Wildomar Slab Leak Damage Cleanup

Wildomar Slab Leak Damage Cleanup - Advantages of Working with Five Star Restoration

Five Star Restoration offers the best Wildomar slab leak damage cleanup as part of our professional, 24/7 water damage service. Slab leaks are just one of the long list of water damage types that we can address while restoring your property to its pre-damage state.

Water damage repair and restoration should be carried out by experts with the best equipment, as quickly as possible. Five Star Restoration understands this need and has committed to excellent Wildomar water damage cleanup for every property that needs our services. 

Let’s break down the advantages of working with Five Star Restoration:


Rapid Response

When water damage problems like slab leaks are left unsolved, they can pose security and health issues to tenants. Long response time could damage the property further, endangering those who occupy the property. Thus, we serve you 24/7 and treat every call as an emergency. 


Our team will be at your place within an hour. They will conduct the necessary assessment of the water damage. Their assessment will determine the proper way to remedy the property damage and restore the property to its former condition.

Every process is urgent, yet done with precision. We don’t perform procedures without the certainty that it will resolve the water damage problem. Quality service has to be delivered quickly while ensuring the effectiveness of the restoration process. 



Our restoration professionals are knowledgeable of all causes and types of water damage that they need to attend to. That is why they can confidently plan an entire process of property restoration based on an on-site assessment. 

They can also explain all the details of the water damage so that you know why and how they plan to fix the problem.

Our professional team is not limited to conducting the process and explaining the details of the water damage. They will also explain every stage of the restoration process so that you know the importance of the restoration procedure. 

After the fix, we can also educate you on the causes of water damages like a slab leak, and how you can avoid the same water damage in the future. 


Modern Equipment

Aside from the best personnel for every emergency, we have all the equipment needed to provide an immediate solution to your water damage problems. 

Without advanced technology, restoration of properties can take time, which is not advisable for water damages. The longer the problem persists, the more problems it will bring, like secondary damages that affect the health of tenants.

We have invested not only in the knowledge of our restoration professionals but also in the equipment that they need to carry out any type of restoration or cleanup job. 

Their capacity to resolve water damage problems is reinforced by the quality of the equipment that makes the process easier, faster, and more efficient compared to other restoration services in the area.


24/7 Hotline

We are available to take your call any time of the day or night. Your water damage problems are emergency cases that need an immediate response. 

That is why we keep our lines open and ensure that there will always be a team of experts who can reach your place within an hour. 

In any water damage situation, especially slab leaks, you need the expertise of Wildomar water damage professionals. We ensure the immediacy and quality of our solutions to live up to the expectations of the best Wildomar water restoration company.


Wildomar Slab Leak Damage Cleanup - Slab Leak Damage: What Is It and What Are Its Causes?

What is a slab leak?

In the restoration industry, slab leak refers to a hole in the water lines. These copper lines are often situated under the concrete foundation of your property. 

The term specifically refers to this underground water line placement, as the same condition above the ground is called a pinhole leak, instead. 


Both slab leaks and pinholes result from the corrosion of pipes due to the age of the water line. That is why a regular checkups can help you avoid water damage caused by slab leaks. It is better to allow a budget for maintenance than spend significantly more fixing a heavily-damaged property.


Where to spot a slab leak

We already know that slab leaks happen in the piping that runs under the ground of the foundation. However, you need to specifically check the pressure and drainage as well. They are easy to spot, but the damage could already be significant.

Slab leaks on the drainage side are a bit trickier to find than those on the pressure sides. Thus, you need to exert more effort in finding them. Slab leaks can exist for a very long time without any sign unless you consciously try to find them.

Why spend time and effort in finding slab leaks if you can simply let them exist for years without anyone knowing? Even if they don’t show signs of damage, slab leaks can eventually cause make your foundation to collapse. 

Due to the gravity of damage it could do to your property, you should call for professional evaluation if you have even the slightest idea that you have water damage due to slab leaks. 

The longer a slab leak problem remains unsolved, the more damage can occur and trigger more problems like mold damage and termite infestation. 

Thus, seek professional help as soon as you can. You can always contact Five Star Restoration for the best Wildomar slab leak damage clean up.


If you are not sure if a slab leak exists on your property, you can always call for water damage assessment to make an informed decision about the maintenance needs of your property. 


Common Causes of Slab Leaks


  • Defective Pipes and Poor Installation

If pipes are defective even before installation, it will certainly cause problems once they are used. Defective pipes could be due to damages incurred during the building process, or a factory defect. 

Check if your pipes are in good condition before they are installed. 

Poor installation can also cause slab leaks. If the pipes are not defective, yet the installation was incorrect, you can’t expect the pipes to function properly. 

It matters that you hire professionals in laying down your pipelines or else you may need professionals to fix them later, plus the additional damage it caused. 


  • Ground Shifts or Foundation Cracks

The ground can move every now and then, especially if your property is constructed on soil that isn’t hard enough to hold a foundation. When the ground shifts, the foundation shifts as well. 

This movement affects the pipelines since they were installed based on the slab during construction.

When ground movement happens, the pipes receive too much pressure from the foundation. Though pipes are manufactured to be strong enough to withstand pressure due to weather and ground shifts, it can only take a certain amount of pressure. 

Continuous ground shifting leads to slab leaks.


  • Corrosion

Over time, copper pipes are prone to corrosion. This is part of the natural wear and tear of pipes since they are in contact with soil. That is why you need to maintain your water lines and have them checked or replaced when needed.

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Wildomar Slab Leak Damage Cleanup