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When is it time to call Temecula Water Damage Pros?

  • Whether your water damage is caused by flooding, a broken water line or a sewage backup;

  • whenever there is a large area affected by water damage; or

  • An area is exposed to water damage for more than 24 hours.


If these are true to your home or office, don’t attempt to fix it by yourself. It is recommended that a professional technician or restoration company perform water damage cleanup and restoration.  


Five Star has the training and tools necessary to quickly remove any standing water, extract excess water from carpets and furniture, and begin the drying process immediately. Time is essential when water damage is involved, and the sooner the water is removed, the less damage can occur. 


Mold can begin to grow in buildings after only 48 hours following water damage. Removing the water is your best option to prevent it.


Hiring our technicians as soon as possible after water damage can reduce your total cost of cleanup and restoration. While this may sound counter-intuitive, realize that the sooner the water is removed and the area is dried, the less damage will occur.


Flooding can cause structural damage to your home, and prolonged exposure to water can result in damage to flooring and walls. Water can also seep in between drywall, causing hidden hazards and increasing the potential for mold growth. Repair costs can be extensive, depending on the extent of the damage.


A timely response can also result in the ability to save furniture and documents for further water damage.


5 Key Benefits of Hiring Water Damage Restoration Company


The flood is over, and the remaining task for the homeowner is damage restoration. It is essential to start water cleanup, drying, mitigation, and repair immediately to prevent fungal growth. Water damage companies have expertise in emergency disaster management and are the best help you can find in such situations.

When flood damage occurs, it is crucial to call the experts for repair and mitigation. Most of the professional companies have an emergency response hotline to provide accessibility and quick process time for pressing water damage concerns. Such feature help victims recover quickly in unfortunate cases of water damage.

Hiring a professional flood damage restoration company brings these five key benefits: 

1. Quick Restoration

In the event of water damage, a quick response is crucial for the mitigation of the water damage in business or home. The flood damage professionals finish water cleanup, drying, and repair process within a shorter time compared to the home or business owner. 


The company also employs many contractors who can efficiently clear and dry the water before any further damage occurs. Additionally, they have specialized equipment to accomplish the task well. With a quick response, the home or business owner can resume their healthy life as soon as possible.

2. Professional Advice

It can be challenging for the water damaged property owner to determine whether their drywall, wet carpet, furniture, or appliances are destroyed or can be reused. A water damage professional, however, can inspect the property and provide the home or business owner with expert advice concerning the water cleanup issue.

3. Safe Mold Remediation

One of the most significant challenges after water in business or home is the growth of mold. It can develop in open areas like ceilings or hidden places such as floor joists and between the walls. Most varieties of mold are toxic; hence, the restoration process is too dangerous for a victim to do it by themselves. 

Mold can also make it dangerous to live in the home. With the help of a professional water damage restoration company, the business or home is assured of getting the mold removed safely and the property protected from future fungal growth.

4. Dealing with Insurance Claims

Most flood damage restoration companies have many years of experience in dealing with insurance policies and forms. This means that the expert can help the victim of water in home or business to document the losses. They can get a fair settlement from their insurance firms. 


The professionals can also help the victims of water in a home or office, provide proof of damages to their insurance company in the event of a dispute.

5. Reduced Losses and Costs

Hiring a damage restoration company immediately after the water in business or home can reduce the total cost of water cleanup, drying, and damage-related losses. This is because the mitigation process will take a short time, and the sooner the water is cleared, and the affected area dried, the less damage will occur.

Flooding can lead to home or business structural damage, and the prolonged exposure to water can damage walls and flooring. Water can also infiltrate the dry walls, resulting in hidden risks and increasing the possibility of fungal growth. 

The cost of restoring the flood damage can be extensive depending on how fast the property owner responds to the issue. A timely action taken to repair the damage can save unnecessary losses and expenses. Thus, by hiring a professional damage restoration company, the home or business owner can eliminate those costs and losses.

Why You Should Hire a Water Damage Professional


One obvious benefit of hiring a professional to address your water damage is the reduced burden of having to do it yourself. It takes a lot of work, time, and energy to restore a home following a flood. Our professional has the tools and skills necessary to quickly remove the water and to identify secondary damage to the structure of your home or your foundation.


While cost is usually the reason most people will try to do it themselves, they may save money by hiring our best technicians. If it is more than 48 hours, you should work with a professional who can extract the water quickly and begin the drying process sooner.


Why You Should Hire a Water Damage Professional


Five Star Restoration Company in Temecula and to nearby areas is just one call away. If you encounter water damage in your home or your office, call us immediately at 951-368-2227. Only get the best expert advice and service from our water damage pros, the best in Temecula.


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Water Damage Pros in Temecula