Simple Kitchen Remodel Upgrades

Simple Kitchen Remodel Upgrades

Simple Kitchen Remodel Upgrades

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Flooding and the ensuing water damage can be caused by different things - heavy rains or storms, sewage backup, a burst pipe, or leaking appliance.


When water damage happens to your kitchen, you can approach it two ways:


  • If the damage is not extensive, you can do some DIY cleanup. (Fair warning - it can get overwhelming)


  • Call in the professionals to handle the job quickly and expertly. Five Star Restoration offers fast and affordable water damage help, stress free!


If your kitchen has sustained extensive water damage, you may want to consider not only a restoration but a remodel.  Bear in mind as you read this that your insurance may cover the damage restoration, but remodeling will come out of your own pocket.

Simple Kitchen Remodel Upgrades That Make a Great Impact

Having your kitchen water damaged is discouraging. But it’s also a good opportunity to reinvent your kitchen. While a complete remodel is awesome, it can also be a big drain on your wallet, but if you have the funds, go for it! 


However, if you are remodeling on a budget, there are simple kitchen remodel upgrades that you can do that will not break the bank, yet make a great impact. 


Here are our tips on how you can make the most of your kitchen remodel:


Update Your Lighting

Simple Kitchen Remodel Upgrades Nice Kitchen

How you set up your lighting makes a ton of difference in your kitchen. Installing new light fixtures will brighten up your space while updating the look of your kitchen. Materials to consider for a modern look - chrome, brass, or brushed nickel.  


Add more light by installing under-cabinet lights. While you’re at it, modernize your lighting by incorporating smart LED bulbs and light switches that can be controlled from your smartphone. This is not only cool but energy saving as well. 


Open Up Space with Windows

Another way to add light to your kitchen is by letting in natural light. If your kitchen was once dark and closed up, make it more inviting and appear larger by opening it up with windows. Do away with curtains, drapes, or blinds that can clutter up your view of the outside.


Change It Up with Paint

Simple Kitchen Remodel Upgrades Kitchen Red Wall

One of the simplest and cost effective ways that you can change the look of your kitchen is through a fresh coat of paint. Paint both your walls and cabinets for an entirely different look and feel. Up the ante by adding in colorful, yet inexpensive accessories like towels, canisters, planters or even rugs.  


If you are not replacing your cabinets, paint can refresh the look of your kitchen. Consider these on-trend color combinations:


  • Gray and white


  • Navy


  • Black


  • Splashes of bright colors including green and plum


Update Your Cabinets

Installing new cabinets is undoubtedly an investment. If your kitchen still has those bulkier, older style cabinets, this is something you may want to consider pouring your money into. 


However, if budget is a bit tight, you can modernize the look of your kitchen by changing the handles and pulls to match the finish of your light fixtures or faucets.  


If your restorer/remodeller was able to salvage your cabinets, you can make a bolder change by refacing them with veneer or laminates. 


For a fresh, open concept, consider replacing some of your cabinets with open shelves. Add colorful jars or crockery and you’re good to go. 


Replace Your Faucet

Even a simple touch like replacing your faucet can impact how your kitchen looks.  For an updated look, try matt black, gold, brass or nickel finish water fixtures. 


Like lighting, faucets now also use smart technology with features like voice control or no-touch. These are not only convenient, they can also help reduce water wastage.  


Add an Island

Simple Kitchen Remodel Upgrades Kitchen With Island

If your old kitchen design has you wishing for more counter space and storage, consider adding an island. 


This not only adds extra seating in the kitchen with the addition of a couple stools (especially helpful if you like entertaining in the kitchen), it also provides extra work space. You can gain extra storage area by adding drawers or shelves. 


Replace the Flooring

Simple Kitchen Remodel Upgrades Replacing Floor

If your kitchen suffered catastrophic water damage, there might be a need to replace the flooring. While this is a big ticket item, it’s a worthwhile investment that can make your kitchen go from old and dingy to impressive. The good news is that there’s a wide variety of options that can fit your remodeling budget.


Add New Kitchen Appliances

You need not go through the expense of a full kitchen renovation. Adding new appliances can contribute much to modernizing your space, especially if you add in a few custom looks that add character to your kitchen. 


For maximum impact, consider appliances with modern finishes like black stainless steel, slate, or paneled looks. Save on your electric bills by choosing energy star appliances which are energy efficient.

Reasons Why It’s Advisable to Remodel After Water Damage

It’s the perfect time to update and upgrade your kitchen 

When your kitchen has been flooded and there’s substantial damage, there’s a good chance that you may need replacements, inclulding cabinetry, flooring, and maybe walls. 


If you’ve been hankering for a kitchen remodel, whether a small change like adding a center island, or something larger like a complete cabinet upgrade, this might be a great opportunity to take advantage of the mayhem caused by your water damage, and go forward with a few changes in addition to the restoration process.


When you go for even simple kitchen remodel upgrades, your space will not only be cleaned and restored, it will be updated with a fresh new look.


It’s convenient

Hit two birds with one stone. When your kitchen has been damaged, and it’s a mess anway, why not just proceed to remodel as you restore it.


Save yourself the hassle of dealing with a water damage restoration contractor PLUS a remodeler by looking for a company that does both. It’s convenient and, ultimately, less stressful.  Five Star fits the bill.

It’s cost effective

A water damage situation is a drain on your wallet any way you look at it. However, choosing to remodel after water damage can yield significant cost savings. A contractor that offers both restoration and remodeling can help keep your expenses down by offering optimal ways to restore your space as you remodel it.  


A Useful Tip: Check with your insurance company to find out if remodeling is covered under your policy.  Although unlikely, you never know; your insurance may cover some of the cost to remodel your kitchen. 


The one thing to be aware of is that your restoration company’s costs are fixed, so don’t ask them to give you cheaper pricing on restoration costs to help cover your new remodel.

Five Star Restoration Can Help

If you’ve experienced water damage in your kitchen or any other space in your home, reach out to Five Star Restoration for help. We are a top rated local water damage restoration company ready to respond to your call 24/7.


Get quick and affordable water damage repair and restoration done by our top notch technicians and our in-house contractors.  Be stress free while we restore your home or business.


Have questions?  Call us at (951)368-2227

We are here 24/7 and always happy to answer questions. 

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Simple Kitchen Remodel Upgrades