Things Every Homeowner Should Know How To Do

Things Every Homeowner Should Know 

30 Things Every Homeowner Should Know How To Do

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Here are some basic maintenance and repair tasks, things every homeowner should know how to do to make their homes safe, livable, and attractive. These tasks do not require highly technical know-how or fancy tools and equipment to perform, and they can even serve as family bonding moments.


Some of the tasks should be done weekly, while others require seasonal flexing of muscles. You might need to spend money on a few household supplies and maintenance equipment but your investment will be worth it.  Plus, knowing how to do these things on your own saves you significant money on service costs. 


Without further adieu, here are the 30 things every homeowner should know how to do.


Gutter cleaning

Things Every Homeowner Should Know Cleaning Gutter

Cleaning your gutters from time to time is one of the essential home maintenance tasks that every homeowner should do. 


While using a ladder that is properly secured, you can use a portable leaf blower, a garden hose, or a vacuum to remove dry leaves and other small debris from your gutters. You should do this at least once every year or more often as needed.


Unclogging drains 

Clogs are perhaps among the top three most common problems that homeowners deal with. Be it the sink or the shower drains, many things can get lodged in drains and lead to clogging. 


Fortunately, there are simple tools that you can use to address clogs such as snake drains and plungers. There are also chemicals specifically designed to dissolve food particles, hair strands, paper, and other items that are the usual suspects for drain clogs.


Fixing faucet leaks 

Leaky faucets are as common as having breakfast in your home, which is why fixing them is among the important things every homeowner should know how to do. 


Fortunately, most leaks can be fixed with a quick O-ring or rubber washer replacement, depending on the type of faucets that you have. The solution can be as simple as tightening the faucets with an open wrench – something that you can do with ease.


Pressure washing

Who says you need to replace your dirty pool tiles or re-do your walkway that’s already covered with dirt or moss?  In many cases, these unsightly areas can be easily cleaned using only a pressure washer – an investment that you will never regret making. 


For a few hundred dollars, you can turn any dirty area on your property into a spic-and-span spot with your pressure washer.


Showerhead replacement

Showerheads won’t last forever – which is why you should know how to replace one. A screwdriver, seal tape, and a brand new shower head are all that you need to complete the task in a few minutes.


Weeds/pest control

Your lawn can become an eyesore if it has weeds growing all over or if the plants are infested with all sorts of pests. This is easily addressed with regular lawn mowing, weeding, or applying pesticides that are safe for plants, animals, and humans.



Caulking is a fast and simple task that you can do on your own to seal gaps and cracks in windows, doors, and electrical outlets. All you need is a caulking gun loaded with caulk – supplies that you can buy from your local DIY supply shop or even supermarket.


Repainting the home

Things Every Homeowner Should Know Couple Painting Wall

Who says you need to spend cash on professional painters to give your home a fresh coat of paint? You can save big if you decide to repaint your home by yourself, plus it will be a great time to bond with your loved ones.


Grout cleaning

The grout in your bathroom tiles and backsplash gets dirty and moldy over time. Be sure to stock up on baking soda and vinegar and have a small brush ready as you can use them to do a quick clean-up of the grout once it becomes unsightly.


Planting greens

Not everyone has a green thumb but every homeowner should at least know how to plant shrubs, trees, and other greens to make your outdoor spaces more inviting and conducive to spending time in.


Fixing running/leaky toilets

Running or leaky toilets can cause a shock once the water bill arrives.  Don’t wait for it to happen and do a quick check of the toilet for common culprits such as damaged or defective flappers.


Silencing squeaky doors

No one wants to live in a house with squeaky doors reminiscent of horror movies. You can use WD-40 or even olive oil to lubricate the hinges and stop the pesky squeaking.


Driveway sealing

This is another property maintenance task that you can save money on by doing it DIY-style. Be sure to prep the driveway through power washing and repairing cracks before applying the sealant one section at a time.


Hanging paintings/pictures

Walls can be made more interesting by adding a nice painting or family pictures, so hanging them should be a skill to learn. You’ll only need a small level, pencil, and measuring tape to get the job done.


Trimming and pruning

Invest in a pruner, a pruning saw, and some loppers so you can trim or prune your trees and shrubs easily.


Deck sealing

Your wooden deck should look presentable always, and the best way to achieve this is to apply a new coat of stain or sealant once the deck’s color begins to fade.



Things Every Homeowner Should Know Mowing Loan

Regular lawn mowing should be a task on every homeowner’s list.  While it’s easy to hire a service, it’s also easy and good exercise to do it yourself. 


Resetting the circuit breaker

This can be done by finding the switch that isn’t properly positioned, and then switching it to the off position before turning it back on.


Window washing

Use soapy water, a squeegee, and a lint-free towel to quickly clean your windows and make them look like new again.


Turning off the water main shut off valve

It is a good idea to know how to do this in case of emergency. Once you’ve located the valve, gently give the wheel handle a clockwise turn or the lever handle a quarter turn to turn it off. 


Sump pump cleaning

Sump pumps have to be cleaned at least once a year in order to keep functioning flawlessly. Doing this task yourself can save ne that you can use on a little family fun.


Replacing the wall outlets

Thist may look like a task for a professional electrician but it’s pretty doable even for average homeowners. Just make sure to turn off the main switch before doing anything.


Replacing faucets

Your faucets can break over time, so learn how to replace them with similar ones. It’s a task that DIYers can easily do to save money on professional plumbers.


Installing a storm door

If you want to let in more light or you just want to better insulate your home, installing a storm door is just the way to do it. 


Replacing window screens

If your window screens have snagged or become damaged, you should replace them immediately so you stay protected against nasty insects.  Sme goes for your screen door.


Wallpapering, inclding the corner areas

Give your room a pick-me-up b adding soome wallpaper, mabe a border, or just one wall. As one of the trickiest parts of wallpapering, corners can be difficultbut not impossible for non-professionals. Making sure you have a nicely wallpapered corner provides a subtle but clean feel to your  room.


Replacing furnace filters

You should know how to replace furnace filters and do the task at least once every season to make the furnace function perfectly.


Locating wall studs

Things Every Homeowner Should Know Using Stud Finder

You can use a magnetic stud finder or simply give your wall a gentle knock to find the spot that sounds solid, which is an indicator of wall studs. Once you’ve located the studs, you can then hang a portrait, a shelf, or anything else heavy.


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Things Every Homeowner Should Know