painting over mold, causes of mold growth, fix mold in the house, is mold dangerous

Painting Over Mold

“Can I Just Paint Over That Mold?”

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As homeowners, many of us have at one time or another, found a small spot of mold, maybe on a bathroom wall, and wondered, “Can I just paint over that mold?”

man painting wall, painting over mold, causes of mold growth, fix mold in the house, is mold dangerous

It’s a very legitimate question, knowing how unsightly mold is. But, we’re also confronted with the issue of whether or not we can simply paint over mold and call it a day. Is it really that simple, or are there things we must first carefully consider before channeling our inner DIY painter?


In short, the answer is no. Mold growth can be both a serious problem itself as well as a symptom of another serious problem. Painting over the mold will not solve the cause, and leaving the mold untreated can lead to serious health problems for the inhabitants of the space. 


Read on to find out the things you must know prior to painting over small bits of mold, and why it is not the right thing to do to keep you and your family safe.

Common Causes of Mold Growth

water drops on shower, painting over mold, causes of mold growth, fix mold in the house, is mold dangerous

Mold growth is caused by excess moisture in an area of your home, whether it be a leak or just a naturally humid room. These are the most common causes why mold grows in homes:



Mold simply loves places that are humid and have high moisture content. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens are perfect examples. There are also locations that naturally have high humidity levels, like coastal areas or lakesides. Homes that have poor ventilation are naturally humid, too.



Leaking pipes and roofs can create puddles inside the house, sometimes unseen, which can trigger mold growth. Walls and attics are normally affected by such leaks which makes them perfect breeding grounds for mold. 



Glass windows, metal pipes, and concrete or tiled floors are magnets for condensation. As a result, areas where there is condensation attract mold growth, unless the condensation is wiped and quickly dried out. 



Flooded areas inside homes are easy targets for mold growth. Mold only needs a day or so to begin to form. 


Wet clothing

Many homes have clothes left hanging to dry, and wet clothing is irresistible to mold. It’s no surprise to see wet clothes that take a long time to dry having mold on them after a day or two.

Common Places Mold Grows in the House

Mold growth usually occurs in the following locations:


  • Windows


  • Pipes


  • Attics


  • Ceilings


  • Walls


  • Floors


  • Carpets


  • Wallpaper


  • Wood furniture


  • Bathrooms


  • Kitchen sink


  • Vents


  • Curtains


  • Washing machine


Mold growth can occur in any area where there is moisture that may accumulate. Simply put, mold can grow practically anywhere inside the house.

What’s the Danger of Having Mold Growth Inside Your Home?

sick child and mother, painting over mold, causes of mold growth, fix mold in the house, is mold dangerous

Mold growth can have ill effects on people with mold allergies and even on those without. Infants, elderly people, people with compromised immune systems, and those with chronic lung disease can all fall ill due to the presence of mold inside a home.


By inhaling or touching the spores, adverse allergic reactions can also occur. These may include, but are not limited to:


  • Runny nose


  • Sneezing


  • Skin rashes


  • Red eyes


  • Shortness of breath


  • Asthma attack


When not addressed immediately, such allergic reactions can actually become life-threatening, especially in the case of individuals with severe asthma and mold allergies. It is thus imperative to quickly consult the doctor in case any of these symptoms are felt or observed.

How To Address or Prevent Mold Problems?

man fixing sink, painting over mold, causes of mold growth, fix mold in the house, is mold dangerous

Now that you have an idea of the negative effects of mold growth inside the home, it’s vital to also know what steps to take to address the issue or prevent it from happening in the first place.


Accordingly, these are some of the most effective means of preventing and solving mold problems:


Bring down humidity levels

Humid places are an all-time, well-loved spot for mold to grow. You can bring down levels of humidity inside the home by using dehumidifiers or ensuring that wet clothes are properly and quickly dried. 


Ensure proper and ample ventilation

A well-ventilated home can effectively prevent mold from growing. You should place exhaust fans or vents in your kitchen, bathroom, attic, and other areas to ensure that the air properly circulates. Opening windows and doors from time to time should also do the trick. Mold hates oxygen, which is why a house that is properly ventilated is less likely to suffer from mold-related issues.


Fix leaks

Mold grows in spaces where there are leaks – the attic, walls, flooring, and home plumbing. If you’re certain that there are leaks inside your house, you should quickly fix them or call a trusted plumbing company to do the job for you.


Do post-flooding work

Flooded homes are easy targets for molds, which is why you should immediately take action. Ideally, this should be done within 24-48 hours following the flooding incident. 


Clean up affected areas

You should be proactive and quickly clean up spots where mold is seen. If needed, you should also replace the affected parts, like drywall or wallpaper. So sure, you can paint over mold growth but only if the mold has been properly removed first.


Paint walls and other areas with mold-resistant paint

Mold-resistant paints are commonplace these days, so for areas constantly exposed to moisture, like bathrooms, or laundry rooms, this might be a wise investment. It’s important to paint unaffected areas inside your house and not the spots where there is already mold growing.

Your Friendly Mold and Water Damage Remediation Experts

Five Star Restoration is a top-rated water damage restoration company serving homes and businesses in the Inland Empire and Northern Diego County.. Our family owned and operated company specializes in water damage and mold remediation, as well as smoke and fire damage repair. 


We provide our expert services on a 24/7 basis, so you can call us any time of the day for fast response and help. We’ll have trained, knowledgeable technicians and state-of-the-art equipment to you within the hour.


Mold growth, as discussed, is a serious problem that should not be ignored. Furthermore, mold growth can be a sign of a leak that, left untreated, could eventually lead to further costly water damage and unseen mold growth. Acting now can save you both time and money. 


We urge you to immediately give us a call if you see mold growing in any part of your home, or if you suspect that there is mold growth.


You may reach us through our hotline at (951) 368-2227. We’re happy to help you make your home safe, dry, and mold-free again!


Tags: painting over mold, causes of mold growth, fix mold in the house, is mold dangerous

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painting over mold, causes of mold growth, fix mold in the house, is mold dangerous