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Move-In Cleaning Guide

Start Fresh With Our Move-In Cleaning Guide

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If you’ve just bought or signed the lease on a new home, move-in cleaning of your new space is a must—and our professionals at Five Star Restoration are here to give a practical guide on how to deep clean the house so you start on a fresh note.

While your new home may have been cleaned prior to the sale or before it was rented out, it’s always a good idea to give it a good cleaning yourself, just to ensure that everything is to your standard. Guaranteed you will find things that were overlooked.

We recommend cleaning even before you move a single item into your new space. It’s always easier to clean an empty house instead of moving things around, even just boxes,  that are already filling up the space.

Move-In Cleaning: Tackling It On Your Own

Doing a move-in cleaning on your own may seem daunting. Where do you even start and what do you pay attention to?


Don’t worry. This move-in cleaning guide will give you a useful list of cleaning tasks you should do to take your new space from being just a house to a home where you hang your hat at.


Before You Start


To keep from being overwhelmed with the cleaning tasks at hand, it’s best to start on a good footing. 


☑️ Organize your cleaning supplies. Make sure you have plenty of cleaning cloths (preferably microfiber), cleaning products, brooms, mops and buckets. Don’t forget to bring your vacuum cleaner.


☑️ Remove anything you don’t want to keep. This is especially true if you’re moving into a home with a previous resident. Throw out anything left behind—whether it’s toiletries in the bathroom, food in the cupboards or blinds that you don’t really want to keep. 


☑️ Open the windows. This gives the house a chance to air out. Plus, it’s always healthier to clean with open windows to keep fumes from the cleaning products from building up in an enclosed space. 


Start At The Kitchen

☑️ Refrigerator first. Because you’re going to be storing food in it, it’s important to have it clean to avoid contamination. Clean and disinfect the interiors thoroughly.

☑️ Other appliances. Once the refrigerator has been sanitized, you can move on to the other appliances. Clean them from top to bottom, inside and out.

☑️ Clean behind and underneath. Before you move in is the best time to do this. Once your kitchen is being actively used, it’s difficult to clean behind and underneath the appliances. Pull them away from the walls to do a proper cleaning. 

☑️ Clean hood fan filter. This is an easily overlooked cleaning task. If the previous owner of the house has not been diligent with this, it’s not going to be pretty. But cleaning filters is fairly easy. Some filters can be popped into the dishwasher. 


If not, a sinkful of hot water, some baking soda, and degreasing dish soap will do the trick. 


☑️ Clean shelves and cabinets. Make sure that shelves, as well as, cabinet interiors and exteriors are dusted and wiped. Don’t forget the countertops, as well.


Useful Tip: It’s also a good idea to line drawers and cupboards. This will make future cleanup easier. Do this for all cabinets and closets in the other parts of the house as well.  


One of our favorite and easy ways to do this is to go to your home improvement store and buy clearance/closeout linoleum floor tiles to line your shelves with.  They are so much easier than self-stick shelf paper; they have a sticky back, are really easy to cut to size with ordinary scissors if you need to,  and are easily cleaned later on, as a bonus.


☑️ Wipe other surfaces. Don’t forget to wipe down doors, door knobs, and door frames. Pay attention to often overlooked surfaces including light switches.

☑️ Sink and backsplash. Thoroughly wash the sink, the surrounding countertop, and the backsplash.

☑️ Walls and baseboards. Sometimes, these may have marks. Start with a clean slate by making sure these are wiped clean. 

☑️ Finally, the floor. As a final step, vacuum and wash the floors. 


Move On To the Bathroom


Among move-in cleaning tasks, the bathroom is where you’ll want to do a deep clean in. It’s important to disinfect all surfaces so you have a fresh start.


☑️ Bathtub, shower stalls, and glass doors. Wipe these down to clean and sanitize them.

☑️ Sink and Toilet. Pay special attention to the toilet. Make sure it is cleaned and sanitized inside out.

☑️ Mirrors. Clean with glass cleaner to remove spots.

☑️ Cabinets, countertops, and shelves. Wipe these down to remove any dust. Wipe down cabinets inside and out.

☑️ Windows. Check that window sills and tracks are free from debris.

☑️Other surfaces. Wipe down doors, door knobs, and door frames. Pay attention to light switches which can harbor germs and other pathogens.

☑️ Walls and baseboards. Dust and wipe baseboards. Wipe down walls to remove any marks. 

☑️ Finally, floors. Like in the kitchen, make sure that the floor is vacuumed and washed. 


Other Parts of the House


Thorough cleaning of bedrooms, living and dining room before you move in bulky furniture will ensure that there’s no mess or dirt that gets covered up. 


It’s especially important to clean bedrooms thoroughly before moving in to remove any lingering allergens that can affect you when you sleep.


Don’t forget to include hallways, entryways and landing areas in your move-in cleaning. These are often overlooked. You don’t want to start your life in your new home with these being not as clean as they should be, would you?


☑️ Surfaces. It’s important to thoroughly dust all surfaces. 

☑️ Mirrors. Make sure they’re clean and smudge free.

☑️ Walls and baseboards. Wipe walls and dust and wipe baseboards. Remove any marks on walls.

☑️ Doors, door knobs and door frames. Don’t forget these in your move-in cleaning.


☑️ Windows, window sills and window tracks. It’s easy to forget window sills and tracks in your everyday cleaning. Start on the right note by ensuring that these are clean and free of dirt and debris. Do the same for sliding door tracks.


☑️ Light switches. Along with door knobs, light switches are more likely to harbor germs. It’s important to wipe and sanitize these to ensure your safety before moving in.

☑️ Closet and cabinets. Make sure to clean all closet and cabinet fronts and insides thoroughly. 

☑️ Hard surface floors. These should be vacuumed and damp mopped.

☑️ Carpet and area rugs.  It’s the best time to deep clean carpets and rugs, if you’re able. Because the home is still free of furniture, this move-in cleaning task is easier to do. 

☑️ Hanging light fixtures and chandeliers.  Don’t forget these.  Use a feather duster to get surface dust off. Then our favorite tip for really getting every dust speck is to put a few old towels under the fixture and spray it with windex thoroughly, and let it drip dry.  

A Tip On Cleaning the Floors. You may opt to leave cleaning the floors for the very last. After you’ve gone through all the rooms in the house, sweep, vacuum and wash all the floors as a final step.

Move-in Cleaning: Calling in the Professionals

Moving into a new home can be stressful. With a lot of things to take care of in the transition, you may want to consider hiring a move-in cleaning service. However, even with a professional cleaning, you still need to go over things above they might have missed.


You may also choose to handle most of the move-in cleaning tasks but leave it to the professionals to handle critical deep cleaning tasks.

☑️ Steam carpet cleaning. Ordinary vacuuming can clean everyday dirt. However, deep seated dirt can only be addressed with steam carpet cleaning. 

Not only does a professional carpet cleaning ensure your carpet’s longevity, it also improves your home’s indoor air quality. 

☑️ Tile, grout and hard surface cleaning. Especially when dirt and mildew has settled into grout, it gets difficult to remove these with regular cleaning and scrubbing. 

Dirty grout can make your space look old and dirty. Freshen up the look of your home with professional tile and grout cleaning. 

☑️ Air duct cleaning. Don’t move into your home without having your duct system thoroughly cleaned. Dirty air ducts can allow dirt, dust, and dander to circulate through your home’s heating and cooling system. 

Especially for people with compromised health, this can cause serious health problems including allergy, asthma, and difficulty in breathing. 

☑️ Upholstery cleaning. If you’re bringing in your existing furniture into your new home, make sure they don’t look dingy and old by having your upholstery cleaned by professionals.

☑️ Odor removal. One of the most off putting things in a home are unpleasant odors. Whether it’s from pet odors, lingering cooking smells or cigarette smells, it’s better to rely on professionals to remove the odors before you finally move in.

Call Five Star Restoration for Expert Water, Fire and Mold Repair Services

As a water, fire, and mold damage repair and restoration business, we at Five Star Restoration care about the livability and the safety in your home.

While damage to your home may be the last thing you would want to think about as you’re just about to move in, know that there is a company ready to respond to your call 24/7 should the need arise. 


Our company is certified for water damage, mold, fire, and crime scene cleanup. We have served numerous clients across Temecula, Murrieta, Wildomar, and nearby areas. 


If you wish to know more about our services (we’re available 24/7 for emergencies), please don’t hesitate to call us at (951) 368-2227


Our friendly personnel will be glad to assist you and schedule you for your needed home restoration services.


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