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To Prevent Home Water Damage

How to turn off water to your house

Coming home to a flooded home after a long holiday is no joke.  Our top tip to prevent flooding and water damage?  Locate the main water valve to your home and shut off your water system before you go away on your trip. 

Clear Area Drains to Avoid Flooding and Water Damage to Your Home  

Leaves and debris can cause havoc to your area drains. It’s important to be proactive to keep groundwater from coming into your home.  Make sure that your drains are always swept clean of any debris. Keep your drains covered to prevent  clogging and flooding. 

Tip To Prevent Kitchen Water Damage Caused by Dishwasher Leak  

A dishwasher leak is one of the major causes of water damage in your kitchen. Having your dishwasher connections regularly checked by your plumber goes a long way in ensuring that leaks do not cause water damage. 

Avoid Accidental Water Damage in the Laundry Room  

One of the leading causes of accidental water damage in the home happens right in the laundry room, more specifically, in the utility sink!  People who use the utility sink often turn on the tap, plug the sink and forget all about it, causing water to overflow. 


Our top tip to water damage in the laundry room?  TURN on the tap, PLUG the sink,  WAIT for the water to reach the desired level, and finally TURN the tap off.

Prevent Water Damage in Your Kitchen Caused by the Ice Maker Water System 

Having an icemaker is convenient especially during the hot weather days. However, it is also one of the leading causes of water damage in the kitchen. Make sure you have the water system in your ice maker regularly checked for corrosion and damage. This includes the line itself, the refrigerator and the shut off valve behind the wall.

Avoid Water Damage with Toilet Preventive Maintenance 

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. One of the leading causes of water damage is a leaky toilet. Having your toilet supply lines regularly checked by your plumber is the best way to avoid water damage.

Preventive Maintenance on Your Washer Box Avoid Water Damage 

Being proactive goes a long way in preventing water damage in your home. Make sure you have your washer box found behind your washer and dryer regularly checked by your plumber to make sure all connections are hooked up properly. This includes the hot and cold water line and their shutoff valves, as well as the exhaust line from the washing machine.

Control Water Pressure in Your Plumbing System to Prevent Flooding in Your Home 

One of the leading causes of flooding in your home is high water pressure coming in through your main water system. The ideal water pressure is between 40 to 60 psi. One way to ensure you stay within the safe zone is to install a pressure regulator. Your trusted plumber can help you diagnose the water pressure in your plumbing system and install a pressure regulator (if you haven’t already) to prevent water damage in your home.