Water Damage

While there are circumstances when flooding and water damage cannot be prevented, either through acts of nature or some other unavoidable reasons, there are steps that can be taken to minimize the risks.


People often think of floods occurring only in areas near the coast or rivers which can overflow.  However, your business is at risk, just as well, from water main breaks, internal plumbing failures, sewer backup or even heavy precipitation.  


With good preparation and planning, 93% of water damage can be prevented.  However, the bad news or reality is, business owners and facilities managers tend to monitor for fires more than for leaks and flooding.


How can you proactively protect your operations from water damage, particularly water damage to floors?

Regular Inspection Helps Minimize Business Water Damage

  • Roof Inspection. Melting snow or heavy rain can cause major damage if your roof is not able to keep the water out.  It is good practice to have your roof regularly inspected to ensure that the roof over your head is up to code and at par with requirements.


  • Damaged Windows. Sleet and rain can come through windows that are not well sealed. It’s important to have any damaged windows repaired before any serious water damage can occur.


  • Building Foundation. Leaks coming from within the walls or floors of your building are the hardest to detect.  However, plumbers and many water restoration companies that use the latest in technology can detect leaks in slabs or walls without causing too much damage to your structure.


  • Malfunctioning Sump Pump. It is important that you have your sump pump regularly inspected to ensure that it is working efficiently to prevent major flooding.


  • HVAC Maintenance. A malfunctioning HVAC system is also a primary source of flooding.  Prevent leaks from occurring and causing water damage to floors by having your HVAC system regularly checked and maintained by a professional.


They will ensure that drain lines, drip pans and other areas where moisture can

accumulate are clean and free from clogging.


  • Check Restrooms and Bathrooms. These are common culprits when it comes to floods and water damage to floors.  Keeping them clean is a must. It is important to ensure that clogging and drips are immediately addressed.  Having all pipes, flush valves and sinks regularly checked by a plumber is good practice.


  • Monitor Appliances. If your business has a kitchen, it is important to monitor refrigerators/freezers and dishwashers, as well as, kitchen sink pipes for rust and corrosion to prevent leaks from occuring.


  • Install Leak Detection Systems. Having a leak detection system in place can prevent too much damage from occurring in the event of a leak. There are two kinds of leak detection systems:


        ० Passive Leak Detection System. These are relatively easy and inexpensive to install, and are often stand alone units. These are often called “water alarms” and sound an audible tone that alerts you of a possible water leak.

        Active Leak Detection System. These use moisture sensors to detect leaks. Some sophisticated systems not only alert you of any leaks, they also can stop water flow.

Minimizing the Effects of Water Damage

Even with all this preparation, flooding can still occur.  In this section, we discuss how you can protect your business from further damage.


When disaster strikes, it is vital to call a professional top rated local water restoration company to have damage mitigated, and quickly work to ensure that your property suffers the least damage.


Why is it important to work quickly?  Areas that are left damp for periods longer than 48 hours are prone to mold growth. In addition, prolonged exposure to moisture can cause increased water damage to floors, walls, equipment, furniture, and merchandise resulting in costly repairs.


What to do in case of water damage?


  • First things first - Shut off the source of flooding when possible.


  • Prevent the chances of electrocution.

    • Turn off circuit breakers to the affected areas.

    • Unplug small appliances and electrical devices. Do not use any devices that you suspect were affected by water. Have them checked thoroughly before using.

    • Do not turn on ceiling fans if ceilings are affected


  • When possible, open wet cabinets and drawers.


  • Secure important company and client files and transfer to a secure location to protect confidential information.


  • Do not use the toilet or tap water if water lines or sewage pipes are affected.

When there is standing water, do not use household vacuums to remove any standing water.  Trust the experts. FIVE STAR RESTORATION has specialized equipment that efficiently take care of water removal and drying of affected areas.

Why Call FIVE STAR RESTORATION to Minimize Business Water Damage

When you have experienced flooding in your office FIVE STAR RESTORATION is the best company to help you minimize the effects of water damage.


Here is what we do for you:


Free Diagnostic. Our expert water technicians will conduct a free diagnostic to determine what class and category of water damage you have experienced.


Quick Water Removal and Drying/Dehumidification. We then work quickly to remove water and dry the affected areas using powerful extractors and air mover to get the job done. This crucial step is to prevent mold and bacteria growth.


Sanitation and Cleaning. We ensure that your place is cleaned and sanitized completely so it can be safely occupied again. If necessary, we use air scrubbers to remove airborne particles and moisture from the air.

Restoration. When necessary, we take any materials that need to be removed and safely move them away.  We have licensed reconstruction partners who we trust to handle the repairs for you.


Insurance Assistance. Our services do not stop at water removal and repair.  We give you invaluable assistance when filing your insurance claim.


When you call us, we handle your water damage repair claim from start to finish. This means peace of mind and less headache for you! We aid in filing your claim and work directly with the assigned claims adjuster to get your water damage restoration paid.

For The Best - Call Five Star Restoration 24/7

When you have experienced a water emergency - trust only the best.  FIVE STAR RESTORATION has technicians on standby 24/7 who will quickly come to your assistance.


Don’t delay. Call us at this number - 951.368.2227


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Minimize Business Water Damage