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Water Damage from Heavy Rain

How to Prevent Household Water Damage From Heavy Rain

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There are eventualities that every homeowner has to deal with and be prepared for, and home water damage from heavy rain is one of them.

Torrential rains can cause heavy damage to homes, especially if the homes are old, have existing places where water seeps in, or when in combination with other storm damage. Water damage can be quite costly and cause unbearable inconvenience to you and your family.

heavy rain on path, water damage from heavy rain, storm home water damage, home rain water damage, prevent rain water damage

In cases of water damage, prevention is certainly the best solution. To plan effective preventative measures, it’s best to know all you can about how and why your home can become a victim of heavy rains. With any luck, this knowledge will help you avoid the inconvenience and cost of repairs.


Let’s start with the basics. What exactly does water damage from heavy rain look like?

Types of Water Damage from Heavy Rain

man catching leak water, water damage from heavy rain, storm home water damage, home rain water damage, prevent rain water damage

Roof damage

One incidence of heavy rains may not necessarily cause outright damage to your roof but over time, torrential rains can do irreparable damage to it. 


This is particularly possible if your roof had seen better days. Once the roof has been worn down enough, the rain has it’s chance to seep in, often unnoticed. Eventually, that seeping water gets into your attic, ceiling, walls, and foundation where it will cause further and significant harm.


Cracks in the foundation

As mentioned, your home’s foundation is yet another potential location for rain damage. If your home’s roof, gutter, or rain spouts are not performing properly, rainwater can form puddles very close to the building foundation. 


Over time, these puddles can weaken the foundation and lead to cracks. Water seeping through the cracks can then wreak even more havoc on internal structures leaving you with considerable expenses.


Warping or collapse of the ceiling

When your roof has holes where rainwater seeps in, one of the first places in your home to be affected is your ceiling. After a few heavy rains, your ceiling can become wet enough to warp, or worse, collapse. 


This is a particularly concerning situation since it poses a significant threat to your family’s safety.


Wall damage

Just like your home’s foundation and ceiling, the walls can also suffer damages due to heavy rains. Whether it’s a wall made of concrete or wood, rain has it’s ways to weaken them and cause costly damage.


Damage to the siding

Just as your walls can be damaged, damage can also happen to your home’s siding. In addition to the physical damage to the siding, mold can also form on it, causing not just an eyesore but also posing risks to your entire family’s health since many mold strains are proven harmful to humans.


Furniture and flooring damage

If the rains are torrential enough and if enough water gets inside your home, there is a possibility that furniture damage and flooring damage might occur.


If you can’t contain the water that’s seeping or rushing into your home, then that possibility becomes almost a certainty.


Damage to appliances

Most homeowners rely heavily on the conveniences that our appliances provide. The thought of replacing costly home appliances, and going without them during the process, is the stuff of nightmares.


To make matters worse, aside from the actual damage to the appliances, water mixed with appliances can also trigger electrocution or fire if the appliances are plugged in – both of which can be quite catastrophic.

How To Prevent Water Damage From Rain?

man cleaning gutter, water damage from heavy rain, storm home water damage, home rain water damage, prevent rain water damage

We can’t stop rain from falling, so the next best option is to prepare for the worst and ensure that your home is sound enough to withstand heavy rains.


Here are some simple measures to help prevent home damage from heavy rains: 


Inspect your roofing system periodically

Your roofing system is composed of your roof, rain gutters, and downspouts. By extension, the drainage system to where water from the downspouts goes is also part of the roofing system. 


Since this system manages most of the rainwater that could cause damage to your home, you should check it periodically.


Look for cracks, loose or missing parts, or areas where water seeps in. You may do it on your own to save money or have professionals do the job for you. If you’re not fully confident doing it yourself or you don’t have the required tools to do a safety checkup, calling the professionals is the best way to avoid mistakes.


Do preventive maintenance of your roofing system

Aside from just doing regular checkups of your roofing system, you should also perform preventive maintenance on it. This is particularly true before the onset of the storm season, so you’ll have ample time to fix damage and ensure that your roof does not leak when the heavy rains come.


Consider investing in a rainwater collection system

A rainwater collection system does not just catch rainwater, which can then be reused for a variety of purposes, it can also serve as a great way to ensure that rainwater does not turn into puddles. 


By doing this, you can effectively prevent potential damages to your building’s foundation, walls, and basement.


Ensure that your home’s drainage system is in tip-top shape

Your drainage system includes the gutters, downspouts, drainage canal, and even the slope of the ground from your property’s foundation into your yard. 


Aside from removing debris from your gutters and downspouts, you should also check your drainage canals for any obstruction that could cause rainwater to be restricted. 


Likewise, make sure that there’s a gentle slope from your home’s foundation so the rainwater will be naturally diverted away and puddles can be avoided. Having a good drainage system is critical in preventing home damage during heavy rains.

Call the Water Damage Experts

man fixing ceiling, water damage from heavy rain, storm home water damage, home rain water damage, prevent rain water damage

If your home does end up with water damage, it’s time to call in the experts to perform the necessary water removal and damage restoration job. We at Five Star Restoration are duly certified for water damage, mold, crime scene, and trauma cleanup, among others. 


When it comes to addressing water damage from heavy rain, our company is among the most trusted in the state.


Our 24/7 emergency water damage restoration services are highly sought-after by residents of Murrieta and nearby cities. We keep our rates as competitive as possible so clients can take advantage of our professional services without spending above their budget. And off course, we work with all insurance companies.


We put a premium on the quality of service that we provide to ensure that clients are fully satisfied with the job that we do for them.


Do you have questions for us related to our home water damage restoration services? Don’t hesitate to call us now at (951) 368-2227 for more details.


Tags: water damage from heavy rain, storm home water damage, home rain water damage, prevent rain water damage

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water damage from heavy rain, storm home water damage, home rain water damage, prevent rain water damage