Spring Home Maintenance, spring home maintenance checklist, home maintenance tips for spring

Spring Home Maintenance

Spring Home Maintenance Musts

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When your home is your biggest investment, as it is for most of us, spring home maintenance is a must.  A little home maintenance now can prevent huge bills later due to unexpected damage and the resulting rge repair costs.  


As the Inland Empire’s top rated water damage and fire damage restoration company, we can help you with tips to keep your home in good shape this spring.

Spring Home Maintenance, spring home maintenance checklist, home maintenance tips for spring

With the days lengthening and weather warming, as well as unexpected rain showers, spring is a good time to look for damage and make any needed repairs, as well as prep your home and garden for summer. 


Homeowners believe spring home maintenance is all about the cleaning, but maintenance should also be aimed at home structure, appliances, and systems within the home. 


Follow this spring home maintenance musts checklist to target the areas that need maintenance so you can get your chores done quickly, leaving you time to enjoy the outdoors. If you keep on top of the small stuff, your house will run like a well-oiled machine.


Inspect the roof


Start by making a simple visual inspection of your roof. Look for missing shingles, damaged or metal pipes, or anything that simply doesn’t look right. You don't need a ladder, and you don’t have to get on a roof to look. 


From the ground, use binoculars, a camera, a smartphone with a telephoto feature, or a drone camera. If you notice anything that needs closer inspection or repair, call a roofer.


Check all wood surfaces for weathering and paint failure


Check all decks, patios, porches, stairs, and railings for loose members and deterioration. Open decks and wood fences need to be treated depending on how much exposure they get to sun and rain. 


Wood decks, fences, railings, trellises, pergolas and other outdoor structures will last longer if they’re stained or resealed.


Check the gutters and downspouts

Spring Home Maintenance, spring home maintenance checklist, home maintenance tips for spring

Gutters control the flow of rainwater on your house, protecting your roof, siding and foundation. Improper drainage due to loose or leaky gutters can lead to water in the basement or crawl space. 


Pull leaves and debris from gutters and downspouts. Reattach gutters that have pulled away from the house. Consider installing gutter screens or protectors to help keep debris out of the gutters. If leaks exist, dry the area and use caulking or epoxy to seal the leak.


Use compacted soil


Low areas in the yard or next to the foundation should be filled with compacted soil to prevent rains to cause yard flooding, which can lead to foundation damage. 


Also, when water pools in these low areas in summer, it creates a breeding ground for insects like termites or mosquitos. If you suspect termites, call a licensed professional pest-control company. Get rid of any standing water to prevent mosquitoes around your home.

Clean your fireplace


If your home has a working wood-burning fireplace, spring home maintenance is a good time to inspect and clean. Examine the exterior of the chimney for signs of damage. Carefully remove the remains of any charred logs and ash using fireplace tools. 


Cleaning inside the chimney should be left to a professional chimney sweep.


Check the attic


Check your attic for proper ventilation and birds’ nests. Look for obstructions over vents, damaged soffit panels, roof flashing leaks and wet spots on insulation. Keeping a good airflow will save you when it comes to cooling costs. 


Inspect driveways and paths


Walk around the outside of the house. Look for signs of damage or movement to walkways, paths and driveways, then schedule repairs as needed. Check the facade and foundation for cracks or signs of water pooling.


Examine brickwork and stucco


Look for spalling - a chipping or popping away of a brick’s face, leaving the brick’s interior susceptible to moisture and crumbling. 


And if your brick is plagued with efflorescence, those unsightly white deposits caused by soluble salts left behind during water evaporation, remove it by dry brushing in warm, dry weather.


Look for stucco cracks, particularly deep ones.  It is much easier to patch cracks now rather than wait for signs of water damage and mold.


If you discover water penetration in brick or stucco, consider sealing  with an appropriate sealant.


If you suspect water damage or mold, give us a call, of course, to check it out for you.


Check outside faucets

Spring Home Maintenance, spring home maintenance checklist, home maintenance tips for spring

Check outside hose faucets for freeze damage.  We do get below freezing temperatures on the winter nights a few days each winter, so don't think this cannot happen. Turn the water on and place your thumb or finger over the opening. If you can stop the flow of water, it is likely the pipe inside the home is damaged and will need to be replaced. While you're at it, check the garden hose for dry rot.


Recaulk windows and doors


Inspect caulking around your home's windows and doors. Scrape out all of the eroding caulk and recaulk needed area. That will help keep out heat and humidity in the summer and cold drafts in the winter. Also, check the weather stripping. 


Check screen doors and windows


Check windows and door screens for holes or tears and repair them no matter how small. Tighten or repair any loose or damaged frames. You can find screen repair kits at most hardware and home improvement stores.


Service the HVAC systems


To get the longest life out of your cooling system and keep it running as efficiently as possible, have a qualified heating and cooling contractor clean and service the outside unit of the air conditioning system before the start of summer.


Paint exterior


Look for signs of peeling or chipping paint. Not only does fresh paint look nice, but paint helps protect against water damage and rot. If you’re planning to repaint your home’s exterior this year, spring is a good time to set it up so the work gets done before the end of the summer.


Check sprinkler and irrigation systems

Spring Home Maintenance, spring home maintenance checklist, home maintenance tips for spring

Check for leaky valves, exposed lines, and improperly working sprinkler heads. If it’s not something you can fix yourself, call a professional. You’ll save your plants, water, and money on your water bill.  




Check for signs of leaks on walls, floors, or ceilings. Check faucets for drips and the flapper in the tank of your toilet to make sure it has not worn out. Fix what you can yourself; call a plumber for what you need help with.

Did You Find A Potential Water Damage Or Mold Problem? Call Us!

Spring home maintenance can feel like a daunting chore especially if you find water and weather damage. If you need help with troubleshooting water damage or mold, or you need cleanup and repair, give Five Star a call at 951- 368-2227. We are always here for you.


Tags: Spring Home Maintenance, spring home maintenance checklist, home maintenance tips for spring

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Spring Home Maintenance, spring home maintenance checklist, home maintenance tips for spring