Water Damage Resistant Materials

Water Damage Resistant Materials

Water Damage Resistant Materials

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You may not be aware there are water damage-resistant materials you can use in building and restoring your home.  Such materials can help you preserve the quality and beauty of your space.  After all, water is a powerful force that can wreak havoc on anything it touches. 


The Grand Canyon in Arizona is an excellent example of just how powerful and catalytic water can be. On a personal note, water can cause irreparable damage to homes and businesses. It doesn’t take rocket science to know how costly such damage can be, on building foundations as well as on all your personal belongings inside.


With this in mind, it’s only wise to make sure that the best materials are used in any construction project, big or small.  Being picky about the materials with which to build your house or business establishment or do remodeling or reconstruction is not obsessiveness but merely doing the prudent thing. 


This article lists, in no particular order, the best building materials to reduce water damage in any home or commercial establishment. Read on to learn more.

The Best Water Damage Resistant Materials to Use

It is said that flooding in the U.S. has resulted in over $46 billion in damage to properties, particularly infrastructures and housing.  With this, the Building Science Branch of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been developing diagnostic tools for building materials that are known to resist general damages caused by annual flooding incidents. 


Their highly recommended water damage-resistant materials include the following:


Marine-grade plywood

Water Damage Resistant Materials Plywood Pile

Among the most common materials used by builders who want to ensure that their structures can resist water damage is marine-grade plywood.  It is usually made with waterproof glue, which provides excellent water-resistant qualities. 


You have to make sure that a water-resistant finish is applied to the entire plywood surface since the plywood itself cannot entirely block water from seeping into the wood grain.


Fiberglass or closed-cell foam insulation 

These two types of insulation materials are recommended for their excellent moisture and water-resistant qualities. Likewise, they offer excellent insulation, so interior spaces are more energy-efficient. 


Closed-cell foam insulation, in particular, also offers optimum mold protection, thereby ensuring an extra layer of protection.



Water Damage Resistant Materials Pouring Concrete

Concrete, whether precast, tile, poured, or concrete block, is still one of the best flooring materials to use to avoid costly water damage. Concrete is so widely used that it’s almost impossible to find structures without concrete in them. 


This water-resistant material has been popular for many decades because it is easily sourced, inexpensive, and versatile.


Cold-formed steel and cement board 

These are among the most widely used wall and ceiling materials that are highly resistant to water damage. They are relatively affordable and also available in most hardware and big box stores, so buying the required quantity is easy and convenient.

Decay resistant wood and lumber

Water Damage Resistant Materials Teak With Water Drops

Examples of these are redwood, teak, cypress, and cedar. Teak, specifically, is often preferred for outdoor furniture and boats since it has extraordinary water and moisture-resistant qualities. Teak has also become more used as a flooring material.



Glass panels and blocks are sought-after building materials to reduce water damage due to their unmatched water-resistance. They are usually used as walls, particularly in lower floors of homes and commercial structures that are often flooded.


Metal roofing

Water Damage Resistant Materials Metal Roofing

Water Damage Resistant Materials - Why Choosing the Right Materials Matters

Flooding causes billions of dollars of damage to properties across the U.S. each year. California, in particular, is prone to the yearly flooding incidents that take place due to rains after fires, and storms themselves.  With this premise, it’s critical to use the finest building materials to reduce water damage brought about by these natural hazards.


You can significantly reduce the likelihood of suffering from water damage once strong storms and flooding hit with the use of water-resistant materials. 


The key is to exercise prudence in choosing the specific materials that will go into your home or business establishment. Choosing water-resistant materials can go a long way in helping to reduce repair and restoration costs should you have a water damage incident.

You Need a Trustworthy Water and Fire Damage Restoration Service Provider

Five Star Restoration is a water damage restoration company for homes and businesses, serving North County San Diego and the Inland Empire.  We offer 24/7 water damage repair services to clients so no matter what the time of day, our clients have someone to turn to for help. (Note the words water damage restoration should link to the water damage page)


But, what other qualities separate us from the rest? Here are some of the top reasons that make us the go-to water damage restoration company:


  • Low rates. We provide competitive and fair prices. Through the years, our budget-friendly rates have allowed us to serve many residential, commercial, and industrial clients.  Ultimately, it has made us a household name in the areas we serve.


  • Mastery of the water damage repair and restoration process. We know the entire repair and restoration process from start to finish, so you can expect a smooth and speedy restoration of your water-damaged home or business. 


Our team works quickly and efficiently by following time-tested methods of repairing and restoring water-damaged structures. 


We also have dedicated crew members who communicate with insurance companies for the necessary documentation so you won’t have to do the legwork on your own.


  • Well-equipped. Our team of certified and highly experienced repair technicians have complete tools and equipment to perform their job efficiently.  We invest heavily in acquiring the right hardware so we can provide the results that our clients need no matter how challenging the tasks may be.


Ultimately, all of these qualities make us the very best at offering water damage and fire damage repair, restoration, and reconstruction services.

For the Best Water Damage-Resistant Materials, Consult Us First!

If you wish to know more about the services we offer or the pros and cons of different water damage resistant materials, please feel free to call us at (951) 368-2227


We’d be more than happy to assist you and provide the necessary assistance to bring your home or business back to normal. 


Call now!


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Water Damage Resistant Materials