Temecula Water Mitigation Company

Temecula Water Mitigation Company

You need a the best Tnd many health hazards due to mold and bacteria. 


When water enters your premises, time is your worst enemy. Given the right circumstances, mold will start to grow in a short amount of time.  Water removal and drying the premises properly are critical to prevent the growth of mold.


Five Star’s trained staff will immediately evaluate the situation, determine the best and quickest way to remove the water, and properly dehumidify the premises.  We monitor the relative humidity and moisture content during the dehumidification process to efficiently return your property to its pre-loss condition. 


We can return your home or business to normal in minimal time and with the proper precautions to avoid risky contamination from flood damage.


You can count on us to get the job done right. Fire, water, and flood damages are a huge emergency; therefore, we offer 24/7 emergency service.


When encountering these big problems, give Five Star a call so we can get one of our highly trained specialists to come and start the process of restoring the damage right away.

Common Signs of Water Damage

Detecting water damage can be a difficult task. Water damage doesn’t become evident right away. Most of them exist over a prolonged period before being identified and restored. 


By that time, the underlying problem causing the water damage becomes severe, and managing it becomes extremely difficult. Know the warning signs to avoid bigger and costly problems.


Here are the common signs of water damage: 


  • Sound                      

Not all signs are meant to be seen. Some symptoms can be heard. If you hear dripping water, rushing water, or creaking floorboards, this may indicate that your home might have already become a victim of water damage. 


Indeed, such sounds might also occur when you have a healthy plumbing system; however, you should get your home checked for water damage if you hear the sounds always. 


  • Smell

It would help if you kept your nose alert for detecting moisture or water damage in your home. Dampness boasts a distinct odor; it might resemble the pungent smell we usually associate with mold. 


So, when checking your home for water damage, the smell can also be an obvious indicator. 


  • Puddles

If there’s a leak in your home’s plumbing system or if something is dripping, you might soon see pools of water develop along the problematic area.


Whenever you find any unusual puddles, do monitor it and find out whether it returns after being cleaned up. A pool that comes back even after being cleaned up might be a sign of a leak. 


  • Mold

Mold only typically occurs when there is water damage. You might not need to hire a water damage restoration company if condensation in the bathroom has resulted in mold formation. 


However, you will have to treat mold as a sign of excessive moisture formation in certain parts of your house and will need those affected areas dried as quickly as possible. 


Getting rid of mold is also necessary for health reasons. Exposure to mold can make you and your family members suffer from allergies, headaches, and nausea. 


  • Coolness

Are you finding it hard to heat your home? If yes, this can be a sign of dampness in your walls. Accumulated moisture tends to draw out the heat in the walls. This makes the walls and the entire home much colder. 


  • Discoloration

Discoloration can occur due to several reasons. It’s essential to make sure that the stain in your home is a result of water damage. 


If the discoloration has been caused by water “streaks” running down along an end of your house, it’s a sign of water damage. In most cases, those streaks occur due to an overflowing gutter.

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Temecula Water Mitigation Company