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Prevent Heatstroke in Cars

7 Tips To Prevent Child Heatstroke Inside Cars

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Some 37 children on average die due to heatstroke each year because their parents or guardians inadvertently left them in cars amid scorching heat, making these 7 tips to prevent heatstroke inside cars indispensable. 


Heatstroke is highly likely in a locked car parked in an open space on a hot summer day. It is estimated that a vehicle’s cabin temperature can increase as much as 20 degrees in just 10 minutes. Just imagine what being inside a locked car can do to a child after a longer period.

The sad fact is that such a senseless loss of lives due to heatstroke is perfectly preventable.


It is important to note that children’s core body temperature rises five times quicker than that of adults, so they are more vulnerable to heatstroke.


Heatstroke occurs when a person’s core body temperature reaches 104°F degrees or higher. A core body temperature of 107°F is already fatal, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).


With such a dire consequence, parents and guardians of kids should make conscious efforts to ensure the safety of kids, especially when they are traveling and need to stop somewhere to buy supplies or run some errands.


Here are seven tips to prevent heatstroke in cars with children.

Prevent Heatstroke in Cars Tip #1: Buy a Seat with Safety Features and Alarms

Not all child seats are created equal, which is why you should buy one with features meant to ensure your child’s safety. There are child-safety seats that emit a tone to remind the driver that the child is still strapped onto the backseat. 


There are also available car seat devices that sync with a smartphone device to sound an alarm if you have walked over 15 feet away from your vehicle. You can also take advantage of an affordable Android app that can be paired with your car’s speakers to alarm you if you have left your car. 


You may simply choose which among these suits your budget and needs. If you have the money for it, you can have all three just to have a fail-proof system to protect your child.

Prevent Heatstroke in Cars Tip #2: Place Visual Cues or Essential Items Strategically

You don’t have to spend a single penny trying to remind yourself that your child is still strapped in the child seat. All you have to do is to place some items that you need for the day or anything that would give you a clue that you have a child with you. 


While it may seem like an absurd idea, there are a lot of drivers who absent-mindedly leave their vehicles with a child still inside. 


You can be a champ at preventing heatstroke in cars by placing a teddy bear or your child’s favorite toy in your dashboard or directly in front of the steering wheel. You can also put your mobile phone, briefcase or anything that you normally take with you before leaving the vehicle in the backseat. These two simple tricks can help you avoid leaving the car with your child inside.

Prevent Heatstroke in Cars Tip #3: Keep Your Car Keys Away from Kids

There may be a small chance that a child can actually open your car’s trunk or cabin and get trapped in there but it’s a possibility nonetheless. This is why you should keep your car keys away from your child’s reach. Having a child trapped inside your car or the trunk can be life-threatening, especially if it happens on a hot day.

Prevent Heatstroke in Cars Tip #4: Lock Your Car at All Times When Parked

Your car keys may be safely hidden away from your child’s curious eyes but if you forgot to lock your car in your garage or parking space, there is still that chance of the child getting trapped and suffering from heatstroke.  Make it a conscious habit to double-check if you’ve already locked your car each time you leave it, even while parked in your own garage.

Prevent Heatstroke in Cars Tip #5: Teach Your Child Not To Treat the Car as a Playground

Educating your child that the car is not to be treated as a playground will go a long way in preventing him or her from entering it and accidentally getting locked without anyone noticing. 


Once your child is old enough to understand basic reminders, you should begin informing him or her about the dangers of playing near or around the car. By doing this, you instantly remove any chance of your child getting inside the car and putting himself or herself in a dangerous situation.

Prevent Heatstroke in Cars Tip #6: Never Leave a Child Inside the Car

This may seem like a no-brainer, but some parents and guardians leave kids locked inside vehicles thinking they’re safe because the A/C is running or the windows are partially lowered. 


Keep in mind that doing so, particularly during summer, can be dangerous given that the cabin temperature rises quite quickly. In no instance should you leave your child inside, no matter how safe you think he or she is.

Prevent Heatstroke in Cars Tip #7: Always Check the Car Before Walking Away

At the end of the day, parents or guardians have the ultimate responsibility to thoroughly check their vehicles before getting out and walking away.  Discipline yourself to always do a careful check of the backseat so you’ll always know that your child is safe. Doing this very simple step will turn it into a habit that you can’t simply forget.

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