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If your home or business is hit by water damage, you need the expertise of a Temecula water removal company. Five Star restoration is on your side for water removal and restoration to get your home or business back to the way it was.


We will set up a special emergency crew to be at your disposal in the unfortunate event that you suffer a water damage emergency. We are always ready because we know that water and flood damage require swift action.


For most people, home and business are valuable. However, accidents usually happen when you least expect. Your home or business can get flooded at any time. 


Living in a flood-prone area exposes you to a higher risk of damage to your property. If your insurance policy covers flood damage, you can easily get compensated. However, note that most insurance policies usually exclude flood coverage because they are costly to repair.


Steps on Flood Water Damage Repair


Flood waters usually are considered contaminated and can cause damages that are more expensive to fix than any regular water damage. Follow these steps in the event of a flood to avoid costly damages:


1. Make an insurance claim


Make a claim to your insurance company as soon as possible. This is one of the first steps that you should take after you have experienced flood damage in your home. They will require a general description of the damage to the property. 


Depending on the level of damage, your insurance company will get back in touch with you in a few days.


2. Hire an insurance adjuster to look at the damage


It is important that an adjuster evaluate the property for issues. He or she will determine if the problems were caused by wind or water. 


This decision will significantly affect what your insurance will cover. If you do not have flood insurance as part of your policy and the problem was due to water invading your home, you have to fight for your flood restoration damages to be covered.


3. Ensure that you document all the damages


You should document all the damages caused by flood before making any repairs. Include the destruction of things such as furniture, walls, ceilings, among others.


If the water rose significantly, you need to check your electrical system. Take photographs and videos of any structural destruction, as well as any contents that were affected.


4. Take measures to mitigate further problems


Once you have made an insurance claim, make temporary repairs to prevent additional issues. Cover any broken windows with plywood. Hire a professional to repair the damaged roof. 


Don’t forget to save receipts for all the repair jobs to recoup the costs. Keep undamaged windows and doors open to dry your house. This can go a long way in preventing the growth of mold.


5. Schedule permanent repairs


Schedule the repair work after the damage assessment. In this case, you can get a reputable contractor to help you out.

Flood damage can be detrimental to your home. You should follow the steps mentioned above in the event of flood damage in your home.

You can count on our experts to come to your home or office. Our trained technicians use scientific drying methods to restore your home or office to normal condition and salvage your belongings. 

We use high-tech monitoring equipment to detect the presence of moisture-even under floors and behind walls. We act quickly to avoid the potential development of mold, mildew, and other nasty microorganisms caused by water damage. 

The correct water damage restoration procedures require specialized air movers that concentrate large amounts of air along floors, carpets, and walls to cut down drying time. Commercial dehumidifiers can be brought in when air humidity becomes a crucial factor.

Five Star Water Damage Repair and Restoration Services


We offer the following services for home or business restoration:


  • Water extraction


  • Odor Removal


  • Dehumidification


  • Surface Drying


  • Air Cleansing


  • Decontamination


  • Debris Removal


  • Crawl Space Cleanup


  • Sanitation


  • Disinfecting


  • Sewage Cleanup


  • Flooding Cleanup


  • Damaged Carpet Removal


We have the experience and training to handle your extraction needs, whether the issue is raw sewage back-up or clean water from a malfunctioning water heater system. 


Our friendly representatives are always happy to discuss your needs and can visit your property in no time to help assess your damaged property. We will determine all damaged items, including furniture, file cabinets, children’s toys, or artwork.


We can begin work immediately. All of our trucks are fully equipped with the necessary drying and moisture detection equipment. 


From the first time you call, you’ll experience a level of service that will help put your mind at ease. Our job is to ensure your water removal & dry out needs are handled quickly with utmost care.


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We can walk you through the entire process, from start to finish. Feel comfortable and secure that your home or office restoration needs are being handled properly!  


So if you are in Temecula or nearby areas, call us today for a free estimate and a rapid response! You may reach us at 951-368-2227.


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