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Wildomar Home Restoration Company - Advantages of Working with 5 Star Restoration

Are you in search of a reliable Wildomar Home Restoration Company? Look no further than Five Star Restoration. We offer 24/7 emergency service. In any water damage situation all our hands are on deck to provide an immediate solution. 

Our rapid response and quality service make us the most reliable Wildomar water removal company.

A good water restoration company will deliver the basic services that you need. However, is good really good enough? You deserve the best water damage service that you can get, and that is only from a home restoration company that values the importance of quality customer service on demand. 

Here are some of the qualities that made us the Wildomar water restoration company you need:

  • Top of the Line Service

Customer service is vital for any company. It makes the services available within our customers’ reach. However, excellent customer service doesn’t end with opening the means of communication.

Five Star provides quality service with customers’ concerns in mind. You are our top priority, and how we treat you reflects how much we value our service commitment. Our values of kindness, excellence, and integrity sum up the service that we render for your home. 


  • Kindness

We understand the stress that water damage brings, so we provide the assurance that, despite the incident, we can turn things around and restore your property to its previous condition. 

We promise to keep your best interest in mind during our entire service.

Considering the needs of our customers allows us to render personalized, quality service. Water damage may follow a general process of restoration, however, the needs of your home and the surrounding factors affected by the water damage are different for every property.

We give great consideration to our efficiency in completing the restoration process because we understand how valuable your time is.


Time is of the essence both in the process of restoration and in the affected schedule of the homeowners. We know that immediate relief, especially for homes with owners who need to go to work, is quality service compared to simply accomplishing the task without the sense of urgency. 


  • Excellence

Excellent service is what customers can look forward to when working with Five Star Restoration. We understand the safety hazards that water damage can bring, and mitigating its effects is our top priority. 

Your damaged property can pose safety risks for your family, and we know the urgency of the matter at hand.

Fixing a water problem should be immediate to avoid not only the primary damages but also the health issues that come with it. That is why we take our cases seriously, since children who are more susceptible to diseases, may be greatly affected by water damage. 

Our services cover not only the specified task, but also the associated concerns in every home or business.  

Our services are also available anytime. We ensure that our best restoration professionals are ready to take your calls and respond to your water problem day or night. 

A 24/7 emergency response team will reach your place within an hour to provide an immediate solution to your water damage problem. 

We are also confident that our services are of the highest quality because of the advanced technology and equipment that we use. We have the process all figured out, and we are well-equipped to carry on any task. 

Our expertise works hand-in-hand with the specialized tools that aid us in rendering the best Wildomar water damage service. 


  • Integrity

We have been serving the Wildomar community for years with the best restoration professionals, and our customers consistently commend the quality service we provide. 

We are known as the top-rated Wildomar home restoration company due in part to our 100% warranty on all our services. We have established honesty and gained our customers’ trust for our consistency in providing quality service.

Aside from the commendations, we are confident that the Wildomar water damage professionals from our restoration company are the best in the business. 

They even provide customer education, as they explain every step of the restoration process. Our professionals involve our customers in restoration by giving them the necessary information to make informed decisions for their home. 

Five Star is the Wildomar home restoration company that can provide tested quality service that is focused on your best interest.


Causes of Water Damage That We Address

The list of water damage types is quite long, yet at Five Star Restoration our professionals are all up for the challenge. They have the expertise to address any water problem that may arise, and services are always available. 

We are the most reliable Wildomar home restoration company for a reason. 

However, we can’t possibly reach your place if you are not aware of the damage that water can inflict on your property. Since water damage restoration should not be delayed, it is best that you can easily identify possible damage and monitor its usual causes for signs of trouble. 


Here are some of the causes of water damage that you need to check regularly:


  • Slab Leaks 

This is water damage that is spotted through damp spots across your floor. The leaks are from the pipes underneath the foundation of your home. 

It may appear too little of a concern at first, but they can actually make your floor uneven and your property sink into the ground. How? Because slab leaks saturate the soil under your property.


  • Pipe breaks 

This type of damage is common because they are caused by weather changes. The pressure caused by shifting weather conditions can burst your pipelines, especially when your plumbing is over 50 years. 

Another external cause could be roots of trees near your water line, while a chemical cause of pipe breaks is flushing corrosive materials into the pipes. 


  • Toilet Backups & Overflows

These are two causes of water damage that concern our sewer system. Too much rainwater can cause sewer backup, and water from the sewers may flow into the basement. 

Toilet overflows are caused by a blocked plumbing system that does not allow water from the toilet to flow into the sewers. 

Whichever is your problem, both can be resolved by our restoration team.

For Home Restoration in Wildomar - Call Us Today

Most water damage is inevitable since it is caused by weather conditions and natural wear and tear of materials. That is why regular maintenance can help you prevent these water damages. 

If you are not sure if your water system needs fixing, you can always rely on our restoration professionals to do the assessment for you. After all, preventing water problems is still better than a damaged property to fix. 

Our lines are open 24/7. Let’s solve your water problem with the most reliable and efficient water restoration service in Wildomar. Call us now at 951-926-1978!

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