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Water Damage Help – Advantages Of Working With Five StarRestoration


Do you need water damage help?  Then stop and look no further - you have found the right company to help you. Five Star Restoration is the most reliable and professional company that deals with water damage and restoration.  


With our state of the art equipment we solve your problem as quickly as possible in the most efficient way.


And we work directly with your insurance company, making the aim process easy and stress-free.

Why Choose Five Star Restoration?

●    Professional


We at Five Star Restoration are professionals when it comes to damage restoration.  We used highly sophisticated equipment to solve your damage problem.


All of our technicians are certified, and are required to continue taking courses to maintain up-to-date knowledge and skills.


As part of our professionalism and integrity, communitcation is key.  The restoration plan and every step we will take is disucessed with you, along with the possible timeline and costs.


●    Full Service Damage Restoration


Five Star Restoration offers more than one damage restoration service. Depending on your problem we also offer mold removal and fire or smoke restoration.  Efficiently restoring your home to its perfect state is our goal.


    Water damage repair services include:


  • Water extraction

  • Odor Removal

  • Dehumidification

  • Surface Drying

  • Air Cleansing

  • Decontamination

  • Debris Removal

  • Crawl Space Cleanup

  • Sanitation

  • Disinfecting

  • Sewage Cleanup

  • Flooding Cleanup

  • Damaged Carpet Removal


Rest assured as professionals we handle these services using the best highest quality equipment.


●    State of the Art Equipment and Technology


Qualified and experienced, our certifed technicians use state of the art equipment and technology to restore your home.  We always treat every home as if it were our own, efficiently resolving the damage problem with the utmost care, We understand water damage can be stressful and even heartbreaking.


●    Reliable and Experienced


Our staff is comprised of highly trained water damage specialists using advanced equipment and techniques.


●    Open 24/7 With Quick Service

We are always available 24/7, every day; We understand timing is of the essence when resolving water damage; the longer you wait to start drying things out, the more potential there is for the water damage to spread from wet areas to dryer ones - this is the way water works.

Water Damage Help – Important Information About Water Damage

There are a lot of causes of water damage.  Most homes or infrastructures experience these problems due to heavy rains, snow that melts quickly, or plumbing problems that caused a widespread mess. Other factors causing water damage include:


  • Slab leaks

  • Supply Line Bursts

  • Roof Leaks

  • Toilet Backups and Overflows

  • Appliance Leaks

  • Hot Water Heater Leaks


Not immediately fixing these problems might make things worse.  Water from initial damaged areas cn easily spread to dry areas, making the total damaged area larger.  This happens often with walls and flooring.


Water damage can also pose a threat to your health as molds will start to grow very quickly.  When experiencing these problems it is best to call Five Star Restoration right away.


Water damage is standardly classified by categories depending on how long or how large the damage is.  Classification categories are also based upon how the damage affects the residents and/or if a business, the employees.


Category 1 – Clean Water Damage


This type of water damage is caused by leaks from plumbing fixtures like faucets or sinks or from appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters and other water related appliances.


Though water coming from these leaks are clean and pure it might still pose a threat if left unattended.  Molds or microorganism will start to grow fairly quickly and could pose a threat to your health.


The water damage also has the possibility to be mixed in with some building chemicals or materials.  So it is best to contact a professional to resolve this problem quickly.


Category 2 – Dirty or Gray Water Damage


This type of water damage is due to leaking of hazardous chemicals or quite possibly an elevated problem of category 1 due to mixing of chemical on a pure water leak or source. This water contains pathogens that are extremely dangerous through direct contact, ingestion or when they affect the air.


This type of water damage is sometimes due to broken toilets, sump pumps, chemical silos or seepage.


The first thing to do when encountering this type of problem is to ensure that you are protected from any form of contact.  Make sure to wear protective gear like boots, gloves, goggles or a face mask. Also enclose and restrict the area so that the air or water will not spread further.


Removing the water alone is not enough as there will be residue.  It is best to contact a water damage profresional service like Five Star Restoration as we know how to thoroughly clean and disinfect the area.


Category 3 – Black Water Damage


This is the most dangerous type of water damage.  This type of water contains harmful chemicals possibly from the source of the leak or simply mixed in with a heavy saturation of chemicals.  Typical examples mght be chemical or contaminants containing microorganisms, sewage, human or chemical waste.


When this type of water damage is observed it is not advisable to personally deal with it. It is best to contact a professional as coming in contact with this type of water might cause serious health problems including allergies or respiratory problems.  We at Five Star Restoration are trained to deal with this kind of water damage equipped with the proper equipment to ensure that the area is disinfected and clean.


We also purify the air as some chemicals will start to mix with the air potentially forming  harmful gases.


The next set of classifications is based on how wide the damage is around the area or surroundings:


Class 1. Minimum damage around the area or surroundings. This is when a part of a room has absorbed a small amount of moisture.


Class 2. This is when the entire room is affected. Including the walls and floor.


Class 3. Classification when the entire room or area is mostly saturated.  The source or the cause in which is the ceiling.


Class 4. This type of damage requires a special type of drying.  Not resolving this damage might cause deterioration or damage of certain building materials like concrete, stone and hardwood.


It is safe to think first before resolving these types of issues.  Solving them personally might be risky and might cost you more in the long run.  If you think the problem falls into one of the dangerous categories be sure to contact us.


Five Star Restoration can deal with these type of problems professionally and efficiently. Our staff are trained and experienced, and equipped with the best tools and modern equipment.  We are here for you 24/7 and will respond to your call quickly.


Contact us today, don’t wait, and let’s talk about your damage problem.  951-368-2227


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Water Damage Help