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Things to Never Do to Your House

17 Things to Never Ever Do to Your House

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You’re probably thinking you surely will never make any of the mistakes on our list of things to never do to you house, but prepared to be surprised.  Many of these mistakes are more common than you think. 


Keeping a house running smoothly involves a lot of work. Knowing which precautions to take makes your job as a family and home protector just a little easier, allowing you to feel comfortable knowing that your home and your wallet is safe and secure.


We hope our list of things to never do to your home will help you become the master home caretaker you want to be.  Check them out and see how these tips can make your life so much simpler!

Things to Never Do to Your House #1: Wash Your Windows on a Sunny Day

You’re probably wondering how this is possibly a problem. While not completely obvious, the answer is fairly simple. It’s because they'll dry in a very short period of time and cause smears and that are then unsightly.


It's better to clean your windows on an overcast day so the cleaning solution won't dry as quickly and won't leave any streaks.

Things to Never Do to Your House #2: Load Cutlery into the Dishwasher Incorrectly

Spoons and forks aren’t quite as much of a concern, but you should always load your knives into the caddy with the tip facing down. This reduces the chance that you’ll hurt yourself on the blade when it’s time to empty the dishwasher.

Things to Never Do to Your House #3: Use the Same Sponge Over and Over

The sponge in your kitchen is used to keep things clean, but when was the last time you cleaned the sponge itself?  Neglecting your sponge is one of our things to never do to your house thanks to the health hazard it presents. 


You might be surprised to learn that sponges are porous, perpetually damp, and notoriously pick up bacteria like salmonella and listeria like nobody's business, spreading that nastiness all over your otherwise clean kitchen. 


Experts recommend replacing yours about every two weeks or, better still, switch to a plastic or silicone brush.

Things to Never Do to Your House #4: Use Too Much Laundry Detergent

More detergent must clean clothes more effectively, right? 


Not necessarily! 


You need a bit of extra detergent for a big load, but adding extra detergent to most loads will just make it harder for your washer to rinse all of it out. Eventually, detergent residues will buildup on your clothes and make them increasingly difficult to clean.

Things to Never Do to Your House #5: Ignore Water Damage

That dripping sink can turn into a costly faucet repair. The toilet that doesn't flush properly might not seem like anything to worry about but that can become a massive headache in just the blink of an eye. 


Water damage can create a hazardous and unhealthy living environment like mold, mildew, foul smells, and even insect infestation and can lead to extensive property damage and costly repairs. Always act at the first sight of water damage to prevent the problem from becoming unmanageable.

Things to Never Do to Your House #6: Not Change Air Filters

Air filters are in place to keep the air you're breathing in your home clean, but if the filters aren't changed regularly, dirt, dust, and allergens can accumulate in your home's ductwork, making your home's air quality less than optimal.


This could especially pose problems for members of your household who suffer from respiratory issues or who have allergies. That’s why this is one of the things to never do to your house.

Things to Never Do to Your House #7: Not Change Smoke Detectors

A smoke alarm could save your life in the event of a fire, but it won’t do you much good if it isn’t working correctly! A working smoke alarm is critical in warning you and your family members of potential danger and providing you with enough time to escape your home.


You should check to make sure your smoke detector is functioning once a month by pushing the TEST button. You should also aim to replace the batteries twice a year or any time the detector starts to beep intermittently.

Things to Never Do to Your House #8: Not Flush Out Your Water Heater

At least once a year, you’ll need to drain your water heater or have a professional plumber come in to do it. Draining your water heater will flush out any minerals or debris in the system, ensuring it runs more efficiently.

Things to Never Do to Your House #9: Neglect Your Gutters

Gutters overflowing with debris won’t do their job and can lead to much more costly water damage. It can also cause excessive moisture to enter your basement or crawl space.   


Check and clean your gutters every spring and fall, clearing away any muck, sealing any leaks, and replacing damaged gutters as needed.

Things to Never Do to Your House #10: Plant Trees or Plants Too Close to Pipes

Water and sewer pipes run under your property to connect to the city supply. Tree roots always search for water, and if your underground pipes are too near a tree, their roots can penetrate your sewer line, clogging it and resisting any attempt by you to remedy the problem.


Even though you may not have a tree near your sewer lines, tree roots can cross property boundaries and may be located far away from where their source. If you have a sewer line that's been infiltrated, the roots will need to be cut away and the pipe repaired or replaced.

Things to Never Do to Your House #11: Not Mind a Clogged Garbage Disposal

Disposals are a great kitchen tool, but they’re a distraction as soon as they clog up and smell. You should clean out your disposal monthly, using the recommended combination of citrus, salt, and baking soda.

Things to Never Do to Your House #12: Not Remove Lint Buildup in the Dryer Vent

Cleaning out your dryer vent doesn’t mean just removing lint from the filter, but cleaning out the vent itself. Doing so not only keeps the appliance running efficiently and increases longevity, but it also will keep your dryer from sparking a fire.

Things to Never Do to Your House #13: Use Chemicals to Clean Drains

We think that cleaning chemicals, like bleach, keep the pipes unclogged and smelling fresh. Unfortunately, not only are the chemicals very harsh and dangerous for you to handle, but they can also ruin drain pipes and the equipment used to clear the stoppage.

Things to Never Do to Your House #14: Treat the Toilet Like a Garbage Can

A toilet should be nothing more than a place for human waste, but many homeowners treat it like some kind of trash receptacle. Sewer workers have complained about finding condoms, personal-cleaning wipes, diapers, tampons, sanitary napkins, toys, and all kinds of stuff that shouldn’t be there. 


Even if they’re labeled “flushable,” don’t toss these products into the toilet. The fact is, they don’t disintegrate quickly enough and can ultimately block the drain pipe.

Things to Never Do to Your House #15: Use Drop-In Toilet Fresheners

You may love the blue water it makes in your toilet bowl, but these freshener tablets often contain chemicals that wear out working parts inside the tank. Plus, as these tablets disintegrate, they can get stuck in the flush valve and prevent the toilet from flushing.

Things to Never Do to Your House #16: Let Wet Clothes Sit in the Washing Machine

Leaving those wet clothes in the washing machine while you're out for the day may not seem like a big deal, but if your clothes are sitting wet in the washer, bacteria and mold are thriving in them. The sooner you transfer those wet clothes to the dryer, the faster you'll stop that mold and mildew.

Things to Never Do to Your House #17: Install Wallpaper in the Bathroom

Patterned wallpaper is a beautiful addition to any room, but installing it in wet rooms like bathrooms and kitchens can increase the risk of mildew. Opt for tile or textured paint that's mold-resistant.

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Being mindful of these little things to never do to your house; they could cost you money year after year which adds up.


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