Picture it: you're blow-drying your hair. It's a cold day, and you're blasting the space heater simultaneously. All of a sudden, the power shuts off. What happened? Chances are your circuit breaker tripped.

But what is a circuit breaker, and how does having one protect your home?

What Is A Circuit Breaker?

closeup of circuit breaker

A circuit breaker is a master electrical switch in your home. Its primary use is to prevent damage to your electrical grid in the case of something like a short circuit or electric overload. The presence of a circuit breaker is a great safety measure and can help prevent extensive fire damage.

Circuit breakers are essential parts of protecting your home and keeping everything organized in one place.

How Circuit Breakers Work

As a device, a circuit breaker acts as an easy-to-use fuse in your home. Instead of losing power via an overflow of electricity, the circuit breaker provides an easy on/off design to make homeowners' lives easier.

The circuit breaker panel contains many switches leading to different parts of the building. Your dishwasher, dryer, and outdoor lights likely have their own spot on the circuit breaker panel. The circuit breaker monitors how much electricity flows through it and shuts off if there's too much outflow.

Different Types Of Circuit Breakers

A few main types of breakers perform different aspects of the same function.

What To Do When Your Circuit Breaker Trips

Circuit breakers are great ways to help regulate electricity and ensure no damage occurs when there's an electrical overload. As such, circuit breaker trips can become common if your circuit breaker experiences too much electrical current at one time.

This outage can result in the power in your house turning off suddenly.

Remember, this is a good thing! The circuit breaker is shut off to ensure the electric wiring in your home doesn't overload and cause an electrical house fire.

Often, when a circuit breaker trips, it only requires a trip to the basement or wherever your circuit breaker resides. Open the circuit breaker cover, turn the buttons to the 'off' positions, then flip the switches back 'on.'

Circuit Breakers vs. Fuses

pliers cutting blue electrical cords in a circuit breaker

It's essential to explore the differences between circuit breakers and fuses.

If you're unfamiliar with fuses and circuit breakers, you may think you've blown a fuse when the power goes out. However, that's the critical difference between the two. When you blow a fuse, that's it for that particular fuse. You need a replacement.

However, all you need to do with circuit breakers are flip the switches to restore power after a trip.

Additionally, fuses and circuit breakers protect different aspects. Fuses protect against electricity outflows, while circuit breakers protect against outflows and short-circuiting. While fuses may be cheaper in some instances, the overall protection package from circuit breakers makes them invaluable for keeping the lights on.

To sum up:

While fuses have specific pros, circuit breakers are a much more comprehensive way to safely keep your house in working order.

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If you're having issues with electricity on your property, feel free to call Five Star Restoration. We'll explore and see the problem, how to fix it, and learn if there's more to be done.

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