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Repairing Water Damage Yourself

Repairing Water Damage Yourself

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When you experience flooding in your home, should you consider repairing water damage yourself? 


If you spot a leak on the wall or ceiling or notice a suspicious water puddle on the floor, your DIY instincts may want to try to address the problem yourself. If the source of the leak is small and damage is significantly minimal, you can attempt to make a repair yourself.

You should act fast though because water damage can quickly spread and become more serious if not addressed immediately. 

Perhaps the best question to ask to know if you should call in the professionals or try repairing home water damage yourself is this - “Do you know exactly what to do?”. If your answer is not a definite YES, then it’s better to trust a water damage restoration company to do the job for you.

Repairing Water Damage Yourself - Things To Consider

There are definite situations that can cause severe damage to your home. Under these circumstances, the best recourse is to call a water damage professional. What are some examples?


  • Overflowing toilet in the bathroom


  • Sewer that has backed up into the house


  • Busted pipes with huge cracks


  • Dishwasher flooding the kitchen


  • Broken washing machine flooding the laundry room


  • Flooding that has left water marks on the walls


  • Flooding that has left your carpeting soaked


  • Flooding due to a leaky roof


If flooding is not catastrophic and you feel you can go about repairing home water damage yourself, here are things to consider before you do it:


Many water leak sources are unseen

You may see telltale puddles on the floor, wet spots on the ceilings or walls, or drips, but it can be difficult for the average homeowner to determine the source of these leaks. 


Even if you are able to determine where the leak is coming from, it may be in a place where it’s hard to reach. Furthermore, you may have unseen damage behind walls or in your home’s structure itself that can lead to expensive repairs down the line. 


Some water damage can happen in areas that are difficult to clean and dry properly. Crawl spaces, ductwork, and other hard-to-access areas are better left to water damage experts who can accurately pinpoint the source of the problem. 


They have the expertise and the proper equipment to quickly address the problem before serious damage sets in. 


Water damage can be a challenge to fix

Even if you are able to clearly pinpoint the source of your water problem such as a leaky pipe or a damaged water heater, you may not have the right materials or tools, and know-how to properly address the issue. 


An incorrectly executed repair can lead to more extensive damage. You may subsequently have to shell out more money for the ensuing cleanup and repair. 


Water damage cleanup is a time sensitive process

Simply put, you want to get your home dried and cleaned up in the quickest possible time so you and your family suffer the least inconvenience. In addition, you are in a race against time because mold growth can happen in as little as 24 hours after a flood. 


If you plan to set out repairing home water damage yourself, you may not be able to fully devote yourself to the cleanup to get it done in the quickest time possible. A water restoration company can deploy a team of water damage restoration technicians devoted to getting your home dried and cleaned quickly. 


Unseen water damage can cause serious problems

One of the telltale signs of unseen water damage is a distinct musty smell. While you may have addressed the visible signs of water damage, you may not have gotten to the root of the problem. 


You may already have mold and mildew issues in your home and these can pose serious health risks to your family. Mold can cause throat irritation, nasal stuffiness, coughing and eye and skin irritation, and for those with heightened sensitivity, symptoms may even be more serious. 


Unseen damage can also affect the structural integrity of your home and you may find yourself facing a major repair issue if not addressed immediately. Serious problems can occur if the drying process is not done thoroughly. 


Water damage restoration experts know what to look for. They have specialized equipment including pressure cleaners, antimicrobial equipment, dehumidifiers, and air movers that quickly dry affected areas and ensure that you are able to safely go back into your home.

What You Can Do When You Experience Water Damage

When flooding or water damage occurs in your home, here are things you can do quickly as you wait for your water damage experts to come: 


Remove standing water as best as you can. This is the first step so you can start the drying process of the affected areas in your home. You can use a wet and dry vacuum, soak it up with old towels or sheets, or simply just push the water out with a squeegee. 


Remove excess moisture in the air. If it’s safe to operate, you can turn on your A/C to dehumidify the air, or you can open windows to ventilate affected areas.


Dispose of items with a value under $5. The cost of addressing these items will be more than they’re worth. Items include:


  • Cardboard boxes


  • Paper products


  • Items made from MDF (medium density fiberboard) or chipboard - these are very water absorbent and can rarely be salvaged 


It’s important to act fast when flooding occurs in your home. Within 48 hours after the first contact with moisture, mold can start to grow. Though simple, the steps we’ve outlined above go a long way in preventing further damage.

The 7 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Water Restoration Company

If you experience minor water damage at home where the source is easily identifiable, the damage very minimal, and the affected area very small, repairing home water damage yourself is acceptable. 


However, if you experience extensive flooding, and water damage can be extensive, there are many benefits to calling in the professionals to handle the clean up for you.


You and your family can get back to normal quickly

Restoration companies are committed to working efficiently to quickly dry and clean your home to prevent further damage. This allows you to go back to your home and get back to your normal routine as soon as possible.


You may be able to salvage more possessions

Apart from the items we’ve mentioned above (items that cost less than $5), restoration companies can help you salvage more of your things from furniture, appliances, and electronics to priceless possessions including family heirlooms or important personal or business files. They have the expertise and special equipment that allow them to do this. 


Health risks are minimized

Even minor flooding can potentially turn into a safety and health hazard when not addressed properly. 


Even if the water comes from clean sources, it will soon become contaminated. If the flood is caused by grey or black water, you can be sure that the water will be teeming with bacteria, viruses, and fungi. 


Restoration companies have the expertise in using fungicides and bactericides to completely sanitize the affected areas in your home. 


It’s an insurance requirement

Insurance policies stipulate certain restoration measures must be done within certain time limits. Meeting those requirements can make claiming against your home insurance easier. 


If your insurance company sees that you have been remiss in addressing damage that could have been prevented, part of your claim may be denied. 


It reduces damages and costs

While you may balk at the cost of a professional water damage restoration service, it may actually save you money in the long run. 


Because restoration companies work quickly, they mitigate further destruction. This can mean the difference between being able to salvage your carpet or hardwood flooring to having to do a complete replacement. 


They have the expertise, training, and the special equipment

Restoration companies can quickly assess the situation, and send in their team of technicians to dry, clean, and restore your home. 


They have specialized equipment including high capacity pumps, powerful water extraction vacuums and carpet cleaners, dehumidifiers, blowers and HEPA vacuums, and special deodorizing equipment to get the job done. 


And while they are working to restore your home, they are also working on documentation that keeps filing claims with your home insurance company seamless. 


It gives you peace of mind

A flooding situation in your home is already stressful. Do you want to add more headache by repairing home water damage yourself?


Ultimately, going with a water restoration company whom you can trust will give you peace of mind. They are able to evaluate your specific situation, and you’ll know that they will be able to address it as needed.

Five Star Restoration is Ready To Help

If you have experienced flooding in your home, prevent water damage by calling Five Star Restoration. 


We are a top rated local water damage restoration company offering fast, affordable, and experienced service 24/7.


Call us any time. Our technicians are on standby, ready to respond to your water damage emergencies. 


Have questions? Call us at (951) 368-2227.


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